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    jk Thanks for the great info you and Godz pass along to us! It is greatly appreciated!
    Now get started on 2018 jk :fiestanana:
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    Hey, maybe there will be a bunch of Baylor players released from their scholarships we can sort through in the 2018 class.
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    2018 TE
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    we might land this guy

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    Not in love with this

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    thought it was total click bait. easy talk journalism.

    we knew the class was going to be smaller. our star avg was Top 15. just not informed or honest.

    we did whiff on a few big dawgs late in the process. that is true. they were misses. and fans were disappointed because we're used to mack and charlie making us feel good on signing day.

    but overall, it's a pretty good class as "*" go.
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    A lot of DB and WR
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    DBs and WRs may generally be the most athletic players on the field.
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    UPCOMING VISITS- subj to change
    Check out the yuge list for junior day

    DB D'Shawn Jamison, Lamar

    QB Tanner Mordecai, Waco Midway
    QB Chance Amie, Tyler
    QB Casey Thompson, Moore (OK)
    QB Justin Rogers, Bossier City (LA)
    OT Trey Stratford, Allen
    OT Rafiti Ghirmai, Frisco Wakeland (watched his film finally -- take)
    OL Barton Clement, Fort Bend Marshall
    OL Chasen Hines, Marshall
    OL Reese Moore, Seminole (maybe)
    RB Keaontay Ingram, Carthage (maybe)
    WR Kalon Barnes, Silsbee
    WR Al'Vonte Woodard, Lamar
    WR Jalen Preston, Manvel
    WR Erick Ezukanma, Keller Timber Creek
    WR Brennan Eagles, Alief Taylor
    WR Josh Moore, IMG
    WR Jalen Waddle, Episcopal
    WR Jonathan Shepherd, Kilgore
    WR Tommy Bush, Schertz Clemens (offer watch)
    WR Terrace Marshall, Bossier City (LA)
    WR Miles Battle, Cy Creek
    WR Ja'Kori Morgan, Clear Lake
    TE Malcolm Epps, Dekaney (maybe)
    TE Mustapha Muhammad, Ridge Point
    TE Bralen Taylor, Cuero
    DT Keondre Coburn, Westfield
    DT Josh Landry, Lamar
    DT Shabazz Dotson, Cedar Hill
    DT Moro Ojomo, Katy
    DT Jordan Redmond, Osceola (FL)
    DE Miles Emery, Overland Park (KS)
    DE Max Wright, Katy Taylor
    DE Taylor Upshaw, Bradenton (FL)
    DE/LB Juan Henry, Cibolo Steele
    DE Jarrell Cherry, Dallas Carter (maybe)
    LB Tahj Brown, Donaldsville (LA)
    DB Leon O'Neal, Cy Springs
    DB Dayven Coleman, West Mesquite (maybe)
    DB Demarvion Overshown, Arp
    DB BJ Foster, Angleton
    DB Atanza Vongor, South Grand Prairie
    DB Jordan Moore, Yoakum - A&M (maybe)
    DB Isaiah Humphries, Sachse
    CB Anthony Cook, Lamar
    CB D'Shawn Jamison, Lamar
    CB Patrick Fields, Tulsa Union
    ATH Taye Barber, Cy Springs
    ATH Justin Walkins, Vangaurd (Ocala, Fl.)
    ATH Ta'Zhawn Henry, Lamar

    QB Roschon Johnson, Port Neches-Grove
    QB Grant Gunnell, Houston St. Pius X (maybe)
    OL Kenyon Green, Atascocita - LSU
    WR Arjei Henderson, Fort Bend Travis
    WR Theo Wease, Allen (maybe)
    WR Jordan Whittington, Cuero
    DE Patrick Bayouth, Episcopal
    DB Brannon Webb, Aledo

    OL Kaitori Leveston, Waco Midway
    OL Hakeem White, Waco Midway
    ATH Jaquayln Crawford, Rockdale
    CB Gemon Green, Desoto
    CB German Green, Desoto
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    an example of Herman's new graphics guy at work
    lots of these out there

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    That first highlight...........:yes:
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    Huge weekend for recruiting
    Lots of big fish in our little pond
    Herman has put together an enviable list of junior visitors
    As long as we win this season, we should have a great 2017 class
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    Winning does cure a lot of warts!
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    We do have a decent product to sell

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    I have been impressed with the social media hire we took from Bama. Everything I see he does is impressive!
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    Agree, he is very creative. One of Herman's better ideas
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    Some takeaways on the weekend from Hookem365

    5 Biggest Takeaways from this weekend:
    1. The Facilities are getting a facelift very very soon. I had more than a few prospects tell me that not only were they shown the designs for the renovations but that once done, they will be among the best in the country. Jonathon Shepard told me that " Texas is fixing to undergo a HUGE renovation so it should be a competitor as soon as they get that done" also that while they show'd them the future " they were very realistic during this junior day they told us that they didn't want to fluff up anything they wanted it to be like a real feeling as if we have been there the whole time".

    2. Top prospects are listening. Most kids I've talked to coming out of Jr. Day listed Texas in the Top three after this weekend.They not only showed off the history of the University but where it's going. And one DL Otito Ogbonnia thinks that the prospects are buying in "Coach Herman was always talking about he revolution and with that I like how they were going to do a lot of renovation and really revolutionize how it's been over the years. With what he has planned they will surely win some games and have a top 5 recruiting class. I think everyone there yesterday were really starting to buy in to what he was saying, which will lead to some top commitments."

    3.Tom Herman wants the current team involved with the recruiting process. Not only did players on the team host prospects like usual but were also at the Jr.Day itself tweeting and taking photos with the recruits to make them feel like they are part of the team already.

    4.I've been told several times that what stood out the most wasn't the renovations or the football talk but the amount of time the coaches took talking to them about their families and what they want out of life. We all loved coach Strong for wanting to help the players lives and it doesn't feel like Coach Herman will be much of a drop off in that regard.

    5. This isn't a rebuild but truly a revolution. I get the sense that Tom doesn't think this has to be a slow year or a rebuild "learning" season. He feels like he can win now and has put all his chips on the table.

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