2018 Transfer Season

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    I don't believe Texas would have put out an official release if Shae had not signed a scholarship offer LOI.

    Not many times have we had 15 scholarship players on the roster. Coach G preferred a much smaller roster, and I did not agree with that philosophy as injuries really took their toll while she was here.
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    She was signing something on that table with coaches and Mom watching!
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    Baylor's roster was:

    2 Seniors: Brown, Jackson
    3 Juniors: Cox, Landrum, Chou
    4 Sophs: Ursin, Richards, Oliver, Morris
    5 Fresh: Smith, DeCosta, Bickle, Egbo, Scott-Grayson

    2019 committed: Jordyn Oliver

    So, for 2019 they would have 3 more slots if no further attrition. There could be one or two more departures at Baylor based on recent posts.
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    The irony of this is that the transfer rule is supposed to be allowed if you go to a school that offers a graduate program your original school does not.

    I know, a laugher.

    And to see that she's working on a masters in sport management at UT when it's obvious A&M offers it too.....just get rid of that stipulation NCAA. What a joke.

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    That was the original intent of the grad-transfer exception; but, I recall reading somewhere that the different major requirement is no longer in place.
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    I always assumed there were several loopholes in the grad-transfer provision. Maybe the original school only offers an undergrad degree in that program? Or the destination school can offer a grad specialization not offered at the original school - Sports Management with a focus on Finance for example. If @Moooooo is correct, I have no problem with doing away with it altogether - give the athletes that have obviously taken a serious academic course load additional options.
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    I always thought it was a shame we didn't honor Kahle as a "senior" at the end of the year. I mean, coursework-wise, she and the coaches should have known she could/would graduate. I guess they were lots of balls in the air? What Kahle wanted, if someone was going to transfer out or in, if we would sign another player to 2018?
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    Great to get this update on Diani. Very cool of Coach Aston and Coach W.

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    Nice to see she wasn't just forgotten after she took a medical retirement.
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    Odd turn of events. Tough break for the Mountaineers.

    Any inside info, @SCspur ?
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    that was a quick turnaround. Was she going to have to sit out a year if she went through with the move to WVU?
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    Dawn simply talked her down from the ledge. Glad she’s staying overall and makes a good back court great and filled with depth.
  15. DFW_Horn

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    No. She would’ve been a grad transfer IIRC.
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