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    Of course, come 2018-19, we'd have Jordan Hosey, Jada Underwood, and Shae Routt competing at small forward, most likely.
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    I hear you on sounding like sour grapes on Megan Walker. I certainly would have been happy to get her today. However, I did post a couple of weeks ago that "she sure seems to enjoy stringing people along." Some UConn posters got rather irritated with her for all the self focused drama she injected into the process. Of course a lot of great players are self centered, and she may play like the next Maya Moore. So onward we go. UConn got a couple of fabulous transfers from other teams who will sit out this year. With Walker and the rest of their 2017 class, they are going to be super loaded again.
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    I have no issues with how Megan conducted herself during the recruiting process. UConn fans were irritated because they are so accustomed to getting early verbals and not having to wait until NSD for a recruit to make their decision public. Compared to most recruits, she doesn't tweet much. She only took 3 official visits, where she could have easily taken all five allowed. She cut her list to 3 schools several months ago, and even cut loose local school Virginia as she knew she was not going to choose them.

    For the most part, Rellah Boothe kept a very low profile regarding her recruiting process. She doesn't tweet; and, didn't ever release a list of like 15 schools like many of the 2018 recruits are doing. But, in the end, as she didn't sign the first day of the early signing period, is her way of doing things all that different from Walker's?

    Those schools who were finalists for 2016 Sabrina Ionescu ended up waiting all the until summer when she enrolled at Oregon. Kind of glad she cut us after her official visit, but only based on the unusually long time it took for her to make a decision. But, she is entitled to all that time; so, the impatience is on the fans' end.

    As far as I'm concerned, the more attention these hoopsters get (from fans), the more the fans' expectations are going to increase as far as how the recruits should conduct themselves during the process. If you follow football recruiting, you know about the twists, turns, and drama, plus all the media attention the top recruits receive; no way will women's hoops ever reach that frenzy.
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    Like a couple of others, I have always really wanted Rellah more than Megan. Not based on solid data, just on some descriptions of their games, some short highlight tapes, and gut feel. I would have been thrilled with Megan, of course, but, the signs were leaning toward UConn the last 2 or 3 weeks. I didn't give much for our chances today. Really, I always thought she was having a sort of flirtation with us, but would go to UConn in the end, since she had visited there for years, sees herself as the best going to the best, and it's a lot closer to home.

    I admit, I am shocked that Westbrook chose Tennessee. I thought she would stay on the west coast, go to N.Dame, or possibly S. Carolina. The Vols have a great class and will give us very tough games, year in year out. My fingers are crossed for tomorrow, but this has been disappointment week, so I don't want to be too hopeful.
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    Your thoughts reflect mine on Rellah and Megan. I believe if Megan would have made her decision right after her three visits, she would have chosen Texas. I think she was developing a close relationship to Tina and the environment at Texas was more closely aligned with her personality. Karen Aston seems to embrace social media and allow her team to have fun with being expressive, fun and goofy at times. This type of culture helps Karen's team feel connected and like family.

    I'm guessing, after the glow of the visits wore off, Megan and her parents sat down and analyzed the three choices and UConn's reputation, proximity to her home and its consistency with winning championships made UConn the logical and safe choice. I think Texas was the school that was in her heart but not her head. I've learned this week, that it's a bitter sweet pill to have finished second.

    I too will have to guard my hopes about Rellah. I believe Texas is the only team on her list that has been a constant. I admire how hard Karen and her team have been working at recruiting these girls. Hopefully it will pay off this morning. I'm thrilled at getting Chasity's commitment. IMO, she will be a PG with the type of game that we haven't had on the 40 acres.
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    And mine also... While I really wanted us to be win the "battle for the #1 ranked recruit" over UConn and ND, it was just that. It's Boothe who's size, strength, and SKILLS that I've coveted the most. Think Nekia Jones in a taller, fitter body. I'll be disappointed if she doesn't choose us, but will wish her well regardless.
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    Any mention of Nekia Jones is a Like for me. Have not had the pleasure to see Rellah play. I don't know how well she would meld with the team from a chemistry standpoint, but if the coaches are excited about her, which they are, I'm excited. Fingers crossed.
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    Sooooo Coooool!!! A BIG Texas welcome, Rellah.

    #3 and #4. Nice job, Texas!
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    Great news!! Welcome, Rellah!! So our 2017 class has the #s 3 & 4 ranked players. Great job, coaches! :bow::hookem3:
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    Hell Hook 'Em Yeah!!! :yippee:
    This is HUGE for our program!
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    She's NO JOKE!

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    Welcome to Texas, Rellah!!
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    Welcome to the Longhorn Family, Rellah!
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    Welcome to Texas
    I can't wait to see her and J.Homes on the floor at the same time.
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    Looks like she may have that needed cockiness and mean streak. I like her already. Every team needs one.
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    I think she'll be a great addition. Very strong physically, just like Joyner. On the floor together, they will be tough for opponents to match up with.
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    Welcome to Texas, Rellah! :hookem2:
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    Texas WBB is going to be so fast, strong and athletic for the next 3+ years. I'm so excited about the future, I can hardly concentrate on this year's amazing team. And, Texas Volleyball just signed a phenomenal class. Great time to be a fan of UT Athletics!
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    Moooo and others...what do you think Kenny's tweet means, "it will be interesting to see how her commitment impacts other players"?
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    Same here and I have been TOTALLY STOKED about this season! :bounce2:

    I don't care what Prospects Nation says... WE have the #1 class.
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    Not sure what that means; just about all the top 2017 recruits have signed already. I'd assume we are done for the 2017 class. I think Coach A has been fortunate with incoming transfers, so she might leave that last scholarship open. We could even accept a December transfer, and that player would be eligible in mid-December 2017.

    As for Rellah, most list her at 6'1 or 6'2; in the TexasSports writeup, she's listed at 6'3. For us, depending on what position the coaches feel she fits best, it could determine who they continue to pursue for 2018.
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    Have to wonder if Kalina is talking about 2018 players because I also think that we are done for 2017.

    But it sure is good to get the #1 PG & F in this class. Small in numbers but powerful in talent. :thumbup:
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