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Discussion in 'Tennis' started by TX10sfan, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. TX10sfan

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    Men are off to a great start (12-1), only losing in a tiebreaker to Ohio State, 4-3.

    Women are 3-6 having just beaten OU today. They played a couple of matches with only 4 players, anyone have any knowledge as to why?
  2. UTexRulz23

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    Yes, what's going on with the women?

    Addison played doubles at the Oklahomas, but not singles...

  3. TX10sfan

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    Apparently, they've just been rocked by injuries this year, they played matches with only 4 people.

    I did notice Annat Rabinovich (hope I spelled that right) is no longer listed on the roster.
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  5. TX10sfan

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    Pretty awesome that Soren got to #1, unfortunately he lost his first two matches (an illness) as the #1 player in the country.

    OU dropped their #1 to play Lloyd at #2 and both Lloyd and Soren lost which really didn't help things out at all. Texas was able to hang in for a while but just couldn't get it quite done.
  6. TX10sfan

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    I just noticed that Ryann Foster has been removed from the women's roster.

    Men's team just couldn't hang against OU and Baylor, they used to be pretty good with winning the doubles point, just can't seem to do it this season.
  7. 10SNE1?

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    Does anybody have any insight other than tennisrecruiting.net about the new recruits coming in?

    Liam Caruana (Blue Chip Recruit)
    John Goodwin (4 star recruit)
    Harrison Scott
    Ben Cardone
    Leonardo Civita-Telles

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    Sorry, not my area of expertise. Then again, I don't have any area of expertise.
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  10. 10SNE1?

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    Congrats to both Soren and Lloyd!

    2015 NCAA Doubles Champions!
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    NCAA National Champions! :hookem: :yippee:

    Light the Tower!!!
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