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    time to get this started with the 2016s likely to commit in Nov.

    Didi Richards, previous Texas commit, still has the Horns on her list along with UConn, LSU, OU, Norte Dame and Louisville.


    can't argue with the players she's a fan of:
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    Based on the current roster and future openings, how many scholarships would be available for the 2017 class? We have 2 commits in the 16 class (Sutton and Underwood) along with 2 in the 18 class (Prince and Routt). Considering Coach Aston is still looking at another possible 2015 and the 2016s we're still after, could the numbers become a real issue?
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    2017 is a ways off so obviously a lot can change based on injuries, transfers etc. But looking at current roster only we would have three scholarships available.
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    Prospects Nation expands their 2017 top players list to 60


    Nine of the 60 are from Texas, including the top two PGs and five overall.

    Nat’l rank—Position rank—Position—Name

    3 1 PG Alexis Morris Texas 5' 6"

    4 2 PG Chasity Patterson Texas 5' 5"

    6 2 P Jade Williams Texas 6' 3"

    7 2 W Deauzya Richards Texas 6' 2"

    24 6 W Lexi Gordon Texas 6' 0"

    26 8 PG Kiana Williams Texas 5' 5"

    32 11 PG Chennedy Carter Texas 5' 8"

    37 8 F Kayla Owens Texas 6' 2"

    44 13 PG Gabbi Connally Texas 5' 6"
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    Isn't 6'1 F Vivian Gray of Argyle in the 2017 class? She put on quite a show at the state tourney in March. So much talent in the state of Texas these days.
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    Lots of talented PGs in the state for 2017; but, with Brooke being a senior and Alecia a sophomore, I doubt we take a pure PG unless they really want to come to Texas as minutes might not be available their freshman season.

    But, Jade Williams, Didi Richards, Lexi Gordon, Kayla Owens and Vivian Gray are most likely high on our coaches' wishlist.
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    I'm hearing Didi Richards and Texas have a home visit set up.
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    Bret McCormick

    People are starting to figure out that Lexi Gordon 6-0 3/4 2017 TX is LEGIT.Has improved more in 1 year than any player I have ever seen.
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    Anyone think ND over did it with the mail? Geeze
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    wow, that's a busy 12 days! Wonder how Utah sneaked in there?
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    Utah just had a home visit with pg Jo'Nah Johnson. Utah has had some success in the past. It is now in the PAC 12 and has a first year head coach.
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    Didi Richard’s Sept home visits: The article has some nice stuff on her. I like her career interest and what she is looking at in a school.


    September Visit schedule
    8th – Unofficial to Baylor
    10th – Louisville visiting school
    14th – Texas visiting school
    16th – Oklahoma State visiting school
    17th – Tennessee visiting school
    21st – Notre Dame visiting school
    22nd – Ohio State visiting school
    28th – Michigan visiting school
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    Found it very odd that Didi (or any recruit) would be taking an unofficial to a college the day after Labor Day. Just about every high school I know was back in session on Tuesday, September 8th. The 2016 PG recruit (Kysre) was also there with her (based on photo of the two with Mulkey); not sure if Kysre was there on her official visit, but don't think so.
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    Lauren Heard and Tatum Veitenheimer will be on campus today. I'm sure others will be in as well but I think next weekend is the big one.
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    Lauren makes a lot of sense because her big brother SHOULD be on the field a lot tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if there are several unofficial visits this weekend with KD, T.J., Tristan and others here for alumni weekend. Deja among them:
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    Awesome to hear. Glad they are going to make it. Wonder if Alecia Sutton will be making an unofficial visit with Lauren.

    Isn't it great to have those guys help out with WBB recruiting? :hookem2:
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    Alecia, Jada, and Joyner will be on their official visits next weekend, September 18th. So, I doubt Alecia will be here this weekend on an unofficial, especially since she is from Missouri.

    I get the feeling Sabrina Ionescu is also taking her official visit to Texas next weekend.

    Haven't seen anything about when Ciera Johnson will be visiting officially; think she has an official visit to Louisville in October, but that was the only one I had seen scheduled.
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    Alecia, Jada, Joyner, Sabrina and possibly Audrey-Ann would be a really nice 2016 class.
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    Lexi Gordon is at the football game with Sedona Prince. Brianna Taylor tweeted some pics. I don't know how you all copy the tweets with pictures to here. :/
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    Got you covered:

    Upper right: Brooke hamming it up.
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    More game day pics, this time from Theresa Nunn (Deja's mom):
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    looks like our visitors had a great time. :hookem:
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    Very good to see Sedona at the game!
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    For sure. And, in Texas gear.

    I feel better about re-gaining Sedona's commitment than I do Charli Collier's. While I'd love to re-gain both, would definitely settle for one as they are both Top 5 national recruits. Anything is possible, but if both are slotted to play Center in college, can't see them both signing with the same school in the end.
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    Texas coaches had their home visit with Didi today. Hoping they left a great impression. :hookem2:

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