2019 Transfer Season

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    I don’t know if she is injured but Chaz Patterson has not been in the box scores of Kentucky’s first 2 games. Also Rellah Booth has not been in the box scores of Middle Tennessee’s first 2 games. Both still show on the rosters of there respective teams.
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    Chaz has to sit until the fall semester ends because of the timing of her transfer (December), correct?
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    Yes, and I think Rellah is still recovering from injury.
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    Aquira DeCosta goes home to California, transfers to Loyola Marymount. That’s a huge get for them.

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    From Raoul's web page. Transfers from last year and where they landed.

    Women’s Basketball Transfers: Fall 2018–Summer 2019 | WBB Blog

    I was going to copy highlights of teams we care about, but he's prevented people from being able to scrape and copy.

    Some interesting things as I was going through each team:

    1) Indiana State had 9 players on the transfer list - makes them the team with the most transfers
    2) Texas Tech had 8 players on the transfer list!
    3) Our old friend, Jordan Hosey, shows up as a transfer out of Texas - but they do note that she wasn't on last year's roster
    4) Honesty Scott-Grayson ended up at Auburn
    5) Arizona had 3 transfer out, but some transfer in. I looked at that very, very deep bench sitting at the Erwin center wondering.

    Anyway, it's interesting to see how other schools have people leaving as well (and they show a handful of returning back to their school)

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