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    IMO there's not a better player than Boothe in 2017, regardless of position. I've said this all along. THRILLED to have her!
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    Since we only have a two player class, we certainly could make the case for the #1 class. It's only because other schools have a larger class size that they are ranked higher than us. I'm impressed with Tennessee's class. It would be great for WBB if the Vols made their way back to prominence.
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    Since we only have a two player class, we certainly could make the case for the #1 class. It's only because other schools have a larger class size that they are ranked higher than us. I'm impressed with Tennessee's class. It would be great for WBB if the Vols made their way back to prominence.[/QUOTE]

    Agree on all the above!
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    Here's another recruiting service's rankings:


    Honestly, every service goes about things differently. Some use quantity over quality, so a two-player class wouldn't be ranked as high. Some use an average rating of the individual players, so that is all about quality and not numbers. Some even count transfers.

    Regardless, the rankings are just subjective. It's all about how the players from different classes mesh and complete a team's roster. I have no doubt that Chasity and Rellah have skills that will allow them to compete for minutes/starting spots and contribute as freshmen.
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    So true. The subjective nature of rankings make them fun, but truly imprecise. Kind of like evaluating how a HS player will manage the transition to college life and play.

    Mooo, I know you were zeroing in on the freshmen, but everyone will love the play of Jatarie next year also. I did an analysis of her stats in another thread (on a per minute basis), and arrived at a completely inaccurate conclusion of what she would bring to the table, essentially comparing her to Kelsey. Her play in practice has really opened eyes; she will be hard to keep off the floor. It will be a battle next season between her and Audrey, and both could play a lot together.
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    Lifetime Longhorn and Newest Longhorn:

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    Another video of Rellah:

    I said in another thread that Joyner was kind of like a combination of Nneka Enemkpali and Tiffany Jackson. Rellah is cut from the same cloth as far as physical strength; not sure who she reminds of skill-wise; will have to think about that for a while.
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    Some of her moves and passes are reminiscent of Nekia Jones to me... but in a taller, fitter body.
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    I think Rellah's play on the two highlight tapes I have seen looks simply fantastic. She and Holmes together --- my goodness!
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    If she's actually 6' 3" as stated in the press release, having her and Joyner on the floor playing the forward positions, the only team that comes to mind with 2 players with such athleticism and size would be Stanford when they had the Ogwumike sisters.
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    Just taking 15 seconds to think of what could've been with Meg in this class.....would've all but assured at least 1 national title. That would have been a Marissa Coleman, Kristi Toliver, Crystal Langhorne type class......

    Now time to focus on what is! Texas WBB is back, and I look forward to what coach Aston is able to do with this vast array of talent she has put together.
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    Duncanville got back at Mansfield Timberview yesterday. Earlier in the week Timberview won by 3 with Chennedy Carter going for 40. Yesterday Duncanville ran out to a big first period lead and won by 15. Carter had 23 with Z. Green having 24 for Duncanville. Carter to announce on Monday. My guess is A&M based on nothing.
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    2017-18 Roster will have the following HS All-Americans:

    If I'm not mistaken, all but McCarty were ranked among the top ten recruits in their respective classes.
  14. DFW_Horn

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    Right about McCarty, was 29th. Hosey was ranked in the lower half of the Top 10 most of her senior season but fell from #8 to #16 in the final ESPN rankings - like Brooke, still a McDAA.
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    Breakdown by school of ESPN Top 5:
    UCONN - 1
    Tennessee - 1
    Texas - 2
    The one uncommitted, Sidney Cooks had UT in her final 15 but cut the Horns when she went to 10. She is expected to decide between Michigan, Michigan St., Wisconsin, Purdue and (the only non-Big 10 school) UCLA. If I were a betting man, I'd say Michigan.
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    I love our high octane class of 2. Coach Karen & Co. are relentless recruiters. It will be interesting to watch their recruiting strategy going forward and how they try to fill the holes.
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    I'm definitely not one to start predicting national championships based on subjective recruiting rankings. Injuries and how well other teams are recruiting play a big factor.

    Based on individual rankings, and the depth at their positions, at least one of Hosey and Higgs should have won a starting job last season; but, they couldn't beat out Celina and Brianna. Lashann had a few great games, but she couldn't get on the floor enough. Hosey didn't show the assertiveness that is needed to start for a Top 10 program. Not all freshmen are going to come in and be difference-makers early on, no matter if they were named McDonald's All-Americans.

    What we will need each season going forward is for the young players to perform on the court when called upon. Ariel and Brooke definitely did so their first year; too bad about Atkins' injuries as she would probably have averaged about 15 points her sophomore season if not for the setbacks healthwise.
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    Noticed Rellah had a #33 Texas Jersey on...last player to wear that was FOY and one of the best ever here, Tiffany Jackson (Jones)....Wow, hoping she'll be as good if not better!!
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  19. brnkj

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    Rellah definitely brings that workhorse mentality and swagger that we need.
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    Any teams outside of UConn are irrelevant to ESPN. They are one of Geno's best recruiting tools.
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    Chennedy Carter commits to A&M. As much as I dislike A&M, they got a good one in Carter.

  24. DFW_Horn

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    Also, Texas should finish in the Top 10. The highest rated 2 player class currently is Cal at #12 with the 21st and 43rd ranked players. As mentioned, UT got #3 and #4 so they should rocket up the board when it is updated.
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    I saw the tweet in a positive light (optimistic!) as to the impact it could have on other players who might want to play at Texas with Rellah!

    Kudos to Coach A and staff on these huge gets. #HookEm
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    I was close but would have lost the bet, Cooks chose Michigan State:

    "It came down to Michigan or Michigan State," Cooks said. "This was tough for me to decide."
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    Chasity went off against Pearland with 41 points:

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    Great googily moogily...

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