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Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by TempestHorn, May 7, 2019.

  1. longhorn47

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    Service errors hurt us but Louisville just wanted it more...
  2. Run Pincher

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    Why is it the youngest player on the team is the only one that understands you have to ATTACK! The rest of the team seemed to think if you dink it over the other team will dink it back. And Micaya was the worst. Of course we knew all along the service errors would be the killer.
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  3. old65horn

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    The SE hurt, but in the 5th set, the block and attack errors by our senior outside hitter is what did us in.

    The White era is over. Thanks M. White for all you gave us.
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  4. DINO22

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    Texas seem flat the whole game to me.
    Just no energy, on your home floor.
  5. Bill in Sinton

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    We got great players and great coaches but just seem to fall short every year. Muy frustrado.
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  6. Jacob Johnson

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    Im still upset over that loss but I watching this tournament I realized the problems that need to be fixed for next season.
    1. I love Sydney Peterson but she just does not get the job done there were so many digs she should have had but sent them flying into the stands. I think losia will come in and take over at the libero spot.
    2. Again I love jhenna but she is just too much of a blocking liability when the other teams are in system it's almost automatically going to be a kill when they hit over jhenna. Since cabello is coming in early and much taller I believe Texas has to run a 6-2 and have cabello blocking at the net and let jhenna be the backrow setter.
    3. Texas serving is just awful. Some serves arent even strong enough to generate the amount of errors it comes with.
    4. Melanie parra will replace micaya white so I don't think Texas loses any offense. Honestly it should improve.
    5. Lastly Texas just needs to learn how to come together in times of need because once Texas goes down their body language and overall demeanor just sinks but I guess that's because the team is very young so hopefully that changes next season.
  7. nashhorn

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    Insane to say they did not have intensity. The two comeback sets were amazing. Since they had lead early in every one I was confident we’d take the fifth, not to be. As disappointed as I was hanging around and seeing Micaya crying her eyes out after broke my heart. To me the SE are crushing and I cannot understand how we have so many but I think the ladies play hard and emotional but for whatever reason seem to have mental lapses.
    Enjoyed watching them. Hookem and look forward to catching some games next year. I do wish they’d come up with a better plan for seat access though. There always are some reserved seats open that the ticket office should be able to sell if they were more efficient.
  8. MajesticII

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    I knew Louisville would get spanked after beating us...Told my wife that Minnesota or Florida would beat them 3-0...... Happens all the time. Teams play out their *** against Texas then fold like a cheap tent after beating us. SMDH
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