2019 Transfer Season

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    I don’t know if she is injured but Chaz Patterson has not been in the box scores of Kentucky’s first 2 games. Also Rellah Booth has not been in the box scores of Middle Tennessee’s first 2 games. Both still show on the rosters of there respective teams.
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    Chaz has to sit until the fall semester ends because of the timing of her transfer (December), correct?
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  3. kurupt

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    Yes, and I think Rellah is still recovering from injury.
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  4. DFW_Horn

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    Aquira DeCosta goes home to California, transfers to Loyola Marymount. That’s a huge get for them.

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    From Raoul's web page. Transfers from last year and where they landed.

    Women’s Basketball Transfers: Fall 2018–Summer 2019 | WBB Blog

    I was going to copy highlights of teams we care about, but he's prevented people from being able to scrape and copy.

    Some interesting things as I was going through each team:

    1) Indiana State had 9 players on the transfer list - makes them the team with the most transfers
    2) Texas Tech had 8 players on the transfer list!
    3) Our old friend, Jordan Hosey, shows up as a transfer out of Texas - but they do note that she wasn't on last year's roster
    4) Honesty Scott-Grayson ended up at Auburn
    5) Arizona had 3 transfer out, but some transfer in. I looked at that very, very deep bench sitting at the Erwin center wondering.

    Anyway, it's interesting to see how other schools have people leaving as well (and they show a handful of returning back to their school)
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    She transferred from Texas in 2018 but transferred again in 2019 so I think she qualifies for this thread. In any case, seems Jordan is doing well at UNM, 3rd on the team in scoring (10.8) and team leader in rebounds (6.9) even though she’s only started 6 of 12 games. It’s good to see she seems to have found a good landing spot for herself.

  7. racerx5908

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    Glad she's doing well, always a favorite of mine. Can you tell me what you meant from transferred again? My understanding is that she left, but she didn't leave for any school. In other words, she dropped out. So if you drop out, you don't transfer again? I'm just curious about where she spent time for a year.
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  8. DFW_Horn

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    I thought she transferred to Missouri after deciding not to play basketball anymore. After reading the local coverage on her transfer to UNM, I see that I was mistaken. She spent a year at home in Houston working at an elementary school before deciding to return to school and the basketball court.
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  9. Moooooo

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    It sure would be great if we could land a transfer at the break who would be eligible one year from now; haven't really checked too much as to who's looking for a new home, but I think we have the 'ships available, especially if the incoming transfer was an upperclassmen.
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  10. racerx5908

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    Wasn't Sophie Taylor's recent scholarship award due to the one freed up by Ashlee Hannan's departure?
  11. hoopsalot

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    No, team is only using 12 of 15 available scholarships this year even with Sophie.
  12. DFW_Horn

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    And Sophie’s is only for this season - last year of eligibility.
  13. Jacob Johnson

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    Is shae routt on scholarship or is she a preferred walk on?
  14. Ellis21d

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    She is on scholarship. She was one of those players that KA offered as a Freshman in High School and she and Texas stood by the offer. Later in her HS career she had a pretty severe knee injury which she never really recovered from. This injury set her back and hurt her development dramatically. She is a hard practice player and she may develop into a solid player over the next two years.
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  15. Moooooo

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    She did decommit late in the process, stating that Texas had such a deep and talented roster, and she wanted to play early. Things came full circle right before the signing period (forget if Fall or Spring), and she signed with Texas.
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  16. Moooooo

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    Wonder if she plans to move fast and enroll at a different school for the Spring semester. Our Spring semester starts Tuesday, January 21.

    I'd assume she'd be eligible mid-December 2020.

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  17. racerx5908

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    Just fyi, this is the team that former Texas player Jordan Hosey is on now;
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    I wonder if Pitts goes to Texas Tech, she originally signed with Minnesota when Stallings was at the helm but stayed on after her leaving. Would be a nice pickup for them, not so nice for us. I’ve been impressed with what Marlene has done at Tech, will be a contender again in a couple years I think.
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  21. Moooooo

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    Saw an article the other day where she recently took an official visit to Arizona. Doesn't look like she will be a Spring enrollee anywhere, which means she would most likely have to sit out all of the 2020-21 season.
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