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When you register for an account on Hornfans we ask for an email address so that we have a way of (1) verifying your account, and (2) contacting you about your account if necessary. Your I.P. address is captured whenever you log into the site, and is not visible to the public at any time. is a secure website — utilizing SHA-256 with RSA Encryption — so that any information entered on the site, such as credit card details and user passwords, is encrypted in transit. If you enter your credit card information to create a sponsorship or donation, this information is securely transmitted over an encrypted connection to our merchant partners for processing. We do not retain any credit or debit card information on our servers for any reason.

The website will place a cookie — a small text file — in your browser to support certain features, e.g., site preferences, session identification, HTTP information, and IP address.

We will collect a mailing address from you if there is something you have requested to be sent to you (e.g., a Hornfans mouse pad) or if we need to send you a gift (“swag!”) for winning a contest (e.g., annual score prediction contest).

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

We will use your personally identifiable information only to communicate with you for the purpose of providing user support — e.g., password resets, login issues, or other technical/functional help with using the website — or for mailing something as described above.

We will not provide any personally identifiable information about you to any other person other than:

  • a law enforcement or regulatory agency at their request;
  • a person or company who acquires our business;
  • third parties who perform services on our behalf such as payment processing.

We will never transfer or sell your information for inclusion on third party e-mail or other marketing lists.

We will never disclose your data to any third party unless we are required to do so by court or administrative order.

Use of Non-personally Identifiable Information

We may share aggregate statistical data about our visitors with third parties, such as advertisers or suppliers. This aggregate statistical data will not identify you personally.

Merger or Acquisition

In the event of a merger or acquisition all personal data and information will be transferred to the new entity.

Policy Date

This policy was updated January 14, 2023.