2019 NCAA Volleyball Playoffs at Gregory

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    The ticket office is now accepting orders for the 1st, 2nd and Regional rounds at Gregory. Priority deadline is November 15. Matches will likely be December 6 and 7 for the first two rounds and December 13 and 14 for regionals. There's a slight chance the 1st and 2nd rounds could be Thursday Dec 5 and Friday Dec 6 but the NCAA typically gives those dates to schools playing in a football conference championship on Saturday. Doubt that will be Texas.

    Texas is in a really good spot and controls their own destiny when it comes to hosting regionals. Top 4 seeds get to host. Texas' projected RPI is #2 right now. If they win out, they are definitely hosting. I think they might even still host if Baylor wins in Waco depending on whether Plummer returns to Stanford in time to help them win the Pac12 or if Pitt runs the table. You get the regional tickets refunded to you if they don't host.

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