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    I am very optimistic. This season was a rebuilding year and was more about changing the attitudes and character of the players of the field. Coaches were laying the foundation. Team was more physical and did not give up late in games. Team was thin after booting so many players.

    Most of 2014 class redshirted and there is some real talent there. Strong is recruiting heavy at OL and trying to rebuild inside out. 2015 won't be much better sadly but will be my re about finding a QB, starting to build up on the foundation, and continuing to gain momentum with recruiting.

    Lots to look forward to and we all just need to be patient.
  2. dillohorn

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    I agree.^^
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    Until the quarterback situation matures we will have problems....
  4. Handler XIII

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    I don't see anything to be optimistic about. I can handle losses with a new staff but this team went backwards. Players yelling at the head coach on the sideline, getting out coached almost every game at the half, no discipline on offense, not playing to win, special teams, inability to make game decisions or even get plays in after a stopped clock etc...

    Texas shouldn't be a place where a head coach learns on the job but it is the case here. The 13th game of the season we still had the same issues as game 1 so not sure if the staff is learning as they go. Hopefully at least the team is prepared for a game next year and the staff can manage the game as well.
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    It’s rare that the first hire is the right hire (see us in the eighties, OU in the nineties, Alabama in the early aughts, Michigan for the past decade), and I’m okay with that. In 3-4 years, when Patterson finally realizes his mistake, he’ll be more willing to bust out the checkbook and make the splash hire we should have made last year. It's a process...
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    I would expect competition at quarter back to cause what ever we have in the way of cream, to rise to the top. It wouldn't take a lot of milk fat to float on top of our current situation. After last night, I am certain that TS has reached his peak and will not be the answer going forward. I also think he is a good student athlete and deserves respect for trying in a very difficult situation. However, he seems to lack certain instincts and mind set to do what was asked of him.So the offense has to get better and hopefully Watson has someone he can open the book up with .If the offense doesn't dramatically improve, Wickline may find himself no longer sharing the OC title. IF the offense continues to flail and coach Strong takes no action, then I will be concerned about his priorities and management skills. That's all a ways off, in my opinion.
  7. theiioftx

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    I agree for the most part, but next year will require an offense that scores for us more than for them.
  8. 1leggedduck

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    If the offense flops again next season, and Strong runs Watson off, how long do Strong and Wickline (or whoever) get to put it together? My guess would be that a dramatic improvement in the 3rd season could get him a 4th, and that 3 crappy seasons gets him a new address.
  9. Santafe

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    Charlie's No. 1 issue is to hold onto the recruits we have committed. The disaster last night certainly doesn't help us.
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    Unless year 3 under Strong as HC is a drastic improvement from this season, I don't think he'll get the chance to coach a 4th year.

    I hope I'm wrong. I usually am wrong. [​IMG]
  11. hornpharmd

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    Well we have 2 years to get to that point.

    Rebuilding process. Did you guys really expect different results? And if you what were you basing them on?
  12. ViperHorn

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  13. hornpharmd

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    Well the momentum in recruiting has continued. Still waiting for the answers to those questions fellas.
  14. kbrown

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    next year may be the same! Still little depth at oline....qb same as the last 4 or 5 years....who the hell knows, we have one qb on the roster that's played a game!.....losing some major dudes (a Steely Dan reference) on defense.... And what looks like big time recruits....18 years old....it's gonna be good....it ain't tomorrow!
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    ^^^ You really ought to take a look at the recruiting board.

    [EDIT: I misread it? I think you meant dudes like Mal, Mal, Ced, Hicks, Edmond etc?... then ok.]
  16. dukesteer

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  17. jayakris

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    You are not wrong. This year was just bad. But I disagree that talent is not an issue, despite a damn good recruiting class. Remember that this class is coming after a #20 and a #15 recruiting classes (and a #2 before it, which was effectively only a #12 type class). This one class is not going to complete correct the talent issue, as it is replacing a #3 class in 2011 (though reevaluated as a #20) class. We go a long way in addressing depth issues, but we need a bit more talent infusion next year to challenge for big things.

    I expect some more losses next year, but probably not as bad as this year, and we should start looking pretty good by the end of year. We should have enough to win 8 or 9. Then we should start making noise, subject to how well we coach. I saw some good and some bad in coaching this year it's but very tough to generalize because of depth issues. But by late next year we will see the effect of coaching (good or bad).
  18. Bayerithe

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    2016 is the year to look at. Until we resolve OL and QB, we're not going anywhere. Losing senior leadership on defense (Hicks, Brown, Diggs), younger guys will need another year to develop.

    2015 will be a 7 win season
  19. FWHORN

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    The 2014 team was the worst at Texas since 1997, the 2010 team would have beaten them by 2 td's. This team will improve but I will be shocked if they win more than 8 games next year. Year three will be the proving ground as by then Strong will have his system, his ethics and his kids in place to make a run. Keep in mind that for the last three coaches at Texas in their second seasons Mack Brown lost 5 games, so did Mackovick, and McWilliams lost 7. Winning 8 games and showing improvement across the board is what I want to see.
  20. eastexhorn

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    There is 11 OL plus 6 incoming freshmen. Also Harrison might return giving 17 OL Semms like very good depth to me. Maybe you are thinking of talent instead of depth.
  21. Horns11

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    It's definitely more about talent than depth right now. For all of the "we're down to 5 OL men!" posts we had in 2014, that's only because the coaches didn't want to play Mack's redshirted guys. We have 12 on the roster right now who are eating scholarships, 13 if you count Harrison, and 19 if you count incoming transfers and freshmen. That's damn near a quarter of the roster, but we still can't find 5 who are capable of starting. I'd posit that even before the QB battle, there should be a battle for every OL position. No one is safe. I'd love to see Vahe or Hodges earn spots because their video clips showed intensity that we haven't seen on the OL in a while.

    Then, even if there is a modicum of improvement up front, I'm still worried about our team speed at the offensive skill positions. People didn't have to scheme for Malcolm Brown running the ball because it was just "oh look Malcolm has the ball" and wrapped him up nicely. He played like a big bag with big back speed, and that's not the style that seems to be getting it done in bowl season this year. JGray is shiftier but doesn't have that burst. We need the same offseason procedures for finding skill guys who have sheer speed. Armanti Foreman is a step in the right direction, but everyone else's lack of production led to Koenning's dismissal.

    So basically, fix everything about the offense to show some improvement, and we're an 8-win team. We'd need some kind of utter teardown (like TCU's last offseason) in order to get beyond that threshold.
  22. zsubnot

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    Strong already has a solid top 10 recruiting class in place (with a chance to crack the top 5). Recruits (and their coaches) see a coach with unquestioned ethics, hard work, and a players coach that doesn't take crap from anyone. He will have 2 years to prove himself to the chagrin of a couple haters on this board.

    However, year 3 will be a critical year. He can get away with 7 wins next year assuming the loses are respectable and to better teams (TCU, Baylor, a rebuilt OU, etc) and/or some key injuries, but less than 10 year 3 and he's on the hot seat, including with me.

    QB is a big worry next year, and our OC situation is not going to get any better unless we get someone who believes in modern college offense. However, defense should impress and our OC should help out the RB situation next year.

    I'm quite eager. I'm hoping we do well, this is a fun, clean team to watch with no thugs or trouble makers and a bunch of non-entitled kids that are buying into the system. How will it do against the likes of FSU and bama--let alone TCU and baylor--is to be seen.
  23. Santafe

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  24. Detective Shilala

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    I still have faith in Charlie.
    I'll even give Watson a mulligan this season. He could prove to be Strong's GD albatross though.
    I have read several of the more astute football minds' opinions on Watson, (such as HPslugga) and I respect their opinions.

    But after the Ash and Espinosa injuries + the dismissals which were mostly on offense, the cupboard really was bare on offense.

    No excuses next season, though. If we have the same results it will be because Swoopes and Heard and possibly even more QBs have completely and utterly failed to get results in the Watson system. Same results next year and Charlie better give Watson the boot, and bring in a guy that wants to run the kind of offense we know belongs at Texas. (Or else it will be Charlie's head I want to roll)
  25. Godz40acres

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    Excellent analysis, hornpharmd. I agree with you and applaud the coaches for "laying the foundation." This they had to do after the dumpster fire that was left them.
    If/when Heard beats out Swoopes next season, along with improved OL play, I see our offense being much more competitive. Though we may
    only see 2-3 more wins, our overall offensive improvement should be evident.

    The most exciting thing to me is that if CS can recruit this well after this season, what can/will he do after an 8 or 9 win stint?
  26. jayakris

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  27. eastexhorn

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    Excellent post well thought out with facts.
  28. cmtsip

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    Thanks, jay. Appreciate your posts and thoughts.

  29. BevoJoe

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    I'm in total agreement with jayakris on the OL-DL issues. While I expect improvement this year, the OL depth is still a concern.

    As for Watson, watching the O perform this year and Swoopes at QB in particular, Watson had to simplyfy the O so that Swoopes could be comfortable and execute. which he did not do the last 2 games. I never had the confidence that Swoopes could run the offnece nor did he emerge as the leader on that squad. If he is the starter at ND next fall that would be surprising and a consern that the current and incoming QBs are not or are unable to perform as required.

    So, Watson gets a pass this year. Improvement is expected for 2015, but I don't expect more than 8 wins. 2-3 years from now, I expect that the offense will be greatly improved so that anywhere for 9-11 wins would the norm.
  30. dillohorn

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    ^^ Good post Jay. We need to give this staff time to see what they really are. I give them 2 more years before I'll throw stones. I like what I see for the future.

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