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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by HornSwoggler, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Here is their site -- its free


    "Obviously can’t say who it is but it is commitment news and I am expecting the news to come out sometime next week at the latest. If it plays out the way it’s been explained to me, then I expect it to start some momentum for Texas with the in-state guys. – (Super K)"
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    I'm ok with that
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    We made Brendan Radley-Hiles' Top 5

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    Yesterday, Mike Craven of the Austin American Statesman gave his odds on the Longhorns landing each of the AAS top 10 Texas recruits.

    1) Anthony Cook, Cornerback Houston Lamar: 50%. Texas is in his top 10. Clemson might be the team to beat at this time.

    2) B.J. Foster, Safety Angleton: 75%. Knee injury his junior year dropped him from the #1 spot.

    3) Max Wright, Defensive End, Katy Taylor: 5%. Heavy Texas A&M lean but the Horns aren’t completely out of it yet.

    4) Caden Sterns, Safety, Cibolo Steel, 0%. Committed to LSU.

    5) Jalen Preston, Wide Receiver, Manvel: 10%. Favoring Texas A&M. Longhorns are in better shape with two other WR’s, Brennan Eagles and Al’Vonte Woodard.

    6) Malcolm Epps, Tight End, Spring DeKaney: 30%. Decommitted from Alabama. Texas needs to prove it will use the tight end to up the odds.

    7) Darrell Simpson, Offensive Tackle, Justin Northwest: 0%. No Texas offer and OU lean.

    8) Barton Clement, Offensive Guard, Fort Bend Marshall: 30%. Texas A&M appears to be in the lead.

    9) Jalen Green, Cornerback, Houston Heights: 40%. LSU appears to be the favorite at this time.

    10) Mustapha Muhammad, Tight End, Fort Bend Ridge Point: 40%. Tom Herman’s use of the TE has him interested. Clemson and others are in the mix.
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    Looks like Craven didn't have the right inside connection on Sterns...
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    Fake News
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    Some said he had a late graduation and that was the reason for his hold
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    Former 2017 4-star LB Levi Jones from Austin (brother of Cayleb and son of former NFL LB Robert Jones) was dismissed from the team by USC. I think he played at Westlake while Cayleb played at Austin High.

    Cayleb, now with Miss Vikings (I think), was himself arrested back in August
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    Texas Football: Two costly 2017 WR recruits the Longhorns missed on

    Interesting as I look back on our class. We got Damion Miller (Top 150), but he never came and enrolled at Navarro.

    When we look at our depth chart, we're missing junior WRs.

    When I first read the article, I thought it was just fluff about something from several years ago, but it's true that we're goose egg in junior WRs. i guess it is relevant.
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    Looking back .... pretty amazing

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    So stars matter? Where are the three stars that were “coached up”?
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    They may have been 2 or 3 stars, but the minute they signed with Saban, they became 4 stars.
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    He did mention Heisman trophy finalist Mac Jones.
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    So, as Charlie is leaving and Tom arriving, we get a 25th ranked class where some never show up. Alabama gets 8 first rounders plus more—fully stocking them from then to now. Then, we go on to lose probably 4 games just to the amazing catches and runs of Lamb and Reagor, who we miss on and who go to our rivals.

    We all kind of knew that was coming, but man it felt worse going through it than expected.
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    "**** stain" class turned out pretty good on a per capital basis.
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    Yeah, and those 4 losses *helped* culminate in Herman's removal. So in retrospect, probably worth it.

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