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HornFans Recruiting Database
The HornFans Recruiting Database is a new concept in online recruiting database. It is intended to be a summary of all information about recruits gathered from all the different recruiting services. It includes links (free and for pay) to the different services for various recruits. We need your help in keeping the database up-to-date and accurate. If a recruit is missing, please tell us! Also, please let us know when you find links about recruits. There is a handy form for this in the database as well. Please note that HornFans is not a recruiting service. We do not contact recruits, nor do we evaluate them directly. All information in the database is second hand.

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Early commitments under scrutiny
08/17/06 10:58 AM
California DBs looking at Longhorns
01/17/06 10:55 AM
Jamaal Charles Tears it Up
12/26/04 07:42 PM
LSU's loss may be UT's gain
12/26/04 06:42 PM
The Austin American Statesman's Fabulous 55 is out
12/25/04 10:36 AM
Derrick Williams Chooses Penn State
12/23/04 09:57 AM
Michigan loses its Recruiting ToeHold in Texas
12/23/04 09:46 AM
Derrick Williams: Decision Day has Arrived
12/22/04 11:18 AM
Perilloux calls off trip to LSU
12/21/04 10:33 AM
Derrick Williams Faces the Choice of a Lifetime
12/20/04 09:58 AM

Rob's Corner
Rob Pongetti's rundown of the latest recruits

Huckleberry's Lists
Huckleberry's analysis

Recruit Videos Gallery
Highlight videos of some of the top prospects in Texas

DFW Recruiting
Football and basketball recruiting in the DFW area

Photo Gallery
HornFans' own pics of the top recruits

Photos from May Nike Camp courtesy of BRAGGonUT
Photos from Lone Star Recruiting Camp
Video from Lone Star Recruiting Camp

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Photos from May Nike Camp courtesy of BRAGGonUT
Photos from Texas 100

Photo Gallery

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