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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Moooooo, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Thought I'd start a thread so we could try to keep track of any updates on those recruits we are pursuing. Obviously, it is a very important class as the in-state talent could be on par with the class that included Brittney Griner, KelseyBone, Cokie Reed, etc.

    I think we're taking 3 in that class, but maybe 4 recruits if the right ones want to come.

    While I'd love to see Lauren Cox come to Texas, I just get the feeling she is Duke bound. Perhaps that is because she camped there 2 summers ago. But, a lot has changed with the direction of our program since then.

    Joyner Holmes is a true Power Forward, and not sure we have anyone on the roster like her once Enempkali finishes up her career next Spring. I just see her as a very (and maybe the most) important recruit based on her position on the court.

    Now, if Aborowa ends up playing PF at Texas next season, and excels, then perhaps the need isn't as great for 2016. Or, if Diani comes along in the next two seasons and is productive.

    Not sure any school gets both Holmes and Cox, but I would be content in landing at least one, even if we didn't land any other recruit for 2016.

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    Have heard what the odds are we get one or both? What do you personally feel if we get one or both? I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to come and join this team.
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    thanks, Moo. This will be easier than trying to find each individual thread. I am still holding out hope for Lauren Cox, Joyner Holmes and Natalie Chou for this class. Although the staff has been diligent about finding at least one of those hidden gems in each class.
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    Don't have any insight into either one's ultimate destination. The comment I have is that Holmes is more than a power forward(4). At 6'-3" , power forward is the default position; however, if you watch her play, she is more than that. She can play 2, 3 or 4 easily .......and well. Her mobility could make her a "point forward". She may not score a ton, but will add in many other ways. Cox has outstanding mobility as well as she excels as an up the court press breaker via outstanding pass skills. Rebounding and shot blocking are other areas she is superb in.........I dont believe she will be be a huge scorer but will be a threat at all times. Which do I prefer if we could get only one of the two. Tough........... but a Big like Cox would be a difference maker. Holmes would be as well but in a different way. I would be happy with either..........ectstatic with both. Devasted with neither.
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    Natalie Chou & Plano West will host Plano East on 12/9/2014 at 7:30 pm in their first district game.

    Joyner Holmes and Cedar Hill will play an away game vs Mansfield HS on 12/12/14 at 7:30 PM.

    Lauren Cox and her Flower Mound teammates take on McKinney Boyd on 12/09/14 at 7:30 PM at Flower Mound HS Arena. Lauren’s favorite sports player is Kevin Durant, a somewhat familiar name to Texas Longhorn fans.

    Flower Mound and Plano West will meet in district games on 01/09/15 at Flower Mound and on 02/10/15 at Plano West for the last game of district play.
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    Recruiting is tough to gauge, especially in women's sports as there just isn't as much coverage as in men's sports.

    With the 2016 recruits we're after, it's difficult to know who their childhood favorites, if any, have been. We may be a new school of interest, comparatively speaking, to some recruits, and thus a bit behind.

    It's a bit odd that we have commitments from the classes of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, but none yet from 2016. Perhaps our coaching staff as well as the recruiting targets are doing their due diligence.

    I haven't looked at the future 2016 roster to see what our true needs will be (other than Power Forward). I don't think either Cox or Holmes wants to play Center in college; and, not sure if Aborowa will play Center or forward in college. If you assume she stays at PF, then who plays Center in 2016 other than Senior, Kelsey Lang? And, Vanderzee would also be a senior. So, it's safe to say we need another Center for 2016. Perhaps Aborowa's current teammate is a candidate, but I'd bet Duncanville's Cierra Johnson is a more realistic target.

    I'm not really sure how I feel about Chou. Only seen her in limited play, and she didn't shoot the ball as well as I expected. She doesn't seem to be as athletic as the other players Coach A has targeted, and for a coach who preaches defense, not sure how Chou would fit in with our style of defensive play.

    Other in-state players to follow would by 5'11 Jada Underwood of Mesquite, and 5/8 Arleighshya McElroy of Richardson.

    We recently had visitors from Missouri and Oklahoma, so you can't discount the out-of-staters.

    And, there's always a chance a name not yet discussed becomes a surprise commitment.

    Bottom line, it's an exciting time to be Longhorn fan!
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    definitely need a post/center in 2016. Both Lilley and Kelsey will be seniors in 2016-17. Christina will be the only player over 6-1 in 2017-18 if we don't sign someone in 2016. It will be interesting to see if Christina plays more like Kelsey or more like a PF. Lauren, from what I have seen, can play either position, PF/C. As Flash34 stated, Joyner can play several positions. Christina's 6-9 teammate is one option as is Cierra Johnson.

    But as Moo said, that is only the ones we kinda have an idea about. Who knows whom the staff is looking at that we don't know about? Certainly the 2016 class appears to be pretty deep. It is an exciting time to be waiting to find out who wants to come here.
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    I have seen all 3 players. Joyner Holmes is freakishly athletic, agile, and mobile. She's fast, quick, and jumps out of the gym. Runs like cheetah and able to change direction on a dime. Physically, you can't teach that kind of stuff. I believe Joyner Holmes is the #1 player in the nation, ahead of Lauren Cox.
    In fact, saw them go head to head, Dallas Heroes v. Texas United and Joyner Holmes dominated.
    As for Natalie Chou, she's athletic enough. When Plano West went up against Manvel, Natalie Chou single handily scored every which way, inside, outside, dribble penetration against Brianna Turner who was defending her one-on-one. Despite her size, Chou handles the ball like a guard and can shoot way beyond the 3 - NBA distance.
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    The current roster has 4 freshmen and 4 sophomores. And, three players signed for 2015. That would leave 4 'ships for 2016 assuming nothing else changes.

    Wondering if Brady is going to use her 5th year and play a final season of hoops in 2015-16, or if she is moving on.
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    Tuesday, Cox went for 25 in a 21 point win for Flower Mound. Game was over after the first quarter. Chow went for 21 in a 15 point win........game was also over after first quarter. Holmes and Cedar Hill were not in dallas morning news.
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    Not sure if this means anything, but when Didi was asked by the Cy fair magazine why she chose Texas? She responded "they are doing big things in Austin and they have a big coming in the 2016 class."

    She also gave me a picture that Holmes mom asked them to take saying "let me get a picture of the future longhorns together."

    There was another young recruit in the pic with Didi, Holmes, and Nekia, but I do not know who she is. You all may know so when I get back to my computer I will post it.

    On another note after looking at the pic, you can see that Didi is maybe a inch shorter than Holmes. Them two in a line up together for three years will be fun to watch.
  12. loyallonghorn

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    I'm certain that photo you speak of was taken during the Tennessee game when many recruits made visits to the game and Didi committed to Texas. Both Joyner Holmes and Lauren Cox were at the game.
  13. Moooooo

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    Thanks for sharing that tidbit, Ladyballers.

    Would be great if Joyner Holmes has committed, or has an inclination to do so when all is said and done. All I know about her recruitment is that she took an official visit to USC earlier this September/October with a couple of Cedar Hill football players who were taking their official visits, as well.

    I recall a tweet by Coach A back a few weeks ago that led me to believe a verbal for 2016 had been obtained; but, never saw any recruit make any kind of public announcement to confirm.
  14. Ladyballers

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    First of the 2016.class to commit is Alicia Sutton. This may create a domino effect for this class.
  15. hoopsalot

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    Great news. Iirc, Sutton was a star at Texas camp last summer. It is good to show Texas has appeal beyond the state (which we still want to own, of course.). Finally, 3 guards complete eligibility the Spring before Sutton arrives.
  16. TXSNOS

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    Awesome news!! Glad she chose Texas [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  18. Moooooo

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    Congrats to Sutton!

    I remember thinking someone had committed early in November, and had started this thread:

    The Link

    Although it appears as if she committed today on her birthday, I get the feeling it was back in November when she was in town:

    The Link
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    great PG to lead the charge for the 2016 players.
    Welcome, Alecia! [​IMG]
  20. UTExinPDX

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    Welcome to Texas, Alicia!

    ESPN article link:

  21. BabHorn

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    Dec. 19:
    Flower Mound (Lauren Cox) 41 Flower Mound Marcus 37
    Lauren had eight pts.

    Plano West (Natalie Chou) 72 Plano 55
    Natalie had 24 pts.

    Plano West is 11-3 for the season and 3-0 in district.
    Flower Mound is 13-4 and 4-0. They are on a collision course for the top spot in 6-6A.

    Flower Mound and Plano West will turn right around and play today:
    Flower Mound vs Lewisville and Plano West vs Flower Mound Marcus.

    action pics of Joyner Holmes during Cedar Hill’s loss to South Grand Prairie on Dec. 16.
    Joyner had 13 pts vs South Grand Prairie.
    Cedar Hill is 11-2 and 1-1 in district after the loss to South Grand Prairie.
  22. Moooooo

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    Sutton sounds like a great one!

    The Link
  23. JoeDallas

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    She sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see her play.
  24. ZigZag

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    It's Alecia.

    Good choice "Shug"!The Link
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    For those who understand twitter, take a look at Alecia Sutton's recent tweets:

    The Link

    @kaorie15 The fact that i will be in Texas in one more year .. crazy!

    Is she tweeting that she will be in Texas in one year? Early enrollee for Spring 2016?
  26. BabHorn

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    I would think she means one more academic year. I really can't see her leaving her HS team in the middle of their season.
  27. TXSNOS

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    Yeah, I agree that it probably just means that she will be here sometime in 2016. Since it's now 2015, she'll be here next year, but probably not in 365 days.
  28. BabHorn

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    Lauren Cox article from sicksports.com from three days ago:

    Looks like VB is no longer a consideration as is preparation for a future in BB after college.

  29. BabHorn

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    Alecia Sutton, averages through 01/02/15
    16.8 ppg;
    FTs: 21-27 for 77.8%
    Assists: 4.5 apg
  30. BabHorn

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    Lauren Cox scored 10 pts in Flower Mound’s 34-36 loss to Allen for FM’s first district loss.

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