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Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising
or why I must click

What is a click-through ratio?
It is the number of times ads are clicked on HornFans divided by the number of ads that are actually shown. Our ad agency would like us to have a 1.0% click-through ratio to keep our advertisers happy. That means 1 click for every 100 pages viewed.

Do I have to let the whole ad load in order for you to get credit?
Technically, no. Once the page starts loading, we have gotten credit for the click. But hopefully, the ad you clicked on was at least of some interest so that you might actually read the advertisers page.

Do you get bonus points if I browse around the advertisers site or buy something?
No, but if you like their stuff, go for it. Its the advertisers that keep HornFans free, so please support them.

Why aren't there more different advertisers?
We work with one of the largest ad agencies on the Internet, and they work hard to get us a good quality and quantity of advertisers. Sometimes, you may see the same advertiser more than you might like. Don't worry about it. The ad agency will work on getting more soon. I believe that we only get credit for a single click per user per advertiser per day. So if you've clicked on any given advertisement once that day, no need to keep clicking on them.

What's the deal with these "Can't click through" messages?
Sometimes, there is some sort of problem when you click an ad. It could be a lot of different things, from a network problem to some error at the ad agency to some error with the advertiser. If this happens frequently for any certain advertiser, please email us with the name of the advertiser.

If you see any typographical errors (it's so hard to find good help these days), or have suggestions about this site, please send us feedback.

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