2017 National Signing Day

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Dionysus, Jan 31, 2017.

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    I left my comment kind of on the negative; someone had wondered that pouncey had only a three star rating--in response I was saying that he looks kind of slow. I'm hoping he is Jerry Rice.
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    Star average should be the metric.
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    I think Herman will do just fine if he can just win this season.
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    Is it fair to compare Orgeron's haul to Herman's?
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    I don't think so. Orgeron was recruiting these kids the year before when he was an assistant. Herman was not.

    That is not an apology for Herman. I expected better and didn't get it. I'm glad Herman is our head coach and even happier that the Bill Power's Legacy is DEAD!

    I do think that Orgeron showing up at Chaisson's house at 5 AM as he was preparing to leave for Gainesville was an extraordinary move. I bet he would have been outstanding during the days of "kidnapping" kids for a couple of weeks before NSD.
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    Well, I have gone from mildly pessimistic about the class to mildly optimistic. I know the term "hidden gems" is overused, but I looked over the video, their metrics, and the very decent star rating, and I am now ok with this class. I think there will be kids on the team that will impact next year. Especially Johnson the juco ilb, and Daniel Young. Young is big, strong and fast. He both runs over and runs away (as in speed) from people. That is all good for a RB. Plus, I think Ellinger is going to get bigger, stronger and faster, and more accurate (not that he needs to, he's already laser accurate) and give Shane all he wants in spring competition. Shane will win out, but the competition will be good for both.

    I think Hermann did well considering all the issues he had to deal with. I think he will win 8-9 games next year. And win a bowl game in the process. And I think he will recruit a top ten class next year.

    Call me Mr. Sunshine. :hookem2::bevo::hookem3::headbang:
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    Because The Hermanator is too young to have mastered the use of the word, "unbelievable"....

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    Gary Johnson is our 5 *****, with two years experience.

    Our linebackers will destroy! :hookem:
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    ESPN's capsule on the Longhorn's class:

    "Tom Herman's first class lacks a lot of wow factor but retained some key prospects, led by longtime ESPN 300 quarterback Sam Ehlinger. Running back is a huge need in the class, and ESPN 300 and Georgia flip Toneil Carter and former Houston verbal Daniel Young were home runs. Tight end is also a need, and SMU flip Cade Brewer was a key grab in late December, as was Nebraska flip Reese Leitao. Texas loaded up on the defensive line in the 2016 class, and has yet another D-line prospect signed for 2017 in ESPN 300 Taquon Graham. Two ESPN 300 receivers are in the fold in Damion Miller and Montrell Estell, who could also play safety in Austin. Oklahoma State flip Derk Kerstetter was one of the Lone star State's most improved seniors, as was three-star tackle and Houston flip Samuel Cosmi. On defense, linebacker was a key need and ESPN JC 50 playmaker Gary Johnson is expected to start right away in Austin. Four-star cornerback Josh Thompson was key summer flip from TCU. Junior college kicker Joshua Rowland is expected to win the job next season."

    And this morning our favorite non-homer morning talk show host, Chip Brown (why do the Aggies think he's a Longhorn homer?) said that Damion Miller and Pouncy are very raw at this stage of their career but that Cade Brewer might be the next Jake Oliver.
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    I mentioned this before, but my son would not have appreciated the 5 AM wake-up call! Ha...

    I guess I'm with you in that I expected better. Herman was a high profile coach here in Texas. He scored victories over OU and Florida State (yet Wilson went to FSU anyway; not that I'm crushed as I was born in Tallahassee and grew up on that campus. My Father got his BA, MS and PHD in Poli Sci there so I'm a 'Noles fan) and should have had relationships already with all the high school coaches and players. But it just wasn't enough to score I guess. Coming in at 33 on ESPN's rankings is disappointing. I would have thought he could have moved it up at least into the teens. Orgeron won out not to mention the rumors of the Jones' Dad negatively recruiting against the Longhorns.
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    How bout this??? Since 1999 every recruiting class has been so hyped I thought we were going to win the national championship at least every four years (each player get a ring before they graduate) only to see us in the championship game twice.

    I for one would like to see a reversal of this trend in which there isn't any fan fare yet the staff recruited based off real talent instead of stars and we go out and kick *** every year and in the games we might lose we dont get our heads smashed in....... maybe not the championship game but maybe a 9-10 win season for starters.......maybe we cash dem in the games where it counts, how bout dah?:hookem:
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    I believe that 9-10 wins are realistic this year. I expect no less than 8. There are a number of talented players on campus, but they need to be trained better and developed further, then get that winning mentality to overcome the adversity we saw caused the team to crumble in winnable games the last three seasons. From what I've read about TH and his methods, it's a new day at UT. There are no starters or even a depth charts, they will have to earn their spots every day from now through the end of the '18 season.

    Two things have to happen; Need to win games, and get out of the B12 conference as soon as possible.
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    I agree with your post, as well as agreeing that 9 or 10 wins is possible, but this team was so bad last year that there is so much that has to be accomplished in the spring. This may be our most important spring practice in 60 years.

    1) The players have to get a mindset to win rather than accepting losing

    2) Finding 11 players who give a **** enough to learn and know where to line up. If a player is too damn dumb to know where to line up, the bus for NEO is loading on 23rd Street.

    3) A hunger and desire to win rather than accept losing

    4) In-game coaching decisions and adjustments that put the kids in a position to win. (Yes, I have researched and in-game adjustments are allowed, even in Memorial Stadium)

    This season is about two games - USC and OU. Those games will reveal how well the kids are buying what Herman is selling and solidify the fan base behind this group. Any references to or discussion of Lawrence, Kansas should be limited to Shaka Smart. There should not be a single football player focusing on "revenge" against KU. You don't get "revenge" against Kansas, you simply take care of business, something Charlie Strong was not capable of doing.

    As for the Big XII, it will be fine if and only if there is a compete overhaul in Las Colinas. Add some intelligence (having an Aggie as commissioner would be an improvement over than gutless cretin Bowelsby). FIRE WALT ANDER$ON and bring in a real head of officiating, which means no more sharing with the BigSky & MWC, and absolutely NO ONE that is a dentist, has a dentist in the family, finances dentists. The perfect replacement is Cooper Castleberry or Mike Defee. Hell, I would even move the Big XII offices to Crown Colony or Nederland (can't believe I said that) to get one of them to replace Ander$on.
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    This was a pretty good class. It would have been a great class if the two near misses that we were supposed to get, CB wise, up to the last day. The OL and DE misses were at positions where we had a real need. Nice job Tom and staff.
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    So Cade is an intelligent receiver with a good-size frame and great hands, and will be severely underutilized to the detriment of our offense?
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    I think he was referring to the first half of your sentence. In other words, there's something good to work with.
  21. LonghornMD

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    Yeah I got that. I was being snarky by making the point that of late our program hasn't effectively utilized talented players. It wasn't until last year that Oliver's abilities (as well as other players) were tapped. But I'm banking of the notion that Herman and Co. know how to harness and use talent. Charlie failed miserably in that area.

    Also, Chip Brown doesn't know squat.
  22. SabreHorn

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    And for that, Doc, "squat" is very thankful :beertoast:
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    But Sabre, I thought you had a very high regard for Walt Anderson... :lmao:
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    Regarding the record this year, we all saw what Meyer did in his first year at Ohio State, we saw what Harbaugh did in his first year with Michigan and we all remember what Akers did in his first year here, in 1977.

    I'm not saying that magic will happen here in 2017, but I'm also not saying that it won't. I believe that the talent is in place for something special, and my expectations of Herman are, well, sky high. And for good reason.

    I'll be surprised if we don't win at least 10 games. We may just win them all.
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  25. Dionysus

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    I always thought Jake Oliver was like David Thomas: positive yardage practically guaranteed every time you throw it near him.
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    Dukesteer: Do I have to buy a ticket to win the lottery?
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    Ranking The Top 9 Recruiters In College Football Right Now


    7) Tim Beck, Texas Longhorns
    Beck did a spectacular job for Tom Herman after he took over at Texas in putting together their recruiting class. However, he did a lot of great work at Ohio State before joining the Longhorns as the offensive coordinator, bringing four five-star prospects to the Buckeyes.
  28. dukesteer

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    Yes, and I would advise doing it soon because after about 9:00 PST on 9/16/17, the cost of that bet will rise dramatically.
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    Completely agree. Oliver was a safety valve in the slot, much like a TE. But Charlie and his staff didn't make use of that until this past season. And even last season, they didn't use it enough. The 2015 and 2016 seasons, saw so much wasted talent on the Texas roster.
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    The UT football summer camps for high school players are a key. Mack Brown had a pipeline working 3-4 years ahead of signing day. Herman needs to make sure Texas has a superior
    high school summer camp ready by this summer and gets the best high school players on campus. Not sure what was going on with the clown show the last three years regarding the summer football camps. Herman would be wise to contact Mack Brown for input of how to set up one up the right way to make inroads on high school players with college potential three to four years from signing day.

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