2018 WNBA: April 12

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    Imani played most of the second half (total of 17 minutes). She was 2-4 from the field and had 5 rebs plus two assists. Nice game.

    I did notice that Atlanta does not really seem to run plays for their posts. Two of Imani's shots were taken when she got the ball just past the FT line and took the shot rather than swing the ball. The two other FG attempts were off offensive rebounds.

    Imani can run and does with Atlanta but that offense, at least in this game, is slanted on getting the guards/wings shots, not the posts.
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    Is it the offense or just Angel McCoughtry being so ball dominant? I'll admit not being a fan of hers. Commentators always talk about how much she scores but that could be a result of being the biggest 'hero' ball player in the league (IMO). She seems to do the same on Team USA so I'm actually hoping she isn't on the team moving forward - a lot of new talent in the league I'd rather see.

    As far as Imani is concerned, her biggest drawback has been turnovers - just not the most natural receiver of the ball but she did well last night in 17 minutes - not credited with a single TO.
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    I haven't an Atlanta game before so it's very hard to speculate based on one game. But their offense appears to be guard centric, focused on their three starting guards, rather than incorporating their posts into the offense. Angel is their big gun so no question that they were trying to get her shots but she seemed willing to give the ball up to an open teammate, who often happened to be a guard rather than a post.

    Their offense flowed much better when Tiffany Hayes was on the court. When she was out due to foul trouble, it just seemed that Angel was the only option and LA smothered her.
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    Ariel hurt her left wrist taking a charge early in the 3rd quarter. Sure hope she's okay!
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    wow, Washington escapes 95-91 after being up 30. Probably unrelated but Conn began their comeback around the time that Ariel went out.

    Ariel spend most of the second half on the bench with a towel wrapped around her left wrist, probably with a bag of ice under the towel.

    That's her shooting hand. Hope it's just a sprain or something minor.
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    Good to see Ariel back in action after Wed's injury. She shot well from the field, even though the team lost to LA 97-86
    Screenshot (4).png
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    For those that have it, Spectrum is showing a replay of the LA vs Washington game on Spectrum SportsNet, channel 330 today at 2 pm.
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    Showing your colors on Friday. :hookem2:
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