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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by 22Horn, Sep 9, 2019.

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    For you experts, with a roster that includes only 1 senior, what is the expectation for next year or so?
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    I'm no expert other than what my eyes have seen the last three years. I'd be surprised if we end the season at .500 or better this year. I'll put the O/U at 15.5 wins.

    With powerhouses like McNeese, Northern Colorado, Prairie View, UAB, High Point, Cal Baptist & Central Michigan on the schedule I think Shaka tried to build in 7 wins guaranteed this year before the season even starts so if we end up below 16 wins that tells you how bad of a situation we are in.

    If we go .500 in the other non conference games we're at 10 wins, but I'll take a shot and say we blow one extra game so we end at 9-4 in non conference. That leaves us only 7 conference wins away from hitting the 16 mark and I don't believe this coaching staff has enough gumption to win 7 conference games this year.

    Edit: My 15.5 O/U is the record before post season.
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    Yeah what he said. I'm saying 8-5 in nonconference and I'm concerned that we'll probably end up "8-8 ish" in conference. I'm doubting that the Big XII will be a great powerhouse in basketball this season, but either way, we're still kind of an NIT style team. Decent but with poor coaching and execution all around. We basically have the personnel for a small ball team but with no small ball players right now.

    Yaklich will help us improve our overall defensive numbers, but I think we lost way too much on the other side of the ball to help our record overcome it.

    We're going to see a steady stream of Coleman and Ramey pushing the ball into the offensive end with little plan and then dish it to Febres as an out. It will work sometimes but not as often as it won't work. If Drew Jones is healthy, he'll play, but I'm reserving judgment for how much he'll contribute. If he plays like he did post-HS injury when he was a senior and we finally get to see the "real" Jones, we'll be a tournament team. But that's a ****-ton to ask.

    Sims and Liddell will be our first group of bigs to play, but my guess is that Baker will steal more and more minutes just because of his presence on the defensive end and Smart bringing in help to keep the opponents from racking up points as quickly. The jury's out on whether he's going to play full speed on offense. I didn't see anything out of Hepa last year or any news over the summer that he'll have an increased role. Same for Hamm... he'll be depth at forward.

    Out of the newcomers, I really like Donovan Williams. He reminds me of a skinnier PJ Tucker... he just has a nose for the ball and gets offensive boards at a rate which is just odd for a tweener. I'm hoping he can play defense like Tucker and do "just enough" on offense to contribute.

    The opening roster against Northern Colorado will be veteran heavy, but by midseason, here's my ranking of the number of minutes each position will see:


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    Our ceiling is repeating as NIT champions and establishing an NIT dynasty.
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    I’m all in for Shaka. This is the year we turn it all around. Rah rah rah!
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    With the terrible home schedule who cares.
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    I would not mind a team that could shot well, for once


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