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    I say we steamroll this conference and go 10-3 in the next 13 games. We'll drop one to KU, one to either Mizzou or aggy away (not both), and a sleeper who get's up at their house. Say Nebraska or Baylor. That's 25-6. We'll probably win 1 lose 1 conf tourney game because we'll be a projected 2 or 3 NCAA seed and not care...then we lose in either Sweet 16 or Elite 8 depending on the bracket. I'm predicting an 8 loss season, maybe 28-8, 29-8. Pretty much Ricks' MO.

    I'm having alot of fun watching this team though, for the record. I think if this bunch can get to Houston, we can beat anyone there.
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    I love this TEAM. Balance, hunger, good depth, consistent effort, enjoyment playing together, unselfish, and insane defense. Been a joy to watch thus far. Let's take out KU and make a serious statement today. Either way, it's a very tough game today in a harsh environment, but color me extremely impressed and openly mistaken with my 19-12 prediction. As Dr. Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) said best in Land of the Lost, when asked if he's ever tired of being wrong..."All the time!" [​IMG]
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    I just hate that we're only getting 1 more win this season. [​IMG]
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    *yum* *yum* mmmmm (wipes mouth) BBQ crow. With a nice beer to go with it.

    I think I've realized something about the last two years. Sometimes it's better to have a team who "hates losing" motivate themselves than it is to fill up a roster with 4-or-5-star guys who only look out for themselves. If only the 2010 football program prescribed to that technique, well, Greg Davis would probably still be here. Nevermind.

    Barnes has gone from his worst coaching year in 24 seasons to arguably his best. And other than some little X's and O's (which COULD have been accomplished by last year's group, but weren't because of egos), the big shift is all about facing opponents with the same mentality.

    Even Gary Johnson summed it up when he stated that they lost to a team like Missouri early in the year (Pitt), and they didn't like how that felt. Really? It's that much easier this year? That's why I had the early 19-12 prediction, because I didn't think it could possibly be that much different with a statement so simple.

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    To somewhat edfend the OP's original prediction and not make that crow too undigestible, I dont think anyone thought the team would be this good this year. 19-12 when the prediction was made was a safe bet and given last year not a shocking prediction.

    Barnes has to be leader for coach of year with what he has gotten from this team so far.

    With ten games left I think 8-2 is a likely result though 7-3 is not out of question. 24-25 wins is an outstanding season and should mean a two seed. Of course if they go 9-1 or even 10-0 then a one seed is a distinct probability. Will know a lot more after tomorrow night as that has to be one of the projected possible losses along with Lincoln and Waco. The amazing thing is Texas will be favored the rest of the way out until a Conference Final matchup with KU and might even be a 1 or 2 point favorite in that.

    Amazing when consider where we started the season with so many questions.
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    Hey, I'm just enjoying the hell out of the season, and needling Horns11 is all in good fun.

    He had the balls to put a prediction out there, and he has the balls to come back and enjoy his crow. I respect that. And it is far easier to eat crow when your team blew up your prediction on the upside rather than on the downside, as we can probably all recall far too well from just this past Fall.
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    I don't know if they win 20, but if not, I think they will get close.
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    If the team keeps playing this way, there will be plenty crow to go around.

    Before the season started, 19-12 seemed a reasonable expectation. By the time this thread was created, it seemed a tad pessimistic.
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    I definitely thought 19 wins was a gloomy outlook going in, but at the same time, I don't think you'd find a lot of people who thought these guys would have just gone 5-0 on this stretch include a win at KU. Clearly even any "reasonable" expectations for this group were way off base.

    Plenty of credit to go around for that, but Hamilton's change in attitude and two freshmen that have been better than advertised (been a while since we had those!) are prime factors. Throw in much improved roll-players and some senior leadership and you've really got something here!
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    Horn11, hope the beer was good to help wash down the crow [​IMG]

    While more optimistic than the 19-12 prediction, I didn't really expect the win over Kansas or how easily we handed aggy both times. Must say I am enjoying it tho
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    For the record, I said we'd finish 13-3 in conference, winning 26 overall. Looks like we'll win 30 for sure. Probably more like 15-1, maybe 16-0 conf..
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    I know I have no proof now, since they turned the Hookem board into a pay site, but I did predict on that board the greatness of Hamilton before the season started. I was impressed with his ability to get his shot off so quickly. It was a thing of beauty. Now, I did not project the Duncanesque play of Thompson. He is a special player.
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    Who was it that predicted 25-6 and 13-3?
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    If the team played the same way from December-onward as they had for the past two weeks, my 19-12 probably would have been spot-on. [​IMG]

    At this point, I'm just hoping for a #2 seed in the NCAAs and some good play by TT. Lord knows it's not coming from the others on the team right now.
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    Congrats to Rex Kramer who said 25-6 on 12-3-10 and overmaars who said 25-6 on 1-20-11.

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