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  1. Moooooo

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    Read in the Statesman today where Kirk Bohls reported speaking with Coach Aston, and the non-conference schedule will include:

    @ Tennessee
    @ Georgia (SEC/Big 12 Challenge)
    Florida State

    He didn't provide a lot of context as to whether those were the only Top 25 schools scheduled, other than stating that Coach A mentioned the non-conference schedule would be "more balanced" this coming season.
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  2. Ellis21d

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    Surprised Stanford is not mentioned? That has been an on going home and away series for several years now.
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  3. racerx5908

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    UConn in "our house"? Or neutral site?
  4. DFW_Horn

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    Our house.
  5. loyallonghorn

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    I'm also surprised that Stanford possibly would not be on the schedule.

    I understand the desire to have a balanced schedule, but I actually like the more challenging schedule. Coach Aston credited the challenging schedule for the win against NC State.
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  6. DFW_Horn

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    I think Coach Aston might have been referring to the distribution of opponents - playing 4 of your first 6 games against Top 10 opponents is front heavy. UT will still have a very respectable OOC schedule just based on who we know as of now.
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  7. Moooooo

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    Will be interesting to see how the remainder of the non-conference schedule shakes out. Could be that some other pending opponents are dependent on finalizing dates.
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  8. brnkj

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    I like for the team to have a non-conference schedule that is challenging but a little more spaced out with the tougher teams. I also like to see us play on both the East and West coasts when possible for the sake of visibility.
  9. Moooooo

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  10. DFW_Horn

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    I'm not usually an ESPN basher when it comes to UCONN but...I would bet money that ESPN really wanted that UCONN game scheduled midseason not so much to break up UT's conference slate but to give them a reason to air a UCONN game when they would normally be strolling through the AAC with 40+ point wins.

    Then again, it could give UT some help - hopefully they will have had time to really integrate Chazz and Rellah into the team.
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  11. brnkj

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    That's how I feel about it.
  12. Moooooo

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    Saw today where the WNIT tournament field was announced for next Fall; A&M and Louisville are in it.

    And, saw where the Cancun participants were announced; saw Tennessee and Miss. State listed.

    Anyone know what Coach A's position is on these type of tournaments? Not sure we've been part of any in a long time. Think we were in one in the Caribbean or Florida where we played A&M and Syracuse, but I may have it wrong.

    Prior to Coach A, I do recall the team playing in a tourney in Hawaii.
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  13. brnkj

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    I've wondered the exact same thing... What happened to the tournaments? I'd think that, especially Hawaii or Caribbean tourneys, would be another good pitch for recruiting.
  14. DFW_Horn

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    You are right about the Caribbean tourney and UT definitely played and beat aggy but I don't remember the other opponent. Ariel and Brooke's freshmen year - sticks out because Longhorns were ranked in the 20-25 range and aggy was either 4 or 5.
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  15. loyallonghorn

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    I'd prefer a stronger non-conference schedule. Whom will Texas compete against in Las Vegas?

    Nov. 5 – Oklahoma City University (EXH.) – Austin, Texas (34-2 / 17-0 Sooner Athletic / NAIA National Champion)
    Nov. 12 – Stetson – Austin, Texas (26-7 / 13-1 Atlantic Sun / WNIT First Round)
    Nov. 15 – McNeese State – Austin, Texas (14-17 / 8-10 Southland)
    Nov. 17 – UTSA – Austin, Texas (14-16 / 10-8 Conference USA)

    Nov. 24-25 – at South Point Shootout – Las Vegas, Nev. &
    Nov. 30 – Louisiana Tech – Austin, Texas (18-14 / 12-6 Conference USA / WNIT First Round)
    Dec. 3 – at Georgia – Athens, Ga. (16-15 / 7-9 SEC)
    Dec. 10 – at Tennessee – Knoxville, Tenn. (20-12 / 10-6 SEC / NCAA Second Round)
    Dec. 13 – Northwestern State – Austin, Texas (13-17 / 7-11 Southland)
    Dec. 17 – Florida State – Austin, Texas (28-7 / 13-3 ACC / NCAA Regional Finalist)
    Jan. 15 – UConn – Austin, Texas (36-1 / 16-0 AAC / NCAA Semifinalist)

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  16. brnkj

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    Other than the Dec 17th game against FSU, there's no home games to look forward to before Big 12 play begins. Pretty disappointing IMO.
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  17. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    The Thanksgiving weekend South Point Shootout in Las Vegas has not announced the teams participating as of yet. Per there website.
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  18. Ellis21d

    Ellis21d JediHorn

    I am a little disappointed that Stanford is not on the schedule this year. They have been on our schedule for several years and provide a unique level of competition with there motion offense and great 3 point shooters they always have. It appears that Coach KA has cut back a little this year on the pre-season travel and competition level.

    We played 6 Top 10 teams last year but did not play in a tournament.
    2016 pre-season-Stanford, South Carolina, Mississippi State, UConn, FSU, and Tennessee.
    2017 pre-season-Tennessee, Georgia, UConn and FSU. It may balance out depending on who we play in the South Point Shootout in Las Vegas. Still the 2016 schedule was a murders row of competition. It may be best to tone down the pre-season schedule as we looked exhausted at the end of last season!
    In Coach Aston I trust!
  19. Moooooo

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    Yep. If Coach A wants to increase fan attendance, this home schedule isn't gonna do it.
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  20. DFW_Horn

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    Did not like opening against Stanford last season but it would've been nice to see a Top 15 team after Stetson and before the Vegas tourney.

    Still some nice WBB history games - Tennessee as usual and La Tech though they aren't what they once were.
  21. Moooooo

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    Yes, I also didn't agree with opening the season on the road last year at Stanford. Having a home game prior to that would have been my preference.

    This season, glad we are opening the schedule with a home game. We have 4 games against quality opponents (UConn, Georgia, Tennessee, and FSU). Aside from that, we have five other games where 3 of the teams had losing records last season. Surprisingly, three opponents are from Louisiana, and only one from Texas.

    Nov. 12 – Stetson – Austin, Texas (26-7 / 13-1 Atlantic Sun / WNIT First Round)
    Nov. 15 – McNeese State – Austin, Texas (14-17 / 8-10 Southland)
    Nov. 17 – UTSA – Austin, Texas (14-16 / 10-8 Conference USA)

    Nov. 30 – Louisiana Tech – Austin, Texas (18-14 / 12-6 Conference USA / WNIT First Round)
    Dec. 13 – Northwestern State – Austin, Texas (13-17 / 7-11 Southland)

    What's the perfect schedule? I definitely don't know. But, based on our experience and talent, I think we have a Final Four type of team. But, the schedule isn't going to challenge us except for 4 games (not counting the Las Vegas trip).

    As a fan, I'd like to see us play at least one opponent from the PAC (most likely the strongest RPI conference next season). No reason to play a team from the B1G as their teams' RPI's last season were dreadful.

    We are doing good playing a team from ACC (another very strong RPI conference), and two teams from the SEC. Can't get much better than playing UConn.

    Guess we can compare to other teams' schedules as they are released.
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  22. Moooooo

    Moooooo 2,500+ Posts

    This is UConn's reported (not official) schedule. We still have a long way to go in matching their type of non-conference schedule. Four our 4 games which are against NCAA tourney quality teams, UConn has about 11 in that category. And, I realize their conference not being as strong dictates the need for a much stronger non-conference slate.

    Notre Dame

    Nevada - Nov. 28
    Ohio State - Nov 12 at Nationwide Arena, site of next season's final four.
    South Carolina
    Texas - Jan. 15
    UCLA - Nov. 21

    Duquesne (Toronto)
    Michigan State (Eugene, Oregon) - Nov. 25
    Oklahoma (Mohegan Sun) - Dec. 19?
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  23. DFW_Horn

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    I'm not sure if it has any impact on the non-conference opponents but I wonder if the expense of the Italy trip in August might have influenced staying closer to home with some of the smaller teams. Power conference teams often offset the travel costs for small and midsize conference teams in addition to the fees paid to the visiting schools.
  24. JoeDallas

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    I wish there was one more top 10 or 15 level team. Maybe there will be in Las Vegas. I agree about the Pac 12. I'm sure it's tough to get this perfect. Last year's approach was too much.

    I love that we have played Tennessee every year (if I'm remembering right) since the late 1970's. Now that is what you call a true rivalry and true tradition.... Louisiana Tech! We have never beat them. They killed our hopes so many times in the past (way back, 1980's). Maybe this year we will set that right.
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  25. Dr. D

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    It seems pretty likely Karen Aston thinks she overreached with last year's early schedule and wants to give her team time and opportunity to jell. This schedule is such an obvious contrast with last year. Perhaps that's best, but I think she may have gone a little too far. Maybe the Vegas tournament will even things out a bit. One thing's for sure. This schedule seems designed for the team to peak late in the season.
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  26. loyallonghorn

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    Yes indeed. If you want cheeks in the seats, the home schedule needs to be more attractive prior to the late-December game against Florida State, who lost a lot of players.

    Connecticut's situation is vastly different than all other power-5 conference teams; they MUST load up on non-conference opponents because their conference schedule is a cake-walk even with South Florida.
  27. "Anna hook em"

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    Hi, I have a question about the next seasons schedule, im planning on going to a game by myself next season!!! Do season ticket holders get to buy tickets for individual games next to them or do we have to buy them by ourselves.
  28. DFW_Horn

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    Looked up the lineup from last year's Vegas tourney:
    Arizona St.
    St. John's
    Washington St.

    A couple of top 25 and PAC teams. I would expect something very similar this year - especially the PAC teams just due to proximity.
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  29. Zig72

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    If I understand your question, I assume you know someone who has season tickets and that person has agreed to buy a ticket to an individual game for you to use.

    If correct, a season ticket holder who has prime seats may not be able to purchase a ticket for a seat in close proximity to his/her seats, since the best seat locations are already taken by other season ticket holders.

    That being said, the WBB games are not well attended. It is not difficult for anyone to buy a reasonably good seat for an individual game in the Arena section. You just have to wait until individual game seats go on sale, which occurs after the season tickets are offered for sale in July.
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  30. "Anna hook em"

    "Anna hook em" 250+ Posts

    sort of i know some season ticket holders but was just wondering if they could get individual tickets for the conference, nope dont know what game yet im going to attend, but u are correct 2 seasons ago i got a good really good seat to the BU game so i will go that route again

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