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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Phil Elliott, May 17, 2022.

  1. Horn6721

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    The pics of the same person at different drop boxes is closer than 100 feet.
    It is right there
  2. Homebrewer

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    It's in page 2 of the reply from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to True the Vote.
  3. mb227

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    That letter does NOT indicate geolocation is, in and of itself, insufficient for a warrant. All that letter says is that they need the more definite link between the datapoints and possible criminal conduct, after which probable cause for the purposes of a warrant could exist. Due process is a thing in law and matters to competent law enforcement agencies even if it does not matter to Demonrats...
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    The "geolocation data" used to create TTV's definition of a "mule" used a diameter of 100 feet within a dropbox or a suspicious (unnamed) organization. TTV tries to make this more convincing by saying that they only defined mules as those making 10 or more "visits" within 100 feet of a dropbox AND 5 or more visits to an organization. They imply that these visits were in a single day, they leave out that this covered October 1, 2020 - January 5, 2021.

    The videos are (at least so far) completely unconnected to the "geolocation data." They say "look at all these mules" and then show some video. It's a lot less convincing when you say "came within 100 feet over an almost 100-day period," but hey, let's look at these videos of people voting!"
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    I agree 100%. The way TTV is using geolocation data does not warrant an investigation. TTV needs to provide much more than they have to date.
  6. mb227

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    And again, that is NOT what the letter from GBI said.

    I have not watched the film or reviewed methodologies, but geolocation data is absolutely basis for warrants when a nexus exists which connects the data to a person or profile (there is a reason warrants can be issued on things as obscure as a DNA profile if an UNSUB listing in CODIS comes back as a match).

    The letter from GBI basically says 'we appreciate what you gave us, but as law enforcement, we need something that goes to the next step...get that to us and we can talk again.'

    I guess I was mistaken in my belief that even people in lawless communities like exist in the PNW had SOME semblance of a working knowledge of CrimPro.
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  7. iatrogenic

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    I do, but you won't like the answer.
    Your logic is curiously similar to a poster exiled to Siberia known as SH. Any relation?
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  8. Homebrewer

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    My reference to the GBI letter is merely to establish the diameter TTV used to define a "visit" to a dropbox or organization. Answer? 100 feet.
  9. Horn6721

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  10. Homebrewer

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    Look closer-- this is yet another example of D'Souza's fibs. This was deceptively cropped to look like a different location. Same guy. Same location. Wearing a lanyard. In scrubs. Healthcare worker? Elder care facilities nearby.

  11. mchammer

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    The real mystery is how did a trash can from UT campus make its way to Georgia?
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    My main takeaway from the movie was the lack of security and accountability in the drop box system.

    Why are vote collection drop boxes left in unsecured, public areas with 24/7 access? Regardless of whether there are rational explanations for the "mules" dropping off multiple ballots (family members, care givers, etc), the system should require verification that the person dropping off the ballots is authorized to do so.

    Furthermore, I was surprised to learn that once a mail-in ballot is removed from the envelope that there is no longer any way to trace the ballot back to the voter. That is amazing. There really is no robust way to audit for voter fraud post-election.

    I cannot believe this was an election in the USA. Seems more appropriate for a banana republic. I am not looking to overturn the 2020 election but we sure as hell need to learn from our mistakes to make sure future elections are secure.
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  13. Horn6721

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    Several states agree with you.
    For instance Ga is cutting back on drop boxes. Moving inside gov't facilities and are no longer 24 hrs but only available during regular polling hours
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  14. iatrogenic

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    If the Libs justify a kangaroo court, mock impeachment trial based on lies and innuendo they themselves pulled out of thin air, an investigation into obvious voter fraud is more than justified. It's doesn't surprise me that the only party against voter identification is also fighting such an investigation.
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  15. OUBubba

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    I think that is reasonable to do.
  16. OUBubba

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    I don't feel special anymore...
  17. Mr. Deez

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    Yep. Mail-in balloting is stupid and invites trouble. Does it automatically mean fraud? No, but if there was fraud, it would be very, very hard to catch it. It should be replaced by some form of in-person voting.

    And I recognize that I am one of the people who votes by mail - I shouldn't be allowed to. Instead, US military bases overseas should have polling locations that can print a ballot associated with each servicemember's stateside address. They could also create a voting office on base, and when you register to vote, your ballot is sent to that office, and you would vote at that office.
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