2018-2019 Non Conference Schedule

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, May 30, 2018.

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    Full schedule hasn’t been released that I could find but this gives a few that seem to be set:

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  2. DFW_Horn

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    I guess if I had read the tweet more closely...seems like a fairly ‘weak’ non conference slate depending on who’s playing in the Gulf Coast Showcase. Pretty salty group last year with reigning NC South Carolina and eventual NC Notre Dame in the tournament along with St John’s, Western Michigan, Rutgers, USF, Washington St and ETSU.

    Sunday, Oct. 28 - vs. West Texas A&M (Exh.) - Frank Erwin Center (29-5, 16-4 Lone Star Conference, NCAA Regional Finals)
    Thursday, Nov. 8 - vs. Duquesne - Frank Erwin Center (25-8, 13-3 A-10, WNIT Third Round)

    Monday, Nov. 12 - at North Texas - Denton, Texas (17-14, 6-10 C-USA)
    Thursday, Nov. 15 - vs. McNeese State - Frank Erwin Center (12-18, 8-10 Southland)
    Friday-Sunday, November 23-25 - at Gulf Coast Showcase - Estero, Fla.
    Wednesday, Nov. 28 - vs. UTSA - Frank Erwin Center (9-21, 6-10 C-USA)
    Sunday, December 2 - vs. Mississippi State - Frank Erwin Center (37-2, 16-0 SEC, NCAA Runner-Up)
    Sunday, December 9 - vs. Tennessee - Frank Erwin Center (25-8, 11-5 SEC, NCAA Second Round)
    Sunday, December 16 - vs. Stetson - Frank Erwin Center (17-15, 8-6 Atlantic Sun, CBI First Round)

    Thursday, December 20 - at UT Rio Grande Valley - Edinburg, Texas (14-16, 4-10 WAC)
    Saturday, December 29 - vs. Northwestern State - Frank Erwin Center (7-22, 2-16 Southland)
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  3. Moooooo

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    Have to say I'm very disappointed once again with the non-conference schedule.

    Too many teams with losing records last season, and we are playing them again? Does nothing but hurt our SOS/RPI. Game at North Texas is fine; but, we already play at TCU each season. Would rather play a game in the Houston area for recruiting purposes.

    No offense to UTRGV, but playing down in Edinburgh provides no value, IMO.

    I guess there is no SEC/Big 12 challenge this season?

    Disappointed we play no teams from the PAC or ACC, who have had very high conference RPIs the last few seasons.

    And, as posters have mentioned ways to increase home attendance, scheduling only MSU and Tennessee just isn't enough.
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  4. overseasbbfan1

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    We could play up to three games in the showcase, if we make the final. If we do play three, two are likely to be vs. strong competition. That'll be one of those tough stretches, with a couple of big games in the showcase, then MSU and the Vols (with only the UTSA contest in between). IMO we need those three early games to get our feet wet, so to speak, before we hit that slate of bigger contests.
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  5. DFW_Horn

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  6. Moooooo

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    Baylor got a lot of slack for a very weak schedule last year that included UCLA and Stanford. Very similar to our schedule this coming season (even though we don't know the opponents in the Florida tourney yet). They also had Kentucky, which ended up being very weak.
  7. utfannforlife

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    The staff has consistently done a great job re: scheduling and I know they are expecting some of these teams to be much improved vs last year. Expect this non-conf schedule to contain multiple conf champions and at least 3-5 NCAA teams when its all said and done.

    Also knowing that some KEY contributors to this team will be frosh, it is designed to bring them along gradually. It allows them to be exposed to what will be great environments (UTRGV, UNT) those places will probably be able to draw really large crowds.
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  8. overseasbbfan1

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    I agree. I think the schedule works perfectly with so many new folks on the roster, and some returnees who will be asked to play much larger roles this season. We have a lot of talent, but there is always an adjustment when you lose your top players to graduation, and then add six newcomers into the mix all at once. We have that handful of early contests to get our newcomers game time experience, then a slate of tough contests in succession, followed by some games afterwards to work on any issues that came to light in those bigger matchups. And everything with an eye towards being ready for another brutal season of Big 12 play!
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  9. brnkj

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    Hopefully the six newcomers will be able to contribute... looking forward to seeing them all in action.
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  10. Moooooo

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    Different strokes for different folks.

    While we do have several newcomers, the only one I expect to start will be senior, Danni Williams. So, starting lineup will be all upperclassmen: Jatarie (sr.), Joyner, (jr.), Danni (sr.), Lashann (sr.), and Alecia (jr.). So, definitely not young or inexperienced.

    IMO, if we want to increase home attendance, and be looked upon as a Top 10 program, we need to schedule like one. More important than that is how SOS will affect our RPI come seeding time. We all laughed when it cost Baylor a #1 seed. Part of that was a weaker Big 12 as OSU and WVU were borderline Top 50. I think WVU will be stronger than last season, but OSU will be weaker. When you expect your conference to be weaker (like UConn does), you need to make up for it by scheduling tougher in non-conference, and they do that in spades; our volleyball team learned that the hard way last season (since they overestimated the strength of the Big 12). This year, Coach Elliott scheduled very tough for non-conference.
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  11. Hornzupp

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    Yup. Agree. I say toughen up the newbs with some real competition. Weak non conference schedule. Weak conference. Neither prepares us for post season. Disappointing.
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  12. kurupt

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    The newbies wouldn’t get any playing time with real competition. And I would have to listen to people complaining about the freshmen not getting any playing time like they did this year.
  13. HornView

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    I agree. It’s about a whole lot more than just the starters.
  14. UTSUgrad

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    We can overcome any scheduling weakness by winning the Big12 and/or the post-cof tournament! Hook'em!
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  15. Moooooo

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    Last year, our marquee non-conference games were UConn, Tennessee, Florida State, Georgia, and LSU.

    This season we have Miss. State and Tennessee. Huge discrepancy.

    I was hoping Baylor's extremely weak non-conference schedule last year, and OU's extremely strong non-conference schedule would be guides as to how to fall somewhere in the middle when trying to devise our non-conference schedule for the upcoming season. I guess not.
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  16. DFW_Horn

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    I’m going to reserve final judgment until I see who the other GCS participants are. If they are in the same ballpark as last year, then not bad. Obviously ND and SC were the headliners last year but USF was in the Top 25 for most of the season (IIRC) and WMU made some noise in the tourney.
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  17. BabHorn

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    It's Edinburg, not Edinburgh. While I am extremely surprised that Texas is playing down there, I am very happy that I will be able to attend that game as I will down there that time of year.

    I do wonder what the reasoning behind this game was. Lane Lord was hired recently as the new HC and I couldn't find anyone else listed as an assistant coach. The previous coach was Larry Tidwell who left for a job at Tx Tech.

    Hey, maybe the team just wants to spend a couple of days at Padre Island. :smile1:

    I believe that Miss. State is our Big 12/SEC matchup.
  18. BabHorn

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    UTRGV plays in an arena that sits around 2,500. Not exactly a huge crowd. It's actually looks smaller than when I went there. But it looks nicer!
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  19. Moooooo

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    I know none of us have any influence on the non-conference schedule, but if I did:

    - schedule a game in the city of Houston every season; my preference would be a double-header at Toyota Center with the men like we did Karen's first season where we played UCLA

    - play a game in California at least every other year; lots of talent out there, and we are recruiting kids from out there, and have Destiny Littleton; would be a nice homecoming for her if we played in San Diego, or even LA

    - Play a couple of teams from the ACC and PAC every year as they had the best conference RPIs last season; I expect that to be the case again. Glad we played FSU last season; was hoping the series would continue. Thought maybe we'd schedule a game in North Carolina as a homecoming for Jatarie, but I guess not.

    - Avoid playing teams with such bad records from the prior year; they aren't gonna make a complete turnaround the next season. If I understand some of how RPI/SOS works, us playing Tennessee and Miss. State is tremendous, but it is offset if we play two teams with RPIs in the 300's.

    - Teams I'd like to see us try and schedule who aren't necessarily Top 25 programs, but definitely solid programs and better competition than just about every one of our upcoming non-conference opponents (other than UTK and MSU): DePaul, Marquette, Wichita State, Cal, Colorado, Colorado State, New Mexico, Rice, Houston
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  20. DFW_Horn

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    A game with Rice in Houston would be great this season or next - especially with the current Owls roster: Nancy Mulkey, the 2 younger Ogwumikes. A few of our underclassmen played on the same club teams. A Mulkey-Sedona matchup would be something to see even though I think Sedona would win that matchup the majority of the time. Plus the added bonus of pulling in Houston recruits and the large family/friend contingent for Jordan, Chaz, Charli and Joanne.
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  21. LutherIsMyDog

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    All good points. I would add if we are going to continue to recruit in Michigan, Ohio and other areas of the NE, then we could add a game with a team in the Big 10. It would be fun to travel to a game with Ohio State, Michigan/Michigan State, Maryland or Rutgers.
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  22. Moooooo

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    Prior to the last couple of seasons, I had always thought it would be great to schedule a series/games with a B1G school. But, as a whole, they are below the ACC, PAC, SEC, and Big 12 when it comes to conference RPI. Maryland and Ohio State have done a terrible job scheduling in non-conference; and, that seems to be the case with a lot of their schools. Hoping the Big 12 schools aren't heading in that same direction.

    The more I think about it, the more surprised I am that Coach A didn't schedule any kind of homecoming game for Jatarie in North Carolina. And, only one year left to do it for Sutton in Missouri. Coach Elliott has done that a lot for many of his out of state volleyball players, and I think it's a great gesture and recruiting tool.
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  23. Moooooo

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    Maybe our game against MSU on 12/02 is part of the Big 12 / SEC challenge.

    Here is Kansas State's non-conference schedule:


    Nov 02 Fort Hays State Exhibition
    Nov 05 Pittsburg State Exhibition
    Nov 12 Omaha
    Nov 16 North Texas
    Nov 18 UMKC
    Nov 22 Syracuse @ Cancun Challenge in Cancun, Mexico
    Nov 23 DePaul @ Cancun Challenge in Cancun, Mexico
    Nov 24 Princeton @ Cancun Challenge in Cancun, Mexico
    Dec 02 Vanderbilt BIG 12 / SEC Challenge
    Dec 05 Lamar
    Dec 08 @ UA Little Rock
    Dec 16 Arizona State in La Crosse WI
    Dec 20 Central Arkansas
    Dec 29 UNorthern Iowa
  24. BabHorn

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    Who's going?
  25. Moooooo

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    Possible Opponents

    Ball State, Duke, Fordham, Michigan, Missouri, Quinnipiac & Washington

    Getting Duke would greatly help our SOS; and, even better I we also get one of Mizzou out of the SEC or Michigan out of B1G. But, we most likely get one of those 3 opponents and one from the other lesser names.
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  26. JoeDallas

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    Compared to last year's Gulf Coast Tourney, this is a weak group, isn't it, Moooooo? I agree with you all the way up and down this thread. I don't know much about how RPI affects seeding. Year before last, we got a lot of respect for our tough schedule. Baylor was almost ridiculed for theirs last year. And they turned out not to be very tournament tough in the playoffs. Our schedule looks just as weak as theirs last year.
  27. Moooooo

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    Well, Joe, last year's showcase had defending national champion, South Carolina, and Notre Dame (who ended up being the 2018 national champion). That definitely gives it the appearance of being tough.

    I did not realize this "showcase" was actually a tournament. I was thinking it was like our Vegas appearance last season where we were assigned two opponents, and that was it.

    Last year's Gulf Coast Showcase involved 3 games in 3 days for each participating team, and you either advance in a winners' bracket or a consolation bracket.


    So, I'd assume Texas, Duke, Mizzou, and Michigan won't play each other the first round on Friday. But, if we win our first round game, then we could potentially play one of those teams in the semi-finals on Saturday. And, regardless of a semi-final win, we'd still play one of those teams on Sunday. If that's how it set up, that makes me very happy.
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  28. DFW_Horn

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    Baylor beefed up their 2018-2019 non-conference significantly (on paper) with 6 NCAA tournament teams: Arizona State, South Carolina, Stanford, UCONN and a few mid-majors. I was going to voice my extreme displeasure with the Longhorns‘ scheduling but, after comparing the schedules below, have to agree with @Moooooo : if things fall Texas’ way in Florida, it might not be that terrible.

    In the ESPN way too early Top 25, here’s a comparison of Power 5 (potential) opponents.

    Texas (#10)
    Mississippi State - 8
    Tennessee - 9
    Missouri - 11
    Duke - 20
    Michigan - NR

    Baylor (#3)
    UCONN - 4 (I know - not a Power 5)
    Stanford - 6
    South Carolina - 15
    Arizona State - 24

    UTRGV’s Coach is either a masochist or the program really needs cash - playing both Texas and Baylor this year.
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    Fort Worth.

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