1985 Texas 5A state championship

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  1. Austin_Bill

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    Jack Yates vs. Permian High JY was the best high school team I've ever seen.

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  2. SabreHorn

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    Sorry, not even close. Earl's Tyler John Tyler team had double digit future pro athletes - baseball and football.

    Also, while Corky and I had our differences, he was basically good people. Luther Booker, on the other hand, was a classless piece of ****, something I had the pleasure of telling him to his face when Joe Tusa arranged lunch for the three of us at Bonnie's. Booker's precious scoring record should have an asterisk denoting the points scored while purposely running up the score, like calling a timeout with one second left in the game and up 30-0 just so Booker could add to the season point total.
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    Can we agree that Odessa got more out of their players, usually with inferior talent, than any other HS teams in Texas? I saw a 165 lb Odessa kid line up against a 6’3” 200 lb plus A. Lamar tight end in a playoff game at Texas Stadium and he won all night. MOJO won for years with little to none in D-1 scholarships.
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  5. SabreHorn

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    Are you sure he was 165. I remember Joe Bob Bizzell when he was in Austin. I never thought he was over 145, but he still holds the record for all time interceptions. Kid may have been the best pound for pound player in the last 50 years.
  6. Austin_Bill

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    I remember when it was announced, I was in shock he was so young.

    I watched several JY games in 85, my high school lost in the 1st round of the playoffs to SA Holmes who had the Cash Twins and Johnny Walker. They beat us 21 - 17, we walked off the field felling like we were the better team with just a bad break killing us.

    We all thought Holmes would get killed the next week by a very very bad *** Willow ridge team that put about 21 guys on scholarship, but they found a way to beat them. They had a few more easy playoff games until the met JY in the Semi Finals. That game wasn't even close, I've never seen a team so dominate, and I spent the better part of my young life watching Converse Judson dominate everyone they faced in San Antonio.

    I know a lot of people that will tell you that 88 Dallas Carter was the best team they ever saw, I still maintain if they faced the 85 Yates team Carter would have gotten beat by double digits.
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    Yea. You are probably right.

    SA Breck. Vs. Lee....? What say ye? Class of players and cultures. Some say game of the century. No such thing.
  8. Austin_Bill

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    What year? My mom when to Brackenridge, and was good friends with Warren McVey.
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    It was 63. Brack's coach moved McVey to QB so he could touch the ball every play. His big decision was whether or not to bail Richard Castillo (Brack's QB) out of jail or leave him in and bail him out the next week.) As I recall, they lost to Inez Perez (all 5'5" of him) & Miller the next week.

    Do yourself a favor and don't ask your mom about Castillo.
  11. SabreHorn

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    No defense, but for many years the most viewed HS game ever because half the coaches in the country asked for a copy of that film, which was very poor quality.
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    I saw McVea play one time only. Being from Fort Worth, I don't think he played any HS games in the DFW area except the HS all star game at TCU's Amon Carter Stadium. HS all star games were big back then.
    McVea and Linus Baer were on opposite sides of the ball at running back. The game was hyped like crazy and it was nearly a sell out. Sadly, Baer was injured early (knee) and was never the same again. McVea had a great kick return where he showed all his moves
  13. SabreHorn

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    Wasn't McVea's return the only deep kick of the game?

    I don't remember McVea doing much in the AllStar game. What I do remember was Inez Perez trying how many QB sneaks on the goal when he had two 230+ pound running backs behind him. North won because Perez couldn't get the yard to win.
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    Was she there in '62? Google that state championship team. It was, and still is, highly celebrated. I think those guys still have reunions. I remember them well back in the day and friend of mine is friends with some of them.
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  15. Austin_Bill

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    She graduated in May of 1962.
  16. immtex

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    Best high school game I ever saw: Lewisville vs Aldine MacArthur 1993 5A state championship.
  17. Chinstrap

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    It was a good one. Astrodome. Chad Nelson (later of Rice) ran the Bone and beat a pretty good Aldine team. And Ronny Gage coached a really good game.
  18. WorsterMan

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    I remember listening to KEARN Tipps talking about Linus Baer when he played for the Horns.

    Didn't tiny Inez Perez end up playing QB at SMU with star RB Jerry Levias?
  19. SabreHorn

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    Indeed Inez Perez played QB at SMU, where he threw a game winning pass to Jerry Levias on the last play against A&M.

    Perez later coached in the Round Rock ISD, but by that time he was wider than he was high.
  20. longhorn47

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    Hadn't thought about that game for years. Didn't Perez replace an injured Mike Livingston at QB?
  21. SabreHorn

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    I believe you are correct. Livingston was one of the greatest all around athletes to ever come out of Dallas ISD and South Oak Cliff - QB, pitcher, basketball player.
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    Hey, I work with a guy who was on that Permian team. He has some pretty good stories.
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    Actually, Linus Baer wasn't injured in that game. He played the entire game with he and McVea matching touchdowns all night long. He rushed for 195 yards, caught two passes for 95 yards, and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. He was injured when he went to college at UT and never really fulfilled his potential. Playing quarterback, McVea rushed for 215 yards and completed one pass for 18 yards. McVea went on to college at the University of Houston where they moved him to wide receiver. I was a kid in San Antonio, and the game was on TV.
  25. steve0

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    It was an amazing game. So much scoring, especially considering 12 minute quarters in high school and I'm sure they weren't stopping the clock after first downs back then. Lee actually had a good defense, but they couldn't stop McVea and they had to keep scoring just to keep up.

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