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    Can anybody say what the issue is with LaGaryonn Carson? He was keen and committed, then made some odd academic move, then we had no scholarship for him. He still lists interest in Texas as high and 'none' for others. Does he have qualification issues, personal problems, or can nobody say?
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    TFB reported awhile back that his grades disqualified him. Said he'd prolly have to go JUCO.
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    Looks like we need a 2018 thread AND a 2019 thread. The coaches have been busy!
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    K'Lavon Chaisson – North Shore (Houston, TX)
    **** 6-4/211 – 4 NPR

    TFB says.... DE/OLB K’Lavon Chaisson arrived back in Houston yesterday after his official visit to Colorado. I’ll say it again, the Buffaloes aren’t a factor in this one. He’ll be in town until Friday before he leaves for his Florida official visit, and the Gators aren’t a factor in this one either IMO. I was told that Texas HC Tom Herman and his staff will make their in-home visit with Chaisson tonight, and that LSU HC Ed Orgeron and his staff will have their in-home visit on Friday before Chaisson leaves for his UF visit.

    This will be the last face to face contact those staffs have with Chaisson until NSD, and I still feel that Texas has the edge as of today.
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    The nation's #1 (High School) ILB, Jacob Phillips, has committed to LSU over ou. The Land Thieves currently have the #7 class, so this is good news.

    (I made the distinction of "High School" above because the nation's #1 JUCO ILB, Gary Johnson, is committed to us.)
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    CB Kary Vincent:

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    That deserves to make it into a segment of "Mean Tweets"

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    For what it's worth today on espn recruiting nation Gerry Hamilton said the 'horns still in on only 3 top 300 prospects: Chaisson is a dogfight with us and LSU, Zabie favors us slightly over UCLA, and Chevin Calloway is down to us and Arkansas.
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    Tigers like their chances with chaisson
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    Well, he sucks and I'm glad he didn't come here. /typical aggy fan
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    He's not Big 12 ready!
    Please note heavy sarcasm.
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    Taquon Graham: Texas received some good news from Taquon Graham. The Sooners were the biggest threat to flip him but that threat is no longer present…

    Was just told #Texas DE commit Taquon Graham has cancelled his #OU official visit that was this weekend. Good news for the Longhorns.
    — Andrew King (@Andrew_TFB) January 27, 2017​

    K’Lavon Chaisson: Yesterday, Texas stopped by to do an in-home visit with K’Lavon Chaisson. Chaisson doesn’t talk much but folks around him tell me that LSU currently has a slight lead but Texas is still very much in this one. I hope to find out more this weekend.

    Javelin Guidry: Vista Murrieta (CA) CB Javelin Guidry will make his commitment today between Texas and Utah. After his Texas visit over the weekend, I felt good about the Longhorn’s chances to land him. However, Super K was more cautious and noted in the Monday Open Post that he wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up at Utah. It is looking like that will be the case.
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    Wondered about that myself.
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    Gator Air was likely at Ellington about 9, that is if McElwain knows what he's doing. Two toll booths between his house and Ellington (that's two huge opportunities). If Florida flies him out of Hobby or Intergallactic, too many opportunities for "interference" - can you say "Terry Watkins" boys & girls?
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    OT Stephan Zabie will announce his commitment on NSD at 7am on ESPNU
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    Supposedly we are looking good with OL Samuel Cosmi of Humble Atascocita
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    CB Amik Robertson is supposed to be all LSU, but the dad likes us, so ......

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    CB Javelin Guidry committing to Utah.

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    I thought we we're getting errbody today? :idk:
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    That would be Alabama for the past 10 years.
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    i think we need more OL anyway and LB anyway.
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    One of the LSU gurus flipped his CB for Chaisson from LSU to Texas

    And here is Shea Dixon the LSU247 guy -- "... I'm starting to lose some confidence here."

    Holland thinks Texas still has the advantage
    Nahlin supports this idea --
    Q: "Seems like LSU writers are losing confidence on Chaisson. Have you heard anything new?"
    A: "Yes, they think they're pretty much out. Never heard why but they're not confident."
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    I have no clue, just thinking his commit could be a cornerstone we talk about for years. But I have no clue, really. Just want a five star to close out with the good guys.
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    Got a hunch Herman will get Chaisson ! :hookem:

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    Wow. That sucks to lose to Utah. :puke:
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