2017 Recruiting?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by HornSwoggler, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Good thing is Johnson will be able to contribute right away.
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    Another Great get by Herman & Co.!!

    Welcome to the 40 Acres GJ!!! :hookem::bevo::texasflag:
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    Imo Herman's best get so far
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    We moved six spots in the 247Sports Composite team recruiting rankings from #31 to #25 with the addition of ILB Gary Johnson. ou, at #5, is way ahead of our 2nd place Beg12 ranking.
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    just read that a lot of big-time recruits are in Austin this weekend. at least Herman is getting a chance, feeling optimistic we land a few given the recent commitments and general positive impression he's made during visits since taking over
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    Gatewood is a beast! Can't believe he's not 5 *****.

    I guess its because Jr's aren't give 5 ***** ratings?
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    how did the visits go?

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    No news about our recruiting weekend?
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    Gary Johnson: I was told that JUCO LB commit Gary Johnson will arrive at Texas this summer as a true JR. So that means he will have 3 years to play 2 seasons at Texas. The staff expects him to make an early impact.

    K’Lavon Chaisson: Texas hosted what could be their crown jewel in the 2017 class in 5-star OLB/DE K’Lavon Chaisson. I felt Texas had the edge going into the weekend and I still feel that way today. Multiple family members joined Chaisson on the visit, but none were more important than his mother who I was told is a major factor in his decision.

    One little thing I found interesting was that 13-year NFL vet and former Texas DL who went to the same high school as Chaisson in Cory Redding was in Austin over the weekend and was around the facilities. I’m sure that wasn’t just a coincidence on the part of Redding and Tom Herman.

    This is still a Texas-LSU battle.

    Javelin Guidry: Even though it looks like a public announcement won’t come until February 1st, I still feel very good about Texas chances here. Guidry told me, “The visit was great and I really learned a lot. Talking with Coach Herman and Coach Washington about how I’d fit in and just about the program in general stood out to me.” Guidry also told me they’ll start him out learning both the outside CB spot and nickel. He’s known for his elite speed (10.43 100m), and it looks like the staff wants to take advantage of that as he also said they want to use him on offense some on the edge to create big plays.

    I spoke with Guidry’s father and... the decision is clearly coming down to Utah and Texas. However, I think this race is much tighter than most would have expected and I won’t be surprised to see Guidry go with Utah. Guidry’s father mentioned, “Had coach Herman and the Texas staff reached out to Jav as soon as they arrived at Texas I think it would have been a done deal but not hearing from them allowed more time for him to continue to build a stronger and stronger relationship with the Utah staff and see how he can fit in there.”

    Both programs clearly need Javelin. Guidry’s father says that Utah lost a lot of defensive backs to graduation and the staff at Texas is very unsure about the current crop of true cover guys on the Texas roster (I agree btw), “They said, ‘we don’t have that true cover guy like a William Jackson that can follow a guy around all game.'”

    So, the Guidry’s like the opportunity to get on the field early at Texas. They also like the new energy at Texas, “They’ve got former players like Aaron Ross who will be around and Michael Huff to be around the players. It’s a new energy, it’s going big. Whatever they (the new Texas staff) have asked for they’ve been given. He’s being given what he needs to create long term success.”

    In my estimation should Texas pick up Guidry it would be an excellent get. Guidry is an instant upgrade in speed at the cornerback position (something Texas needs) but he’s also the son of a former D1 cornerback so he's well versed in the game. Because of his athleticism and football IQ the likelihood of Guidry picking up the details of Orlando’s complicated system and implementing them at game speed as a true freshman is higher than most.

    Jordan Pouncey: If you’re on twitter it’s clear you noticed how much Winter Park (FL) WR Jordan Pouncey enjoyed his Texas official visit. Going into the weekend it was safe to say Texas was running #2 behind the hometown school in Miami. But I’ve been told the gap has been closed, as Pouncey grew up a huge Texas fan and the visit was “almost like a dream come true for him’ as one person I spoke to put it. Though the hometown pull is very real in this one and we’ll see how it goes moving forward.
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    I never got any clarification on the Pouncey twins at Florida and now this kid. Are they related to the Pouncey twins who were track stars at Pinkston in the late 60s?
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    Jordan Pouncey: the Florida wide receiver was vocal on Twitter all weekend about how much he wanted to visit Austin and how much he enjoyed his time in the Lone Star State:

    Texas now looks like a contender with Miami for Pouncey’s services. However, the ‘Horns will have to overcome the lure of proximity, numerous visits to campus, and a longer relationship with the coaching staff.

    K’Lavon Chaisson:
    The notoriously-quiet Galena Park North Shore product went back and deleted all of his tweets from the weekend — a rather unusual practice of his — but appeared to be enjoying his time in Austin based on the tweets he did send.

    Chaisson also told Scout that his visit ranked 8.9 out of 10 and said that the coaching staff sold him on playing the same role as Tyus Bowser did at Houston as a stand-up edge rusher.

    "They told me the positions and told me that I could be like the next Tyus Bowser," Chaisson [said]. "I think Tyus is actually a good player."

    Javelin Guidry: "I had a great time out there," Guidry said. "I've only been there one other time, I camped at UT my sophomore year so this was my first chance really touring the campus and seeing the school up close.

    "I got to see the facilities and spent a lot of time with the players and coaches. I have a great comfort level with the coaches. I think the thing that stood out most about the visit was how energetic the staff was the whole visit, it was great to reconnect with them."

    According to Guidry, he also connected with the players on a visit that ultimately was “better than I expected it to be.”

    Kary Vincent: Despite consistent public proclamations of being completely solid to LSU, Kary Vincent’s surprise visit to Texas over the weekend, reportedly with his mother, was a sign that he was at least willing to listen to Herman’s recruiting pitch.

    The results of that pitch aren’t yet apparent, but the ‘Horns may have an outside chance of flipping the Port Arthur Memorial product from his longtime pledge to the Tigers.
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    I already answered
    They cuz
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    Always wondered what happened to the twins. They were pretty special at Pinkston, but kinda faded at SMU.
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    An hour with IT's Eric Nahlin discussing the latest on recruiting, Hermanator's staff, O 'n D, etc.

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    That's pretty long. Cliff notes? I'm a millennial to explain.
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    You couldn't afford my fee.
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    So Joe, what gives you the idea that the big news involves the Horns?
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    Exactly. I'm betting it's another Executive Order. :lmao:
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    Joe never actually said it was a Longhorn :idk:
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    That would be yuge news

    Moore is currently #7 in state (2018) and top 60 nationally
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    Well. I did some double secret intel work and found out that he is a 247 Sports Crystal Ball of 67% to the good guys as of last night. So, if this means anything, there just might in fact be some good news here Saturday.
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    So, possible one (Jordan) to Aggie and one (Joshua) to Horns....interesting...!
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    When Herman was hired at Texas, there was an expectation from Longhorn fans that he would go out and recruit every single blue-chip player in the Lone Star State. Nobody would have given the all-in approach a second thought, because that’s what most new coaches do when they land at a blueblood program like Texas or get a job that’s in the nation’s biggest pipeline for high school football talent.

    But Herman has seen firsthand what happens when you go chasing stars, and that’s why the Longhorns have taken a slower and steadier approach in his first recruiting class.

    “I went back and actually looked at the Class of 2012 when we transitioned to Ohio State and of the 19 kids that were February signees, and only roughly about three of them were actual contributing players,” said Herman, who helped guide the Buckeyes to the 2014 national championship as the program’s offensive coordinator and quarterback’s coach. “That was the fifth-ranked class in the country. That's not very good odds and percentages. We're taking a more calculated, patient approach because of what history tells you.”

    That approach has irked some Texas fans, especially since the Longhorns have signed top-10 classes in nine of the last 11 recruiting cycles.“We've done extensive research on transition years and signing classes in transition years,” said Herman, who was hired in late November. “By far the most instances of attrition, the most instances of off-the-field issues -- whether it be drugs, social or academic issues -- and the most instances of guys that quite frankly can't play, happen in the transition year.

    “I think that happens for a number of reasons. The biggest being you wind up chasing stars and rankings, rather than getting to know these kids. A lot of it is because of timing. It's so hard to get to know them, so I think you've got to target kids that at least you know a little bit about.”
    [Per another poster]
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