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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Thanks DFW Horn, I totally got my years mixed up thinking only Kelsey, Brianna, and one more open spot was available.
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    Not sure what our most glaring needs are with those 2 remaining 'ships for the 2018 class. The most highly ranked uncommitted in-state players who we appear to have offered would be Na'Lyssa Smith, Tatum Veitenheimer, and Queen Egbo. I would take any of those 2 and be thrilled, but doubt Smith and Egbo end up at the same school.

    One thing we are still lacking on the roster are pure shooters. We have scorers and slashers, but no pure shooters from the perimeter. If Tatum can help in that area, would love it if she joined the program. Not sure we are recruiting any snipers from three point range, but that would really help against zone defenses.
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    right now, our most effective 3pt shooters have one more year left after this season. Either someone on the team needs to step up hitting the 3 consistently or the staff finds someone like Amber Ramirez to come in . I still would love to see Tatum fill one of those two last slots, though. Pretty much everything I can find seems to indicate she has a pretty good 3pt shot.
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    Speaking of Ramirez, what happened with her? I can not find anything on the TCU site (assume she is injured, but no word.)

    I was interested in how her low-release, but accurate 3-pt shot would translate to college. Her stats are OK for a freshman and she logged a lot of minutes before she disappeared.
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    she got hurt in the A&M game or just after in practice (leg injury). She has missed several games but was shooting in the warmups during Sat's game although she did not play against Texas.
    Yeah, her stats are ok. :smile1:
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    Her 51% on 3-pt shots is certainly the headline. The best way to neutralize a good outside shooter is to not let her take them and that's easier to accomplish against low-release mechanics. Force her to beat you in other ways if she can.

    But since we are wishing, I agree we could use a better 3-pt threat with a 2018 recruit. The Davenport commit is intriguing in that regard. Lolo has a nice all-around game, and I wonder if Karen sees her as a 3-pt answer at SG.
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    IIRC, Chasity shoots in the upper 30%s from beyond the arc - might see her being used a lot like Brooke was last year but with Sug at the point.
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    I agree with everyone -- we are really lacking in our 3 point game. Of course, Brooke is great, and Ariel not bad, either, but no one else even seems to want to take one. (I guess if you already know you're not going to make it...) At one point, Higgs was 2 for 2 on the year. Now I'm not sure you could get her to try one. I'd like to see us run something for the twins to try some three's, Khaleann now and Audrey-Anne when she gets back. This is one reason we never have any very high final scores. To me, we would ideally have more of a balance in our slash to the basket game and an outside game. Here's hoping for Chasity, Lolo, Rellah, Tatum if we can get her.
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    Sedona (and Tatum) selected to Adidas team competing in Italy:

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    Anybody know why Lolo Davenport (Plano HS) has not been showing up in the box scores recently? Injury? Sickness? In her absence, Jordyn Merritt, a sophomore who has a Texas offer, has been the high point scorer. I haven't seen Davenport play but plan to as the playoffs approach. Don't want to go and she not play.
  11. jusme828

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    Lolo was back tonight. Never read anything about why she missed games. Jordyn Merritt had some awesome stats too!!

  12. flash34

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    Good lines. And I was wrong as Merritt is a freshman.....not a sophomore as I thought. Plano may make a deep run in the playoffs as they are getting better as their young guns Davenport and Merritt figure it all out. For sure I need to drive the 5 miles to see them play soon. I hope Merritt and Davenport are besties and we can get both on the 40 Acres!
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