100 days, til kickoff!

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by CoachMc, May 23, 2018.

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    [​IMG] Maurice Doke

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    Bo Scaife #80.... (I cannot post a photo).
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    Bo! I'll never forget the TD he scored at the end of half-time VS OSU in 2004. To Make the Score 35 to 7 for the bad guys.
    I wanted to go home before that, but that the TD was like a switch. You could see the team come right to life. That 2nd half was still the most fun I have at DKR. Place was only 1/3 full but it was rockin.

    Correction HIS TD made it 35-13. http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=243110251
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    #80 Dwight Jefferson
    Defensive end, retired state district judge.
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    My son and I were some of the 1/3 there for the second half. I'll never forget that game. We sat close to OSU fans in the upper deck East side - many jingling their cars keys.

    I was calling out to Horns fans in the area to stay and watch the biggest comeback in UT history.

    Thankfully VY, Bo, Benson, and the gang didn't disappoint!!!

    Edit: Halftime the pokes were up 35-7.... wasn't the final score 52-35?
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    Not sure & too lazy to look it up, but I think 66-35
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    #79 Tony Hills
    IIRC he was recruited as the top tight end in the country out of Aldine. He suffered a nasty foot injury which resulted in him spinning down to offensive tackle.

    Oh, 56-35; I looked it up.
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    #78 Blake Brockermeyer
    Another in a line of great collegiate lineman. Something I’m looking forward to take for granted again.
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    Some people call me Maurice.

    Couldn’t resist.
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    #77 AA - DL Brad Shearer and AA - DE Bill Atessis :hookem:

    Tech problems... Can't post photos - can I get a HF lifeline?
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    Here you go......
    And a bonus.
    #77 Kosse, Texas’ own Kenneth Sims
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    #76 Jerry Sisemore


    #75 Octavious Bishop

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    I was on the upper west deck, and the thing that still amazes me about that night was that as the team went in at halftime, I absolutely felt like we were going to come back. And it wasn't just me - you could just feel it in the crowd up there that most of us really did believe we were about to see something really great. And we did.

    Part of it was just that so much of what happened just seemed fluke-ish. The tip-drill touchdown pass. The fourth-down stop that wasn't. The team on that stand showed me that they absolutely had not quit, and they weren't ready to fold it up. Coming back and scoring after that OSU touchdown was like the team saying "OK, if THAT'S how this is gonna be, then it's on."
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    Right?! I don't know what it was. I was about to leave before Bo's TD. But there was just something about the way the team was acting going into the tunnel at the half

    The team just seemed deadly serious, but not worried at all either. It was like OSU had finally gotten their attention and they just couldn't wait to get on with the 3rd quarter so they could kick their ***.
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