2017 Recruiting?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by HornSwoggler, Feb 3, 2016.

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    bad timing for us, i guess

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    Shea Dixon of LSU247 --
    "LSU sources feel they are in line to land K’Lavon Chaisson or Markaviest Bryant as conversations with both have gone really well over the past few days. I have a pick in for Chaisson to LSU and have not changed that. I don’t have a pick in for Bryant, but I do know from talking to sources on all sides that LSU is very much alive here. .... I believe LSU comes away with one of them. There is one source I spoke with this morning that has the feeling LSU gets them both. ...."
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    NSD Predictions: We’re less than 24 hours away from national signing day 2017, it as of now Texas is sitting at 16 commitments. I expect them to add 2 or 3 commitments tomorrow, as things stand right now. Here are my NSD predictions…

    DE K’Lavon Chaisson: He could be the crown jewel of Texas’ 2017 recruiting class. He will pick between Texas, LSU, and Florida around 11 am tomorrow but this is a Longhorns-Tigers battle as it has been for awhile. This one could go either way as people on both sides feel confident and anyone that says they’re 110% sure where he’s going is lying, unless your name is K’Lavon Chaisson. I’ve been rolling with Texas for the last few months, and I’m going to stick with it based on what I heard yesterday. Though I’ll be like everyone else and say either pick won’t be a shock.

    Prediction: Texas – (Andrew)

    DE K’Lavon Chaisson: My sources tell me that Chaisson has communicated to the Texas staff that they can expect him to be a Horn. Having said that…it is Chaisson and he marches to the beat of his own drum so anything is possible but as of last night my sources on the Texas side felt good.

    Predicition: Texas – (Super K)

    CB Chevin Calloway: Down to Texas, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. Arkansas had a huge lead going into the official visits but the Rebels and Longhorns closed the gap. But the DB originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas is going back home.

    Prediction: Arkansas – (Super K)

    CB Chevin Calloway: Texas had gone quiet on Amik Robertson and then suddenly jumped back in and offered. That sounds like they know something about Calloway. Spoke to a source on the Arkansas side who said he will be “very surprised” if Calloway doesn’t pick Arkansas.

    Predicition: Arkansas – (Super K)

    OT Stephan Zabie: The Westlake (TX) OT isn’t your true Austin native as he moved to Austin during HS after living in Philadelphia after moving to the States. He had to sit out his SR year in HS due to having to repeat the 9th grade and playing 4 years of HS football prior to his final year in HS. That caused basically every school recruiting him to pump the brakes. He took visits to UCLA, Texas, and Ole Miss. The 7 AM CT announcement time tells me all I need to know about UCLA. I was told Ole Miss did a really good job during his official visits, but too many things in this recruitment for me point to Texas.

    Prediction: Texas – (Andrew)

    OT Stephan Zabie: This is a tough one. Zabie’s adopted mother and father have strong ties to Texas. In fact, if I recall correctly, his mother’s father played for Texas. However, when I spoke to Zabie last week he talked a lot about his desire to “go away” for school at the time it seemed as though UCLA had really done the best job when it came to the in-home visit, followed by Ole Miss and Texas. Zabie said all the visits went well but gushed a little more about the UCLA trip. However, he does have friends at Ole Miss which might make give him that balance between “going away” and still having some comforts of home. In the end though, I think the Cali bounce wins out…

    Prediction: UCLA – (Andrew)

    WR Jordan Pouncey: Texas was in hot pursuit of Oklahoma WR commit Charleston Rambo and TCU WR commit Omar Manning when WR coach Drew Mehringer offered Winter Park (FL) Notre Dame WR commit Jordan Pouncey. A week later he decommits from the Fighting Irish due to coaching changes and most signs pointed to the hometown Miami Hurricanes. The hometown pull was very strong for Pouncey, though he said he was going to visit Texas and that he grew up a Texas fan. When he visited Austin on 1/20, that’s when most realized Pouncey could end up at Texas. With Miami having him their #2 or #3 WR target and Texas making him their #1, played a role too. Tennessee is in it as well but they’re not much of a factor in my eyes. I expect to see the Florida WR in Austin.

    Prediction: Texas – (Andrew)

    WR Jordan Pouncey: When I heard Miami was full at WR and may not have a spot for Pouncey that pushed things to Texas in my mind. That has not changed for me…

    Prediction: Texas – (Super K)

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    A new CB of Pouncey to Texas from USF guru
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    Burton thinks we get both Pouncey and Zabie
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    JF - Thanks for the good and timely updates!
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    It wasn't a compliment. You're an idiot, your original and response comments make no sense. I'm thinking you're under age 18, so I'll leave it there.
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    You’re new here so let me introduce you to the Hornfans Posting Guidelines (which you agreed to when you registered).

    First paragraph:

    Please be respectful of your fellow members, as well as the coaches and players. Personal attacks, name-calling and aggressive messages are not acceptable.
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    OK, while I understand the thrust of the message, can somebody tell an old fart what CB actually stands for?
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    CB = Crystal Ball (prediction)
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    Got it, thanks. I was fairly certain some smartass was going to reply with "Cornerback".
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    Crowded Bar
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    Thanks Dion....so easy to abide by established practices / rules....[​IMG]

    not 18 and certainly glad those days are long past.....

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    anyone expecting any surprises?
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    Stephon Zabie 7 a.m.

    Cade Brewer 7 a.m.

    Derek Kerstetter 7:05

    Max $#@!mins 7:05

    Kobe Boyce 7:05

    Montrell Estell 8

    Marqez Bimage 8:30

    Josh Thompson 8:30

    Chaisson 10:35 a.m.

    Jordan Pouncey 12:15

    Taquon Graham 4:15 ceremony
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    man, am I glad I don't have crystal balls.

    thanks for all the updates, Joe. wish I understood all the tweety secret code.

    let's get this party started.
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    Wondering if we get Chaisson. would be nice.
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    Curt *****... oh, that is another thread!
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    These are the three we will be waiting on

    4* OL Stephan Zabie- 8:00 a.m.
    5* DE K'Lavon Chaisson- 11:00 a.m
    3* WR Jordan Pouncey- 12:15 p.m.

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    Burton now thinks the Zabie to UCLA stuff may have legs
    IT says same
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    CBs for Zabie are starting to flip from Texas to UCLA
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    Man, you wavy!
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    Cognitive Belief
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    Well if that's the case he was disrespectful of the player who committed prior to his ignorant comment, basically saying that he was unwanted. I can't be the only one who noticed this, at least I hope.
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    Do some research

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