100 days, til kickoff!

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by CoachMc, May 23, 2018.

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    BTHO Mary Land!! Will we count down each day with a matching player again?? Deer Park's Tommy Jeter is tomorrow, as is Rooster Andrews..
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    I’m in.
    Sorry Piggies, nobody got clipped on this play.

    Hook ‘em.
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    Let’s do this

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    100 days of misery until my favorite time of the year AND pay back time for the turtles of Merry Land. :hookem:
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    I have a technical problem so I cannot post photos on HF anymore so:

    99 days!
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    All American, Lombardi Award winner and Snyder Tiger Tony Degrate.
    Hook ‘em.
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    Thanks for the photo. Tony was also a pitcher with a fastball in the 90s. Never tried to pitch at Texas, but was at almost every game at DischFalk.

    One hell of an artist as well as a great human being.

    The night Tony won the Lombardi Award, Jack DelRio and his dad asked if they could sit at my table at The Hyatt. The vulture agent wannabes were circling all around our table. Mr DelRio would tell them that I was Jack's banker and financial advisor, and they needed to talk to me. I needed a wheelbarrow to carry all those business cards out of there.

    I wish somebody could have done that for Tony.
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  13. Hideo Gump Jr.

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    I looked for the better part of an hour looking for a picture of Steve McMichael kicking his 50 yarder vs. the ags in 1977.
    As to Tony, I remember in 86 one of my Dad’s friends (his son was an ag DL) telling me what a crock it was that Tony won the Lombardi instead of Ray Childress. Ray was having quite a career with the Oilers and Tony was out of the league by then. I reminded him the award was for the best college lineman and not for the best NFL career.
  14. SabreHorn

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    BamBam's hit on Curtis Dickey on the opening kickoff at Kyle Field is probably the hardest hit in Texas football history. Erxleben was injured, but he would normally kickoff and trot off the field; hence, the Aggie coaches didn't bother to assign anyone to block the kicker. Steve kicked the ball to Dickey, who brought the ball out of the endzone and up the Aggie sideline. Steve had a 40 yard head of steam and knocked Dickey to the concrete wall. Dickey got up, went to the bench and refused to go back in the game. Mark Dennard and George Woodard threatened to beat the **** out of him then and there. That hit is our answer to Scott Hill's hit on Tony Dorsett, aka "The Hit" for those north of The Red River.

    As for your friend, tell him that Degrate is now and always has been a class act and quality human being. Enough said.

    We won't publicly discuss what happened to derail Tony's pro career, only that it is one of the biggest embarrassments in program history.
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    When do the freshman report? It used to be in late July, but with summer school and conditioning now allowed, isn’t it before summer school starts (1st Wed in June)? This allows us to know if any of the recruits have transcript issues, etc that take the summer (if at all) to work out.
  16. Driver 8

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    D'Andre Christmas-Giles

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    I think it’s next week
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    Request for those posting pics - add the players name with the pic. Some are more obvious than others but those that aren’t that obvious need a name. Thanks.
  19. Hideo Gump Jr.

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    Greg Johnson kicking off in some game early in ‘06.
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    Who is this young man?
  21. Driver 8

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    LB Gary Johnson
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    Winfield, Louisiana’s own Lionell Johnson crunching Elvis Peacock in my first Texas-OU game in 1976. His 175 tackles ranks #3 all-time for a single season behind Britt Hager in ‘87 & ‘88. Stay tuned August 12 to find out who’s #4 on that list.

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    Chris Whaley [​IMG]
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  24. Hideo Gump Jr.

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    Career Touchdowns at RB- 0
    Career Touchdowns at DT- 2

    Not what I would have predicted after he signed with us.
    That and developing into an NFL defensive lineman
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    ^^^^^ Oct. 1976 UT vs. ou - Barney Switzer. This game is where the chant "ou sucks" started.

    Huge game buildup the week before. DKR publically accused Switzer of spying / cheating. Offered $10K to a charity of Barney's choice if he passed a lie-detector test about the cheating.

    I was at the game that very HOT day... my date was my HS GF... a student at ou at the time (she later wised up and transferred to TCU). Fans booed both coaches while they walked on the field with President Gerald Ford.

    Very intense game. That was and is still the hardest hitting college football game I ever saw. The D's DOMINATED and it was a train wreck on nearly every play.

    A VERY BITTER ending... thanks to Ivey Suber.
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  27. SabreHorn

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    Agreed, but all things considered, it was a great ending thanks to Mr Lee getting inside the OU center's head.
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    Suber's fumble gave ou a short field for a TD, creating a 6-6 tie... 6the sooners lined up for the PAT.

    "Hey, I bet you snap it over his head".... and the ou Center did snap it over the head of kicker Uwe Von Schawman or however you spell his name!


    Your right... the Horns were mere minutes from a HUGE 6-0 upset. A bitter 6-6 tie in that game was SO much better than what it would have felt like then and now in a 7-6 loss to those sorry ********.
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  29. Hideo Gump Jr.

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    IIRC the beer stein was definitely half empty for Darrell.
    Word around the campfire was that after the game he became nauseous and pretty much decided he had enough of coaching.
    Emphasis on the IIRC.
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    Bam Bam versus any two college football players? No matter who the two were, I would put the house, the car, and anything thing else I could bet on Bam Bam! That was one mean motor scooter.
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