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Football Prediction Contest
The HornFans Football Prediction Contest is a formalized version of Huckleberry's predicition contests from the last couple of years. Generally, you are predicting the score of various football games and earn points based on correctly picking the winner, the margin of victory as well as the total score.

The Prediction Contest is a collection of contests: Longhorn Football, Big XII Football, and Bowl Season. There will be prizes for weekly winners as well as for cumulative totals over the season.

Remembering Cole Pittman
We invite you to share in a special opportunity to know Cole Pittman in a profound way.

All the scores from the entire history of Longhorn football.

Satellite TV Listing
Listing of Longhorn games on satellite TV provided by rpongett

Stadium Diagrams
Listing of links to various stadium diagrams

View From Section 108
Musings by our own ENlightened on the past, current and future of Longhorn football

Fantasy Football League
Free fantasy football game powered by

Ricky Williams Foundation
The Ricky Williams Foundation website

Major Applewhite
The official Major Applewhite website

Great Stuff
Offers from some of the best Longhorn publications and other great Longhorn stuff.

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Road Trip! Join us for reasonably priced and fun roadies.

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All of the latest press releases from the UT Athletic Department

Photo Gallery
HornFans' own pics of the Longhorn gridiron

A whole bunch of stuff about the Longhorns of the future.

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