2018 Big 12 Commitments

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    I got to wondering how and who the other Big 12 schools are recruiting since Texas will be facing those players beginning in 2018.

    I didn't know that Shae is now in Houston. Thought she (and her mom) were still in Austin.

    Looks like at least half the teams are getting some height in the post and in the wings.

    NaLyssa Smith, 6-3 F, East Central HS (Converse, TX)
    Caitlin Bickle, 6-1 W, Cactus Shadows HS (Scottsdale, AZ)

    Ashley Joens, 5-9 G, Iowa City H.S. (Iowa City, Iowa)
    Maddie Frederick,6-0 G, Hamilton H.S. (Chandler, AZ)


    Kansas State
    Christianna Carr, 6-0 G, Manhattan H.S. (Manhattan, KS)
    Ayoka Lee, 6-5 P, Byron H.S. (Byron, MN)

    Madison Williams, 5-10 W, Trinity Valley School (Fort Worth, TX)
    Taylor Robertson, 5-7 PG, McPherson H.S. (McPherson, KS)
    Tatum Veitenheimer, 5-7 PG, Windthorst H.S. (Windhorst, TX)
    Nydia Lampkin, 6-3 PF, Heritage H. S. (Palm Bay, FL)

    Oklahoma State
    Kassidy DeLapp, 6-3 F, Oak Ridge H.S. (El Dorado Hills, CA)
    Jamee Asberry, 5-5 PG, East Central H.S. (Tulsa, OK)

    Ryann Payne, 5-7 G, Sierra Canyon School (Chatswoth, CA)
    Rebekah "Becky" Obinma, 6-2 C, Rosary Academy (Fullerton, CA}

    Sedona Prince, 6-7 P, Liberty Hill High (Liberty Hill, TX)
    Joanne Allen-Taylor, 5-8 G, Cypress Falls H.S. (Houston, TX)
    Shae Routt, 6-0 W, Kempner H.S. (Houston, TX)
    Audrey Warren, 5-9 PG, Springfield Catholic H.S. (Springfield, MO)

    Texas Tech
    Chrislyn Carr, 5-5 PG, Rock Island H.S. (Rock Island, IL)
    Taylor Hosendove, 6-1 W, Westlake H.S. (College Park, GA)

    West Virginia
    Rochelle Norris, 6-4 P, Riverdale Baptist H.S. (Upper Marlboro, MD)
    Kari Niblack, 6-1 F, Wildwood H.S. (Wildwood, FL)
    Madisen Smith, 5-5 PG, Greenville Senior H.S. (Greenville, SC)
    Jala Jordan, 6-1 W, IMG Acad. (FL)
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    ESPN's information on Shae is really old. It looks like she has transferred from Reagan to Akins though (Erica is listed as the head coach on their website).
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    On the Baylor message boards, a couple of their posters seem to think they have two more commitments coming from the group of Scott-Grayson, Acosta, Egbo and Taylor Chavis. Not sure if that info is reliable but that's some of the chatter.
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    Let's hope they are as delusional about this as they are about what was allowed to happen on that campus for years (Briles) as well as their academic reputation ("Harvard on the Brazos").
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    Googled the current rosters for Reagan and Akins. Reagan does not have their roster up and Akins has only a partial roster. Neither has Shae listed. It may be too early for that. I will keep looking.
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    Assumption on my part about Shae - her mother is coaching there and Shae's Twitter profile says 'Akins High School'.
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    OU gets a much needed Post.
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    TCU heading to California for players. Frogs have two verbals for 2018, both from the Golden State.
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    WVU picks up fourth verbal for 2018.

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