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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Badass, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. HornHuskerDad

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    Agree totally. I'm sick and tired of seeing top-rated HS players in the DFW area head across the Red River to Zero U.
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  2. X Misn Tx

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    I was just reliving the origins of Errbody that LC mentioned. We don't have to pile on Charlie. It was still a great week.
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  3. Austin_Bill

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    That is just it, there isn't. Sure Texas produces more talent than any other state, but that is because there is more of a population here and that population is football crazy compared to say California. But per capita Louisiana actually produces more than Texas does. There is a reason that California jucos were so huge in finding good football players. Californian kids didn't get the training they go in Texas because footall isn't as big on the middle school and high school area and these guys were over looked for the most part.

    The point is there isn't a place, and for people in Texas to say stay local is BS, you stay local and you are cutting off 90% of the talent available to you.

    Then you have handlers like Foot Work King who is on the Adidas payroll funneling kids to aggsy because they are an Adidas school crying that Texas doesn't need to go out of state for talent. Well yea we do, he is just pissed that he can't get paid for sending his sloppy seconds to Texas.

    Finally and most important, we like to say that Texas is a national brand blah blah blah, if Texas is a national brand then we need to act like it.

    I'm not saying that Texas doesn't have talent in this state, I'm saying there is a local "group think" from people in this state that:

    1. Everything is bigger and better in Texas.
    2. We are the Lone Star State we don't need anything or anybody else.

    Both are BS bravado that holds no water when you compare the state of Texas to the United States as a whole. If you wish to compare Texas to other individual states, it's likely that Texas will come out on top, but as a whole, to say don't recruit the rest of the nation because we don't need to is ridiculous. You are talking about an area of 28 million vs an area of 300 million.

    Tom Herman is the first coach at the University that finally gets it. And for that i stand up and applaud him.

    Screw the handlers and screw any high school coach that thinks Texas should take their lesser talented kid over a higher qualified athlete because we need to stay local. If they want Texas to stay local, they should funnel their elite athletes to Texas not their second rate athletes.
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  4. Austin_Bill

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    Realize that the best player to come out of the Charlie Strong era at Texas was our punter.

    That hurts just thinking about it.
  5. ViperHorn

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    and he was from way South Texas!

    NO. Royal, Mackovic, Brown, and Strong all successfully recruited out of State. Herman's has just been more vocal about it because he is losing quality kids to both ou and aggy. The reason he is losing some to ou is ou has staked out North Texas as southern Oklahoma for recruiting purposes. They are in the high school coaches heads in North Texas (which Strong only stroked), and that is game, set, and match. Until Herman makes inroads into this area, Texas will continue to lag which means the quality Texas misses from North Texas will continue to have Norman mailing addresses, and Herman will have to continue convincing a kid and his family that being 1,000+ miles from home is really only a two hour plane ride (never mind the kid and family have to pay for themselves).

    aggy is aggressive now but after 3 or 4 years of never winning (or even coming close) the $EC West, much less the $EC, that edge will go away.
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  6. blonthang

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    Austin Bill, all good points.

    I'm not onboard with that view 100%; still think Texas can do just fine dominating state of Texas recruiting and cherry picking outside the state for highly ranked plums or special positions of critical need. I'd rather see Longhorns be mostly Texas since UT is a Texas state school, and the state is the 2nd largest in population in a prep school system rich in available talent.

    B/t/w, Akers had this down, IMHO, in recruiting, before the SWC cheating just blew the frigging lid off of recruiting, ultimately leading to its demise, of cleaning up on Texas preps, then going after select national stars.

    A.J. "Jam" Jones of Youngstown, Ohio, Eric Metcalf, of Washington, D.C. (or maybe Baltimore, memory fades), and SHOULD have gotten Marcus Dupree of Philadelphia, Miss --- had an assistant coach with a temporary residence in a local hotel there for a while (Watch ESPN's 30 for 30 -- The Best that Never Was for details) --- until last minute OU switch.

    But I digress, we agree to disagree, but you've got some good points.

    OK, Cool. Hook 'em
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  7. SabreHorn

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    ESPN = the world's largest whitewash machine. That 30 on 30 never told the truth about Dupree's flip, because they couldn't politically afford the truth. The "players" were mostly all there, but the WHOLE truth was not.

    Fred didn't know what was happened, Reaux sure didn't know. I still question if Selmon knew? I know that Barry and Scott found out the situation, but while it took about a decade to learn the truth, I have no idea when Barry found out or through whom he learned it.

    Believing anything that ESPN reports is NEVER a good idea, and using them as a reference is slightly less credible than using Art Bell or believing the federal government.

  8. bystander

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    So what was the truth?
  9. Phil Elliott

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    We would not be satisfied at UT with the results those coaches have achieved long term so I don't get the point.
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  10. blonthang

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    Well, SH, I was using DuPree as an example of an out of stater highly prized by everyone that Texas went after bigly, IIRC it was reported (from my personal recollection of AAStatesman reporting at the time, not just 30 for 30) that DuPree had committed to UT; then only to have him wind up at OU.

    Whatever caused that, if it was the case, was not part of my comments on whether UT ever in the past had a policy of trying to get out of state 5-stars.

    So, I think I'm safe. :whiteflag:
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  11. Austin_Bill

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    I know coaches like Machovic and Mack both did some recruiting OOS they also took a lot of kids from in state out of for no other reason I can figure is just laziness. Mack was so bent on keeping the THSCA happy that he didn't pursue OOS kids unless they sort of fell in his lap. I know he recruited Shreveport for a while and pulled in a couple of kids from Oklahoma, but for the most part he would rather take a 2 or 3'star kids from Texas than look OOS for a kid that he might have to fight for.

    I can't tell you how many kids from other states have said their dream school was Texas. I'm talking guys with NFL talent.

    Tom Herman might or might not be the coach to bring Texas back. He is in a tough spot where he has to work his *** off for a kid, and frankly the deck is stacked against him with the the SEC and their cheating asses. but he has to still do his best to bring in top classes or he will be out just the same. I'm glad he is looking elsewhere because these handlers aren't going anywhere and unless we are willing to stoop to their level we are wasting our time.
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  12. ViperHorn

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    I understand the reason Herman goes out of state and have no issue with that. My only issue is he seems to have made a decision to leave North and East Texas to ou and aggy. With the talent in those areas year in and year out it would seem more effort rather than less would be in order. ou is the concern; aggy is a nuisance.
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  13. SabreHorn

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    If Herman is going to continue to ignore the Metroplex and northeast Texas, I want a campaign to bring Arkansas into the Big XII. The Hogs always recruited well in east Texas, picking those great Palestine teams clean until Bradley chose to come to Austin. Arkansas has lost their recruiting base since they left inspite of their largest alumni chapter being Dallas. Their return would greatly disrupt OU, A&M, and oSu.
  14. dukesteer

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    SH, the general consensus is that TH is ignoring the Metroplex, as you noted. But is that really justified, or is it a faulty perception that has been gaining traction for a year or two? Or, perhaps he believes that there is less competition and more upside focusing elsewhere, like the Houston area?

    TH is a smart guy, and a good recruiter. I cannot imagine that he wouldn’t go wherever he needs to go to secure the talent he needs.
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  15. Pomspoms

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    I don't think Tom is ignoring the north texas kids it's just that he doesn't feel he can beat the competition. But I think that's the wrong mentality. Just go after the kids hard like he does the rest and let the best staff win. I think with us going to the Sugar bowl or even winning it will offset their negative recruiting a bit and we'll recruit that area better.:ousucks:
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  16. ViperHorn

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  17. X Misn Tx

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    you don't think there's competition in Arizona from their and the Cali schools? competition in Georgia and Florida?

    i don't get it.
  18. HornSwoggler

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    Win (consistently) and they will come!
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  19. AC

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    I agree with Pomspoms. Just keep going up there, we have Bouchele, Ingram, Heard, Malik Jefferson and many more I am forgetting from NT and ET. Keep winning and keep chopping wood in those difficult areas for the best players. We will succeed it may just take longer.
  20. AC

    AC 1,000+ Posts

    I know Malik is NFL now, I meant we have recruited.
  21. SabreHorn

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    Sure we got Shane, but I'm still trying to get over whiffing on Rhett Bomar
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  22. 2003TexasGrad

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    Last year 9 out of the top 10 Texas prep players happened to be Houston kids. If anyone thinks when theres a year it's like that for DFW that Herman isn't going after those kids, they are crazy.
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  23. 22Horn

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    Have to disagree with some regarding the state of HS football in Texas..........

    Best players, best HS football. For years, most experts in the field of evaluating HS players and teams have said that the best players and best HS football was in Texas, Calif, Fla, Georgia, Penn.....maybe it's changed some but there is no doubt that Texas continues to be one of the top 2-3. Very simply, more schools are recruiting Texas as well as Calif to reap the better players and they have had success. There was a time when 80% of OU's roster was Texas kids. All major schools have Texas and Cal kids on he rosters. So if Texas was not in the upper echelon of HS sports, we would not see so many teams having success here. There are more than enough hi quality players here to load more team than just UT, A&M, TT, etc....even Baylor, TCU, Houston, Tex State; so we then see schools such as Clemson, Ala, Geo, OHSt, among many other power programs having great recruiting success in Texas. On top of that , many of these 4-5 star players are wanting to be on a winner NOW and not pay the price of rebuilding. They want it all now.

    Just look at the rosters of major OOS and you will readily see the success of Texas HS football. There rosters would not be stocked with Texas kids if our state did not produce high quality players.

    I too would like to see more Texas kids stay here as opposed to going elsewhere but since there is an abundance of quality here, these kids must often choose other schools if they want to play P5 competition.
  24. bystander

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    The last two Heisman Trophy winners are from Texas... that's a statement right there.
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  25. 22Horn

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    Good point!
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  26. HoffHorn

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  27. HoffHorn

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    ViperHorn gets it”!!!!

    With all due respect to our posters and players from the Greater Houston area (and there are so many great ones), We have watched coach after coach pay “some” but very “little” attention to the MOST Dominant HS Players and Teams that come out of North & East Texas!

    Where is the CONSISTENCY & REGULARITY of recruiting this area? Carrington needs to get his *** up to the I-20 corridor, Desoto, Frisco, Allen, DISD, Duncanville, South Lake Carroll ( Hello LJH!), Tyler, Lufkin, Longview and start backing up his .
  28. I_Dont_Exist

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    Bomar was tough as nails. He can play QB for me anytime.
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  29. SabreHorn

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    Never knew you were a physician. At which psychiatric hospital do you practice?

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  30. I_Dont_Exist

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    Our Lady of Reality. Drop by for a visit. It's on me
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