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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Sep 5, 2016.

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    In all fairness, Coach A did have in-state 2018 verbal commitments from 6'2 Shae Routt and 6'0 Lolo Daveport, both of whom could have helped at SF. Regardless of why they decommitted late in the process, it does have an impact on the future rosters and recruiting needs.
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    Shae Routt and Lolo Davenport are very similar to Jada and Jordan in that both are tweeners. Again, it’s very difficult to find players that are legitimate SF’s at 6’0-6’2 most are 5’10-5’11.
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    Does anyone know of any connection between us and Sarah Andrews? As much as you can tell from verbal reviews, she sounds like maybe she's the best of all the upcoming PG's.
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    I don’t have any inside information but I think she’ll probably end up at Baylor. She’s attended their camp and she also plays for the same high school that Odyssey Sims and Alexis Jones played for.
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    Anyone know what eventually happened with Shae Routt? She disappeared from basketball, it seems.
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    Perhaps you know something the rest of us don't but she played this year at Akins and made all district, I believe. And there were several articles written about her this spring talking about her going to college at a place she might be able to see playing time right away. Apparently her recruiting stock fell quite a bit after her injury, which she has now recovered from. But the article I saw said she is still close to the Texas program and attends games, even though she won't be playing here. I don't think she's committed anywhere yet, at least not according to her ESPN profile. Might be a nice pick up for Kamie at WSU if Shae is still looking for a home for this fall!
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    Nope, that's why I asked.
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    Shea Routt was present at almost all of the UT home games. She was always wearing her Texas gear. Charlie, Sedona and Shea were all sitting and hanging together at the UConn game and I also saw her sitting next to Sedona during the 2 NCAA games we had at the Drum. Again wearing her UT shirt and hat. I never knew what to make of it since she was no longer listed as a Texas recruit. Maybe she plans to walk on? This may be her best chance since Rellah and Khaleanne have left the team.
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    Taylor Jones visited Florida State over the weekend.

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    I wish fans (and staff? in this case) would just admit that they lost a player they wanted for reasons the player determined were in her best interest. The player choosing another college does not mean that the player is "not a **** type of player and unwilling to put in the work to be the best they can be" which another statement often hear from UConn fans when they don't get a player they wanted besides the obvious statement listed in the story about "having lost interest and looking elsewhere" line.
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    It comes off as sour grapes to me.
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    I still wonder if Texas has considered or offered London Clarkson from Pflugerville. She visited Arizona State for an official. A 6' 2" power forward would be a need for 2019.

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    Shemera also tweeting that she's received offers from Kentucky and Arizona State.
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    Here's what we lose after next season:

    6'4 Jatarie White
    6'3 Olamide Aborowa
    6'1 Jordan Hosey
    5'9 Lashann Higgs

    Would love to sign a true Center, but not sure we are recruiting one. We will have Sedona and Charli as sophomores, and Joyner as a senior, but no other height on the team. Hopefully, we sign one of 6'5 Ashten Prechtel or 6'3 Taylor Jones (both of who might be more power forwards than Centers).

    I already gave my opinion on needing to sign a true small forward.

    The only in-state guard we appear to be recruiting is Jaden Owens; I'd be more than fine with signing her. I think Zia Cooke out of Ohio is probably a long shot.

    Not sure if London Clarkson has been offered. She might be in that group with Prechtel and Jones. For 2020, we might be targeting more PFs like Kamaria Gipson and Deyona Gaston. So, recruiting for that position is pretty wide open, IMO.
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    C Hannah Gusters for 2020 as well.
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    I'm considering Gusters as a true Center target for 2020.
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    This news also involves Charli, Sedona and Deja but I wanted to post it in Celeste’s thread. USAToday H.S. All State Teams:
    • Celeste - New York 1st Team
      • G, Long Island Lutheran (Brookville), 5-11, Jr.
        A member of the U-16 National Team, Taylor averaged 23.5 points, 7.6 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game, and verbally committed to play for Texas.
    • Charli - Texas 1st Team (Player of the Year)
      • F, Barbers Hill (Mont Belvieu), 6-5, Sr.
        A McDonald’s All-American and a finalist for the Naismith Award, Collier averaged 30.9 points, 11.5 rebounds, 2.3 steals, 2.2 blocks and 2.0 assists per game. Also a member of the U-17 National Team, Collier has committed to the University of Texas.
    • Sedona - Texas 2nd Team
      • C, Liberty Hill, 6-7, Sr.
    • Deja - Texas 2nd Team
      • G, Johnson (San Antonio), 5-8, So.

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    I predict Celeste will be a fan favorite.

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    I guess this is a big weekend for GEYBL:

    Someone stated that Deja Kelly left Cy-Fair and is now with Sarah Andrews and Hannah Gusters on Nike Pro Skills; not sure who else is on that squad.

    Sasah Goforth is now on Cy-Fair along with Jordyn Merritt and Jaden Owens.

    Not sure who is on DFW Elite.

    Not sure if San Antonio's Finest is competing, but I believe Nyah Greene and Liz Scott are on that squad.

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    More on Boo Williams schedule:

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    DFW Elite roster:

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    Sue Phillips (Haley Jones' coach) received the prestigious honor of the Naismith Trophy Girls High School Coach of the Year award. I wonder how long it will be before she becomes a college coach (if she so desires)?

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    Rickea Jackson working hard while most of us were sleeping

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    Anybody with an update on our chances with Jackson? I have this vision of her in burnt orange doing that move against the Waco evil team.
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    Gotta keep an eye on Taylor Jones to see who she will visit in the upcoming weeks:

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    Well, she visited Florida State last weekend. I was wondering if we would have any visits this weekend with the spring football game, but there's also all of the tournaments going on.
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    How cool is this photo?

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    nice post moves by Jackson.
    Wonder who that is with Deja? Recognize Deja from the many photos posted by her mom, but I have no clue who that is with her in the photo above.
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