2019 Transfer Season

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    Another Big surprise for me was that Braxton Miller left Ok state and went to Ohio State! She was a big part of that team’s scoring.
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    Cannot see this link, can you post a screenshot of it?
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    USC confirmed that 6 players are leaving plus Nell Fortner swiped one of their assistants, Blanche Alverson, who played for Nell at Auburn. I’d love to see the Longhorns add a seasoned PG but with Sug entrenched as the starter, I doubt Texas has much of a shot at rising junior PG Minyon Moore, USC’s second leading scorer (14.8) and leader in assists (5.9), rebounds (5.5) and steals (2.6).
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    I know I'll sound like that 50 year old but in my opinion some of these ladies EXPECT to play instead of EARNING the right to play. When you are told everyday by relatives, friends and AAU coaches how good you are in high school that sometimes doesn't translate to the NCAA game. I only get concerned these days when players start leaving due to a toxic environment, which thank goodness isn't the case we have here at UT..
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    I agree to a certain extent. Some do expect to play instead of earning it and IMO Texas experienced that with the last recruiting class. But I also feel that these players only have four years to get it right and they can’t play for 20 years like a coach can coach. And when these coaches started getting paid really well even in women’s basketball a lot of the “ education” part went out the window.

    I think coaches will have to start really doing their research on these recruits. Not just their physical abilities but also their makeup mentally. Which is what I think Coach Aston has started to do with the recruits that are coming in 2019 and beyond. Recruiting talented players with great work ethics on and off the court that bring it everyday in practice or games that also understand that they will have to earn the right to play.

    Like I said before low maintenance players. All you have to is read the comments from Celeste, and Isabel, for 2019. And Ashley, and Shay, for 2020 they understand. I think that coach Aston got caught up in star chasing and not really examining how the players would fit into the program from a mental standpoint.
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    Respectfully, I agree that these athletes expect to play (as do their parents), but I also believe the sudden and rampant exits are symptomatic of a larger systemic problem. Not sure what the problem is exactly, or how to fix, but I’m more on the side of Debbie Antonelli on the issue. What I often (thankfully not always) witnessed in my sport, as a riding coach, was an unwillingness to do the work and earn opportunities, and parents pushing and conniving for, and essentially “buying” their child’s limited successes. Those types of kids (and their parents) rarely stuck it out, often losing interest altogether, or thinking that the grass was greener elsewhere. My sport is a whole other “ball game,” but I do sense a similarity in attitude. And again, thankfully the majority of athletes don’t seem to take this approach.
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    I think your whole statement nailed it. Seems like KA and staff are going after "grinders" now. I thought they were mentally soft last year but think next years team will be much better.
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    It's a pretty simple problem but not an easy fix. Obviously you have to work, and take your game to another level once you hit the college ranks. This includes learning to play defense, something that takes commitment, and that can be difficult for players who are used to scoring every time they touch the ball. More difficult for some that others I should add. In other cases it's simply a matter of waiting for your turn. It's a strange dynamic because many top recruits want to go to teams that have a strong recent history, but those are also (often) the same teams with top players already entrenched as starters. But if a star recruit wants a guaranteed starting role from day one, there are at least 250 programs out there that would be happy to oblige :smile1:! I do think some coaches are complicit in the problem as they'll say whatever is necessary to land a top recruit, and then change their tune once the player is a part of the program. Some may not actually promise anyone a starting role, but they'll say things like..."anything is possible"...or "all stating positions are open".....or even give examples of previous freshmen who did see significant playing time from the outset. While all of that may be true, it is also setting expectations for a scenario that isn't likely to occur. Personally, (and I understand they're necessary, though perhaps not to the degree many believe) a large part of the problem are all of the "extra" entities involved in a top player's career these days...AAU programs and coaches, recruiting services etc. The best parents are those that tell their daughters, "don't believe the hype, you aren't that special, lots of players out there better than you, get back in the gym and get to work." And that's a good strategy for parents even if their daughter is "that good." Because you can always get better, no matter who you are.
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    SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame might lose another scholarship player after Danielle Patterson announced her intention to transfer.

    Patterson was one of six scholarship players coach Muffet McGraw figured to use in rebuilding her lineup after each member of the starting five from last season was among the first 19 picks of the WNBA draft. Patterson, a 6-foot-3 sophomore forward from New York, announced her intention to enter the NCAA transfer portal on her Twitter account.

    "It has been a privilege to wear Notre Dame across my chest, but the time has come for me to say goodbye and move on," Patterson tweeted.
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    Lady Vols lose another player

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    How many players have they lost in this transition? Love what Harper was doing at MSU, and hope she can replicate and improve on those successes at utenn. She was a heck of a player for her alma mater.
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    Danielle Patterson has landed at Indiana - I think that’s the 3rd ND player to transfer to IU in as many seasons.

    Tennessee’s Evina Westbrook transferred to UCONN.
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    Marta Sniezek has transfered from Stanford to Notre Dame and can play immediately. She was injured last year but started about half the games in previous years.
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    According to ESPNW, Tennessee has boosted its frontcourt depth by adding junior college transfer Jaiden McCoy. Since the Horns play Tennessee in December, this is kinda important to us. McCoy, a 6-foot-3 center, began summer classes at Tennessee on Thursday and will be eligible to play for the Lady Vols during the upcoming season. Tennessee coach Kellie Harper said in a statement that McCoy "is a solid post player who has the ability to finish around the paint as well as knock down an outside shot." McCoy averaged 10.9 points and 6.1 rebounds this past season at Northwest Florida State College. She played only four games in 2017-18 before breaking her hip.
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    NFSC? So a teammate of Rellah Boothe for a very brief time.
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    Raoul (who's Twitter account is private) has the following updates on players who have just entered the transfer portal; (Nixon is a teammate of Celeste Taylor on the USA U19 team.)

    WBB: Hearing that Notre Dame point guard Jordan Nixon is in the transfer portal. She played in 26 games as a freshman in 2018-19, starting 3 and averaging 2.5 PPG in 14.5 MPG. She was ranked in the top 40 in the 2018 class and chose ND over UCLA, Georgia, Ohio State, and UVA.

    WBB: Hearing that Gabby Crawford (6-2 FR forward, Munford, TN) from Ole Miss is in the transfer portal. She played in 28 games during the 2018-19 season, starting 6 and and averaging 3.5 PPG and 3.7 RPG in 15.3 MPG. Crawford was ranked #80 in the 2018 class by espnW.
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