100 car pile up in Ft Worth

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by Chop, Feb 11, 2021.

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    All over my FB feed with all the FW people I know.
  3. Chop

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    FedEx truck can't stop and plows over car and into other truck.

  4. theiioftx

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    Brian Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, will be busy.
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  5. Vino Bevo

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    Thomas J Henry is dancing a jig too - douchebag.
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    I listened to the Governor's talk today about the weather situation in Texas. Sounds very grim for this coming week, to say the least. Snow, iced up roads, power line issues...You guys take care, and stay as warm as you can.
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  7. mchammer

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    Okay, this is the thing that I hadn’t seen reported: the black ice was on an elevated part of the highway. The pooling of water to form the ice should not have happened. A bridge engineer that I know told me that he expects major lawsuits to occur to the bridge engineer and/or contractor. Alternatively, he said that the drainage system could have been plugged with vegetation, etc.

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