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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by DRAG69, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. DRAG69

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    Those of you in the Austin area might want to tune in to ESPN Austin 1530 AM around 5:30 PM.

    I have to pick up my wife downtown and I am headed to Fridays where they are doing the show.

    I am going to ask Chip Brown to tell us everything he knows about this situation. I am not sure what he can or will say but it was his comment yesterday that set this off for me.
  2. Mr. Orange

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    Finally .....we will have definitive proof one way or the other.
  3. DRAG69

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    I doubt it.....

    But I would like to know what he knows.

    And I know your sarcasm meter was running.
  4. mikey4

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    Anything come of this?
  5. DallasHorn

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    No, I listened for awhile. I am blessed to live in Dallas, and have better radio to listen to. They mainly talked about a nickname for Atchley, and Matt McConaughey. That is a joke of a radio show.
  6. overmaars

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    Thanks for your efforts on this DRAG69. I'm guessing you were tazed by security before you could ask Chip to clear all this up for us.

    I hope you at least had some pot stickers or some jack daniels fries or something.
  7. l00p

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    We are going to have to drag Lady Mockingbird Lake for him.

    CHETOLONGHORN 250+ Posts

    Is there a reason Ketchum doesn't come out on 1300 anymore?
  9. DRAG69

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    A follow up from Friday...
    Sorry it is so late.

    I did not get there until almost 6PM but I did talk to Chip. Now realize he has to be careful about what he says because he does not want to ruffle any feathers with the administration.

    I approached him and asked him if he would comment about the statement he made about the president of UT calling the president of CU.

    He said "you mean about the job offer to Scott's mom and the negative recruiting ?" He then said he needed to try and contact someone about it and spent the time during the breaks trying to reach someone by phone.

    Not sure who he was trying to reach and I had to leave before I got to talk to him again. He did pull up Hornfans on his laptop and look through the thread.

    So without knowing anything definite my best guess is the phone call did happen and I am pretty sure the call was about the negative recruiting tactics used by CU.

    I just do not think the president of Texas would call the CU president with any NCAA violation accusations.
  10. Les Claypool

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    Negative Recruiting?

    Hawkins: "ITS BIG 12 FOOTBALL, BRUTHA"
  11. speaksoftly

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    So without knowing anything definite my best guess is the phone call did happen and I am pretty sure the call was about the negative recruiting tactics used by CU.

    that assumption was denied by the cu camp - the rmn and daily camera are at your disposal with respect to that exact question and the quotes for the spokespeople responsible.
  12. DRAG69

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    So they are quoting the president of CU ?

    Because that is the only person in Colorado that would know for sure and I seriously doubt it would be made public.
  13. speaksoftly

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    it is not unusual for a president to have a spokesperson?

    or that is a revolutionary concept?
  14. DRAG69

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    I did not click the links to either publication.

    So you are saying they quoted a CU spokesperson and that person said the call did not happen or is this just a writer saying it did not happen ?
  15. Tex Pete

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    Of course, the CU president isn't going to just admit that he received such a call if he isn't directly asked about it. That would make CU look bad.

    He will leave it all as-is so Texas gets the negative press, unless and until the NCAA comes a-calling.
  16. speaksoftly

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    the paper offered a quote from a personage identified as a spokesperson for the university.
  17. speaksoftly

    speaksoftly 25+ Posts

    lmao @ tex pete. i will bet you are a hoot to have a drink and watch a game with. you really get worked up! [​IMG]
  18. Fritz

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    speaksoftly - do you have a link? I'd like to see what you're talking about.
  19. speaksoftly

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    fritz - yes i do! it was one of the links i posted from sunday (i believe).

    i lost track of the time, and need to get ready, as my dr. wants to check out how the bronchitis is progressing with the antibiotic. need to make it to a 4:30 appointment. i promise i will be back afterward, and will find it for you!
  20. HappyGilmore

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  21. DRAG69

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    Good luck at the doctor's office and hope that bronchitas gets better.....well not gets better because that might sound like I want you to get sicker......I hope it clears up for you.

  22. speaksoftly

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    fritz and happy -

    got back! hip hurts, as it was decided the oral steroid was having little to no effect and a shot was necessary. it stung like the bajeebies. *expletive* *expletive*

    i did a quick scan of the articles i have linked here. the top three do NOT have the spokesperson quote. therefore, i am thinking that the article with that info came from cubuffs.com (the official athletic site) or was linked on the basketball board at my home site. (frowns). i thought to be teh smarty and look in my history tab. HOLY GUACAMOLE! that puppy is loaded down, as i have been surfing ALL OVER with respect to things to do on our upcoming cruise. to make things worse, with LOI day, hubby has been surfing all over the place as well.

    i will, shortly, try to re-cover the ground i was cyberwalking on sunday, and will uncover that quote and link it for you. i distinctly remember it was not a post, and was not a chat where i got the info. sorry that it was not in the 3 articles i initially thought it from.

    drag - thanks! lol - i think i know what you mean!
  23. Fritz

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    speaksoftly - OK, thanks for the effort.

    Here's how I see things.

    There's the quote from Sonsini.

    There's Scott allowing NYTimes to listen in on his call with Kennedy, apparently while Kennedy thinks it is a private conversation. I don't like that, but I could see where someone could get tricked into doing that.

    After that we've got a bunch of rumors. My least favorite is the university presidents getting involved. Please.

    I never expected Scott to commit to UT. I was going to compare his not coming to other recruits, like Marcus Houston, but that wouldn't be right, as Texas is so loaded at this point compared to where we were. I would have loved to have him, but it's a speed bump not having him. All the rumors make me think that something is going on, but piecing that together is proving tough. At this point I wonder if the story will go anywhere - once the wagons are circled, that might be it.
  24. speaksoftly

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    goodness, i wish houston would have gone to texas. more than once, from many sources i heard that there were issues with respect to his training - namely, that he did not wish to participate. that possibly could have had an effect on his injuries. after some time, there were lines drawn in the sand between barnett and houston. i cannot imagine it getting much uglier than it did. the ultimate result of the houston experiment was that barnett never again attempted to recruit a prospect of that calibur. heck - he did not recruit to position, either. yay for us. [​IMG]

    because i am wearing down, and need to get to bed, and have been rather distracted in my searching efforts (look honey! the shoe i want for my dress! i forgot i saw this!), i put out a request for help with my fellow buff fans. i hope that without the texas bronchial plague, that they will be far more effective than i in nailing down the quote.

    i DID find an article, which you may not have read, which backs up other points i contended. the meat of this one is the meeting between sonsoni and alexis scott regarding his comment. it has an offhand comment about the big 12. linky

    i will try to follow up on the comment you requested tomorrow. i do have training after my work day (great for a first day back with bronchitis, but whatever needs to be done, right?) [​IMG] it has been a nice distraction chatting today!
  25. Tex Pete

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  26. Fritz

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    speaksoftly - I'm not seeing anything substantive in that link. Apparently no one had called the Big 12 by that point - is that what you're getting at?

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