2018 Fall Ball ?

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by sbmcruise, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Does anybody know when this will be? Started 10/29 last year.

    The NCAA adopted legislation to allow two fall exhibitions, beginning this fall, that don’t count against your 56-game spring schedule. Previously, you were allowed to play games in the fall, but they counted against your 56-game slate. There will be no mileage limit on the exhibition games, though rules regarding missed class time will remain in place.
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    Baseball fall schedule was announced in AAS Hookem.com . Look here.
    What is interestingly new is that there are two games scheduled with junior colleges. One is a 14 inning game on Oct.14 with McLennan jc and an 18 inning game with San Jac jc on Oct.28 .
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    Can't find final game info anywhere, official Longhorn sports website, Statesman, nothing.

    Saw part of the exhibition on LHB yesterday at 10th inning (14 inning scheduled game), Horns down 7-4? Something like that.

    Just curious, meaningless game, but tryin' to follow my Horns!!
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    This is a 1-minute highlight video on youtube made by Keith Moreland (et al.) that does not really give the final score.

    Sounds like the horn pitching started out cold and allowed a big lead by McLennan. Horns climbed back in to take a 1-run lead with extra base hits. The lead was lost and then the Horns came back again to win by one run (probably something like 12-11). Reading in-between the lines -- Pierce probably threw out a number of pitchers to take a look at what he had for their first action.

    The video is worth watching, if not just to see an incredible throw by David Hamilton from shallow center field to the plate to throw out a runner.
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  5. blonthang

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    Thanks, had seen the Hamilton play somewhere else.

    Yawn. (I mean that sarcastically, seeing such great plays by Hamilton are almost routine now)

    I hope Pierce can continue to help this young man develop even further. Going to need a new superstar year from someone following Clemens' at bats last year.

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