184 Years Today

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by ViperHorn, Feb 23, 2020.

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    The siege of the Alamo began. :texasflag:
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    Come and take it!! :texasflag:
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    Giovanni Jones why the dislike......whats to dislike about that?
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    My apologies, I meant to hit the “Like” button. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

    (The Like and Dislike buttons are adjacent. I think the Dislike button needs to be moved over, next to the Poop button.)
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  7. BevoJoe

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    About 7 years back, my wife new baby and I drove down to S.A. to see the letter on display. I joined Friends of The Alamo group to skip standing in the long line. IT was a great item, faded, but still legible. I got the chills just looking at it, especially the "Victory or Death" over the signature. I also showed my wife the names of my relatives that died at the Alamo. She had two relatives killed during the Texas Revolution, one at 1st and one at 2nd Goliad.
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  8. LousianaHorn

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    I have seen it also and yes just being there in that spot where all of that history took place is awe inspiring.
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  9. BevoJoe

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    It is. One thing I find interesting is how large the fortified enclosure was. There are lines on sidewalks to show where the original walls and buildings/structures were located. When thinking about thee were only 183-186 defenders, it was no wonder the Mexican forces overwhelmed them. The place was indefensible. But, the defenders stood their ground and cost Santa Ana somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 casualties (200 dead 400 wounded). But their stand provided General Sam to amass an army and prepare a strategy which nearly wiped out the Mexican forces at San Jacinto, capture Santa Ana, and secure a new Republic of Texas. I'm always awed when I visit the Alamo, thinking about how most if not all the defenders had to know they were doomed, but would not surrender.
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  10. Austin_Bill

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    A Couple years ago, I received a letter written by my 4th great grand father to Stephan F Austin to become part of his original 300 colonist. He name was Luther Plummer, he had just married Rachael Parker, the Daughter of John Parker (famous by the Fort Parker Massacre). I was also given a map of the land he was granted. Of course after the Massacre, he was a very lost soul, his son was murdered, and his pregnant wife taken as a slave. After she had her baby, that child was also brutally murdered. The John Wayne movie, The Searchers was based on the story of Luther Plummer and John Parkers search for Rachael.

    Luther gave up his search, but John Parker never gave up and he finally got her back, but Rachael was never the same, she died shortly after being reunited with her family. She told her story and that is how we learned the fate of all.

    Luther fought the Mexicans with Sam Houston and for his service he was awarded more land. I have not been able to locate the exact location of these lands.

    My father's middle name is Plummer, named after the Plummer family.
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  11. AC

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    It amazes me how parents grandparents affect Children and what they love. My grandad came to Texas before WW1 to train fighter pilots at Fort Sam Houston. I love this State and would never leave. My wife’s parents are from South Carolina. She would love to live over there. But it won’t happen. Maybe I’ll buy her a mtn cabin 2nd home in NC, but I ain’t leaving TX! It’s just what a person grows up with I guess.
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  12. BurntOrangeLH

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    Only Texan in my family. Born at Brooks Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston.

    Parents loved Texas, but my Dad never returned to live here after he left. He did come down for my wedding, though.

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