10 Loses That May Have Saved Herman If They Were Wins

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by KBBAKER, Jan 2, 2021.


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    These 10 loses defined the Tom Herman era. All should have been wins. I am glad Herman is gone, but he can always ponder what if...

    Maryland 2017 (HOME)
    USC 2017
    Oklahoma State 2017 (HOME)
    Texas Tech 2017 (HOME)
    Maryland 2018
    Oklahoma State 2018
    West Virginia 2018 (HOME)
    Iowa State 2019
    TCU 2020 (HOME)
    Iowa State 2020 (HOME)

    Four loses to OU alone is enough for termination, but the above loses were gut-punch loses.
  2. El Sapo

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    ... and if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. Welcome aboard Sark. Next man up. Kick some ***. :hookem:
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  3. Duck Dodgers

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    Add last year's Baylor game in there, where Texas scored with a few ticks left to only get beat by 2 TD's instead of 3. I bet Baylor had all scout team members on the field then, so everyone could say they played and beat Texas.

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    Really comes down to 0-4 against TCU and Iowa State last two years but I still think he survives at least another year if it wasn’t for the Eyes issue.
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    I can guarantee he will reflect on “what if’s”. Everyone does and he has several. Who doesn’t? I sure do. Difference is I don’t have $15 mil to laugh about all the way to the bank.
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  6. Statalyzer

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    You mean we might have kept him had he gone 42-8? :D
  7. beijinghorn1

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    He should have been canned when he lost to Maryland in consecutive seasons.
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  8. SabreHorn

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    The number one loss that cost Herman his job was when he lost his locker room this summer.

    The number two loss, we won't discuss
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  9. theiioftx

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    As stated, the back to back losses of the locker room and alumni did him in.
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  10. rick mueller

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    I really believe he would have gotten a mulligan on this season except for this mess.
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  11. Sangre Naranjada

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    When he backed the malcontents on the team in favor of his bosses, alumni, and school tradition, no amount of on the field success was going to save him.
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  12. mmsnake

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    I agree losing the locker room, the eot issue, and losing the fan base cost Herman his job. Those all contributed to very close loses that should have been won and a potential cfp visit. Not to mention, the bad in game coaching decisions in each one of those loses. Texas had the best talent in the big 12 this year. Out recruiting was doing well. Then the mishandling of issues this summer caused a spiral downward that’s going to take a while to repair.
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  13. ViperHorn

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    An 11-1/10-2 2021 season will make the repair itself.
  14. I_Dont_Exist

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    How can both these statements be true?
  15. LAGA4

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    Backing malcontents and losing the locker room are not the same thing.
  16. I_Dont_Exist

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    Okay, then why did he lose the locker room? I'm sick and tired of being told to take this cryptic ******** as the gospel truth. Be specific or shut the **** up.
  17. I_Dont_Exist

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    Oh,and all these malcontents he supported. Would that be the same guys who left Sam and 1 or 2 other guys to sing the eyes alone after OU? Is that the reason he lost the locker room in the summer? Some of the most convoluted logic ever.
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  18. Sangre Naranjada

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    The easy answer to your problem here, IDE, is that I am not Sabre. And therefore our posts reflect different perspectives and are not required to be in perfect logical alignment.

    Frankly though, I think there are many times you'd be better served to "shut the **** up" yourself, as you so eloquently stated.
  19. theiioftx

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    When you are a parent, boss or coach, it’s important to understand you can’t be both that and their friend. Herman loss the locker room when he allowed individual players to make demands that were clearly detrimental to the football team/program. It was more important to be their friends than the person in charge of the program. He then doubled down by insinuating fans and alumni were racist.
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  20. horninchicago

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  21. Vino Bevo

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    Whether Herman lost the locker room or not, he lost literally EVERYTHING else trying to keep (or regain) the locker room.
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  22. Creek

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    Bottom line is that at Texas, it is more about making money than winning. Big Salaries and we need that stadium built!! Del Monte did what he had to do.
    If Sark goes 7-3 his *** should be on the hot seat in year 1, but he won’t because big money will still be writing checks.
  23. horninchicago

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    Was Mensa on the hot seat before the fan comments?
  24. Vino Bevo

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    Agreed - I'd argue his seat was warm, but everything else notwithstanding 7-3 would have probably brought him back. That said, it was everything else that turned the seat from a tealight to a blowtorch.
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  25. horninchicago

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  26. Gontex2

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    I think it was obviously the loss of all the bmd's that cost Herman his job. That would make it a compilation of just about everything that has been discussed in this thread. There was no single issue, but when the president of the board of regents gets involved, it's pretty sure the jig is up for someone.
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  27. horninchicago

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    Seriously doubt the BMDs man this happen on the W/L record, his head to head against OU and TCU notwithstanding.
  28. LAGA4

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    Don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out what's cryptic in my post, you will be very disappointed when you figure it out.
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