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    Texas Passing Defense is ranked 126 out of 130 (Total Yards Allowed). Should we be concerned? The only teams worse are Wyoming, Arizona (K. Sumlin), UCLA (C. Kelly), and New Mexico.

    Total Defense is 104 out of 130. So there is a small silver lining!
  2. stanhin

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    Is that a trick question?
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  3. EasternHorn

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    stanhin beat me to it.
  4. ViperHorn

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    Texas has played LSU and two Big XII Conference games. The rest of the Big XII and aggy will catch up with Texas by the end of the season.
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  5. EasternHorn

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    This is how I look at the secondary.

    They are very young but great athletes. If they weren't capable, we would not have recruited them. I feel strongly that the learning curve will have us be great by the end of the year. Injuries have slowed down the leaning. Where are we in the curve this Saturday is unknown. I do know we got 4 turnovers last week and I loved the physicality and confidence.
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  6. stanhin

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  7. horninchicago

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    I'm getting to where I expect us to give up big plays then we tighten it up in the red zone and usually play pretty stout there.

    There is a joke about this on a West Mall thread. Who cares how many yards, first downs, etc., other teams get? Final score is what matters.
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  8. Detective Shilala

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    And stop the run and force Interceptions in the passing game. .
    I don’t think TO cares too much about yardage
    Not saying it will work against OU but this is the Todd Orlando blueprint anyway.
    It’s a gamble and the turnovers havevto happen or else an outcome like LSU.
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  9. WorsterMan

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    Mistakes, inexperience, yes. But I've been impressed with the hustle, aggressiveness, hitting and swarming to the ball I've seen in this young D so far. :hookem:
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  10. Creek

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    When we get up, Hermans teams tend to relax, and a bunch of yards are made by the other team. See OU last year. Tulsa, Rice this year.
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  11. El Sapo

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  12. theiioftx

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    Statistics are for losers. We are 3-1 with that only loss coming to a very strong, potential playoff contender that is torching everyone they play. We were in position to win that game too.

    I am more concerned about injuries on both sides of the ball.
  13. stanhin

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    I'm not quite sure what that means, but I am pretty sure it is inaccurate, statistically speaking, of course. ;)
  14. ViperHorn

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    Unfortunately (or fortunately for LSU) they play 2 real teams this season: beat Texas and will probably be throttled by Alabama so losing to a team that has torched dregs might not be a good indicator.
  15. Statalyzer

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    I doubt Florida and Auburn will just lay down and die in their path....
  16. stanhin

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    I think Florida and Auburn qualify as "real teams." EDIT : Sorry, Stat, I had not seen your post before I posted mine.
  17. ViperHorn

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    Florida is second best in a division that is worse than the bottom third of the Big XII. Auburn struggled with aggy - enough said.
  18. stanhin

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    not even close :)
  19. BurntOrangeLH

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    Totally superfluous statistic. Only one that matters is on the scoreboard.

    Herman put a lot of 2nd and 3rd stringers in to get experience at the end of some games. Dividends will follow.
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  20. BurntOrangeLH

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    I will take LSU over FL and 'Bama.
  21. HornHuskerDad

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    ^I agree with LSU over Florida. I think Bama beats LSU.
  22. theiioftx

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    LSU, Alabama and Texas all win today. Book it.
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  23. theiioftx

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    All of the teams we have beaten are statistically better than us. Moral victories are for aggy.
  24. stanhin

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    I'm assuming you mean to add "in passing yards allowed." We are also 104 in total defense, just two spots above mighty Kansas and one spot above that perennial defensive juggernaut Washington State. Stats like that concern me, and I have a hard time believing our coaches have been assuring the team this week that they don't have to worry about how many yards they have been giving up thus far because stats are for losers. Btw, I just watched them interview Ed Orgeron on ESPN Game Day and they asked him how his defense has improved after giving up so many yards to Texas. His answer was that they had 18 missed tackles in the Texas game that gave Texas 104 extra yards in total, so they have been working hard on tackling. What a loser! ;) NCAA College Football FBS current team Stats | NCAA.com
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  25. theiioftx

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    Ok you win. Here’s a link for you to go home.

    SEC Football
  26. stanhin

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    Now let's hope the Horns do, too.

    I'm assuming you think I am an SEC fan?? Sorry, wrong again. :hookem:
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  27. stanhin

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    Which is why this afternoon I replied to a Texags.com thread on the Alabama game entitled "We are almost even on yardage" with:

    Moral tie.
  28. Buck-Horn

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    Glad I didn’t “book it”....been around too many seasons to do that....and lost lots of $$$ along the way too. But, I like your cockiness (er, confidence)!
  29. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Those who think stats are for losers are probably the same who say stars don't matter.

    After OU we are still 126th in passing defense.

    Total defense we are 112th and 54th in rushing defense. Even Techs D is ranked higher and they get blasted for not having a defense at all. We are 4-2 losing to teams with similar offenses but higher ranked defenses. Is that by accident? Nope.

    We are also 74th in scoring defense. Tennessee is 59th and how freaking bad is that team?

    Just holding the other team to fewer points is not a good strategy. How many points we score should have zero relevance to how many points and yards other teams accumulate against our defense. If you have a top 10-20 offense we should have at least a top 30 defense to compliment it.

    Otherwise we will end up with a lot of 10-2 or 9-3 regular seasons racking up wins but no championships and playing in a nice bowl. Is that our goal?
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  30. old65horn

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    Yes! Now, they need to learn to tackle after swarming to the ball.

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