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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Looks like Celeste and her USA team are up against the Australian team at 1am EST, according to her dad. Link to the game . . .

    And to the tweet:
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    After watching the first 2 games of the FIBA U19 WC:
    • Celeste is the first G/W off the bench. I list both because, depending on who’s on the floor, she plays either the 2 or 3.
    • The defensive intensity of the starting 5 for Team USA isn’t as strong as I’ve seen from past American teams but definitely seems to improve when Celeste enters the game. Louisville coach Jeff Walz singled out Celeste after the Korea game:
      • “Celeste understands the game,” he said. “That’s what’s impressed me about her. She does a lot without scoring. When you’ve got that mindset that it’s not always about scoring, you’ve got a chance to be a special basketball player. She gets out there and really communicates on defense, she rebounds, she is willing to make the extra pass. It’s not just about her scoring the ball.”
    • Other players that have impressed:
      • 2020 Paige Bueckers - not flashy but does everything well
      • Rhyne Howard (Kentucky) vs Korea - 5/7 from 3
      • Queen Egbo (Baylor) vs Korea - 14 pts and 11 rebounds, almost all of it in the 3rd quarter
      • Aliyah Boston (South Carolina) vs Australia - only logged 16 minutes due to foul trouble but still had 8 points, 7 rebounds
    • Jeff Walz did a lot of shouting in game 1, not nearly as much in game 2.
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  3. kurupt

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    Celeste is the kind of player that Texas has been missing the last couple of years low maintenance and she excepts and wants to thrive in her role. Her parents obviously taught her well.

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  4. DFW_Horn

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    While Celeste had been contributing in several other ways, she couldn't seem to get her shot to fall in the first 3 games of the WC. In the Round of 16 last night/this morning vs Germany, she shot 6/12 from the floor (0/2 from 3, 1/2 FT) for 13 points, tying for US scoring high with Paige Bueckers. In addition, she grabbed 5 rebounds and a game high 5 steals (also tied with Bueckers).

    To watch the full game:
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  5. DINO22

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    I love the way she play. She is all over the court on defense. Move very well without the ball on Offense. I like the way she was telling the player where to be on Defense.
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  6. overseasbbfan1

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    Celeste scores 5 points and pulls down 6 rebounds as the USA defeats Australia for the FIBA U19 World Cup title. Closer than expected though, with the contest going to OT. Highlight reel out of bounds pass from Bueckers to Van Lith led to a basket to tie the game at end of regulation (my email notifications showed someone already reported this outcome, but now I don't see the post listed above).
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  7. DFW_Horn

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    I was not very impressed by Van Lith in this tournament until the Final today - she was nails when the rest of Team USA starters struggled, especially Howard and Bueckers. Terrible FT shooting late in the 4th/OT by Team USA - I think they missed all but 1 of their last 6 FT attempts.

    All Tournament Team:
    Billie Massey (Belgium)
    Alex Fowler (Australia) - University of Portland signee
    Lola Pendande (Spain) - University of Utah
    Paige Bueckers (USA) - '20 UConn commit (Tournament MVP)
    Rhyne Howard (USA) - University of Kentucky
  8. hoopsalot

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    Celeste played 18 minutes. In a tight game in which US was often playing from behind, team was plus 11 with Celeste in the game. Can’t wait to see Celeste in action for Longhorns.
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  9. Hardballer

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    Esmery Martinez has been removed from the UT Athletic site roster.
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  10. DFW_Horn

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    Good catch - no idea. The only recent thing I could find was this from earlier today:

    “Tomorrow is the big day Women take over the East with the Esmery Martinez FDM Scholarship Camp Tuesday, August 6 at 3:00 pm on the Hector Vikingo Monegro Court in Hato Mayor del Rey. FDM Dominican Basketball University ”

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  11. racerx5908

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    So confusing!
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  12. DFW_Horn

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    Someone on Twitter prompted Cantu and he posted this a bit later:

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  13. airtightskipole

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    It’s crazy how much bad news has come out of our program recently. It’s like it all imploded in a years time.
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  14. Hardballer

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    I couldn't agree more. The signing of Celeste Taylor is the one positive event to
    counter the load of negative issues hitting the program. I've seen tape on the two
    Aussies - Palmer has some game but the other is not very athletic. I don't know anything about Ortiz. Aston needs to sign a talented Big in the worst way.
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  15. kurupt

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    We must have been looking at different tapes because IMO she’s a good athlete and moves very well for her size. The competition in this video isn’t great but I haven’t seen many 6’5 players that can run/ move like that. But with Martinez not enrolling Texas will be even thinner at the post. Shae Routt and Jada will more than likely see playing time at the 4 position.

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  16. overseasbbfan1

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    I'm wondering if the issue with Esmery is related to FDM Athletics. They say they "place" athletes but their Twitter account has been suspended for a violation of rules. And why would an incoming recruit be hosting a camp in her own name in her home country the same month she is starting classes in the U.S.? This is pure conjecture, but if there is anything shady about FDM, it could be UT pulled the plug on that relationship.
  17. kurupt

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    Yeah, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the account was suspended.
  18. overseasbbfan1

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    What load of negative issues?? I am actually very excited about the coming season. We have a great incoming class with Celeste, Ashlee, Isabel and Karisma. Sedona moved on but there is a long list of players who entered the transfer portal this year. Esmery didn't work out, but she'd already dropped one top program, and in this case it appears we did the dropping....but definitely some weirdness there so likely a good decision all the way around. We have a phenomenal senior class of LaShann, Joyner, Sug and Jada, perhaps one of the most talented out there this season. Charli, Audrey and Joanne should be even better with a year under their belts, and we finally get to see Shae in action this Fall. TJ decided to resume her playing career. The decision may have come a tad late, but again, coaches move on all the time. Best of luck to her. And now we have the announcement of a new assistant to look forward to, which will hopefully happen at any time. It will be fun to see how the pieces fit together, but I expect big things out of this senior class. Let's see what happens!
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  19. cynt

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    I'm Ready for WCBB!! I just hope Coach allows the freshman to play. I don't think I can take another mass exodus. I'm getting too old for this. LOL!!! But everyone seems to be transferring so it's not just us.
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  20. LonghornsWBB

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    There is something shady going on with FDM and Texas, like Mississippi State, likely wanted ZERO parts of it. I highly doubt it was an issue with Esmery and the coach at either school, but likely the school and FDM -- sad, but true.
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  21. overseasbbfan1

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    I feel bad for Esmery if she got hooked up, or she or her family signed anything, with a bad group. Whatever the case I hope it eventually works out for her, wherever her basketball career takes her.
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