2019 Horns' Commit Bijan Robinson

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by BevoJoe, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. BevoJoe

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    Salpointe Catholic HS vs Dobson 8/30/2019

    Robinson - 8 carries, 111 yards, ave 13.9 yds/carry and scored 5 TDs in the 63-6 win over Dobson. Looks like he only played 1 full quarter, but that's not confirmed. He's off to a great start this season.
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  2. Sangre Naranjada

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    Kinda like LSU vs St Ignatius Home for disabled children Kinder JV*. The stats were padded against inferior competition.

    *Apologies to St Ignatius' Kinder JV if I caused any offense by comparing them to those scrubs LSU actually played.
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  3. Chop

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    I'm sure glad we got him instead of head-case Evans...
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  4. BurntOrangeLH

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    Check JoeFan's Twitter links in 2020 Recruiting.
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  6. Pomspoms

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    Looks like he wasn't trying very hard on some of those highlights. He might be in for a shock when he gets to the college level. He better have his chin strap fastened tight to go with determination if he wants to succeed. I'm sure he was just playing a little better than the level of competition and he knows what's up.
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  7. BurntOrangeLH

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    He was at 3/4 speed until he was clear of the defenders then 1/2 speed into the end zone for the first touchdown.

    He sprinted and faked an inside cut then cruised past the containment on the second touchdown.

    He juked sideways, faked and split through defender's on the third one and dispensed a defender with the angle using a mere swat and Bijan goes into the end zone standing.

    He juked, broke tackles and defender's ankles and they left their jockstraps all over the field on the fourth one. When one defender got close one he just turned on the afterburner and banked away from the pursuer's momentum. All the pursuer could grab was an empty field of air.

    This is only 4 of his 6 TD in 3 quarters and does not show the called-back kickoff return for a TD.

    Yeah, it will be tougher and faster in college, but he has loads of talent in reserve. The coaches told him to arrive ready to play.
  8. Sangre Naranjada

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    Yeah, that was kind of a silly take by poms on that one.
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  9. BevoJoe

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    Bijan Robinson rushed for 496 yards and six touchdowns in a win over Cactus High School, playing just three quarters as Salpointe Catholic floated to a 68-34 victory. Both were school records.
  10. MajesticII

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    We need this kid and one more stud back in this class so we can move Whittington back to WR and Johnson back to QB. They may both be looking good at RB, but we need depth at QB, and actually we need a stud backing up Sam, because the #2 is one play away from being the starter. We need more than one back up QB.....and no, I don't think Card is the answer. He will make a quality back up. He is a slightly faster Buechelle. We need Johnson at QB along with Jackson from Duncanville. That would give us Sam, Thompson, Johnson, Card, and Jackson if he chose to stay at QB. Also have to think Thompson might transfer after this season. You don't want two newbies as the only back ups to Sam next year.
  11. Pomspoms

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    It wasn't that silly
    Looked like he was holding back a little at the beginning
  12. X Misn Tx

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    Reminiscent of El Ced
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  13. BevoJoe

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    BR has really good size, power and speed to break tackles and out run the pursuit. Like any RB coming from HS, he will have an adjustment period due to the opposition also being athletes at the D1 level with much better skills, more strength and experience than is usually found on a HS level football field. He has a great upside to be a clone of Benson with that breakaway speed. He also has good work ethics from what I can tell. He has the hands for the passing game or can serve as blocking back to pick up a blitzing LB or DB. I believe he'll can have a stellar career at Texas and hope he'll stay all four years.
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  14. BurntOrangeLH

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    Another USA Today Highschool Sports account, published twice by the same author:

    Texas commit Bijan Robinson rushes for 489 yards, 6 touchdowns

    MaxPreps said 430 yds. in 3 quarters. Did not include of course the kickoff return called back. Well, it seems like MaxPreps has gone back to 489 yds. Rushi g accredited now. Sheesh.

    LSU and others could be in a for a real surprise the next 4 years. Coaches told him to arrive prepared to play.
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  15. BurntOrangeLH

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  16. BurntOrangeLH

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    Because he was already 10-15 yards downfield past the defense? Would his team score more points if he got to the end zone sooner?

    Want to reconsider silly now?
  17. Pomspoms

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    Wow you are way too serious. I hope everything is going ok for you.
  18. BurntOrangeLH

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    Just enjoying Bijan's mastery of the field of his peers. Wish I could have run like him when I was young.
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  19. BurntOrangeLH

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    Coming to a campus near Austin soon this fall:

    The last picture includes his friend who will be visiting with him, Mr. Miller.
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  20. #2is#1

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    Nice gloves!
  21. 22Horn

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    Majestic....u have a crystal ball or simply negative?
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  22. BurntOrangeLH

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    More Bijan highlights from Dobson game:

    3:22 Bijan catches a fumbled snap and scores.

    4:10 Kickoff return for a TD.

    #8 is Ransom.
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  23. BurntOrangeLH

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    1st game of 2019 season Salpointe vs. Desert Edge highlights:

  24. I35

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    I’m kinda thinking we need to start recruiting an extra RBs on top of what we normally go far per year with each class now that we keep having problems with injuries at that position.

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