2005 National Champions!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by stockjock, Jun 26, 2005.

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    Hook 'em...now let's get one in football this year!
  3. rhg84

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    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  4. NoOne

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    [​IMG] Hook 'em!! [​IMG]

  5. ScratchHorn

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  6. Soul Glo

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    lovin it!!!

    we're looking for a shortstop next year.
  7. PacSER

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    How sweet it is..
  8. wherzwaldo

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    Congrats Horns!!!
  9. rhg84

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    [​IMG] Congrats guys!
  12. Chest Rockwell

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    [​IMG] Dominating performance. [​IMG]

    Not bad for the 12th seeded team.[​IMG]
  13. scharnell

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    What a year, congrats guys...Augie is already recruiting a SS for next year! Got to love it!

    Great series David, you'll remember that for the rest of your life!

  14. BDog

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    [​IMG] Big congratulations to the staff and players. Helluva job!![​IMG]
  15. 93ex

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    National Champs!!!

    Hook' em Baby!
  16. PabTexas

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    Congratulations Horns.

    Awesome and unbelievable.

    6 National Titles
    32 Appearances in Omaha
    78 Wins in Omaha
    5-0 in 2005

    Go Horns Go[​IMG][​IMG]
  17. kevwun

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  18. Saint Austin

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    Hook 'em Horns!

  19. orangein

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    Congrats Team!!!!!!!

  20. UTME

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    all the way from Leeds, England on business...

    Light the tower boys! [​IMG]Hook'em[​IMG]
  21. longhrnfan

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    what WHAT!!!
    why is the coop store down?
  22. hornpharmd

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    Sportscenter just ran a 'don't mess with Texas' bit showcasing Football, Men's and Women's basketball, Baseball, and Softball, over the past seasn and past few seasons....

    We may not win Championships each and every year.....but we are competitive and near the top in most....fun to watch all year around...

    2005 National Champions!!!!!

  23. SFOHorn92

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    congrats ! best wishes to the seniors in your professional pursuits and good luck to those staying - let's have a repeat next year![​IMG]
  24. rhg84

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    The co-op is being updated with the new CWS stuff and is probably going to go down bc of all the traffic[​IMG]
  25. babysdaddy

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    Congrats guys! Way to make The University Proud[​IMG]

    2005 National Champions[​IMG]
  26. TheYoungHorn

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    Just another one for the greatest University in the whole world.


    And its just as sweet.

    Congrats to Augie and the whole team.
  27. Parrothead

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    WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jeevsie

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    Congrat's, Horns!

    Hook 'Em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. DesertDog2K

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    It's a beautiful thing.
  30. NatChampUT

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    Congrats to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! [​IMG]

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