2020 Heisman Favorites

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    The top of the list is sprinkled with names you'd guess with Justin Fields the overall favorite. Sam is listed as 8th but check out #6....Spencer Rattler from OU. HUH? Guy has barely taken a snap yet is one of the top 6 favorites to win the Heisman? I'll be honest, I didn't even know they had a QB named Rattler much less think he would be a heisman candidate without ever starting a game. Seems everyone would understand the offense is the reason they have so many heisman qb's than the fact that they are great qb's. I mean look at Bacon Mayfold as an example.

    2020 Heisman Trophy Odds
    Player Odds
    Justin Fields (Ohio State) +250
    Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) +300
    Mac Jones (Alabama) +800
    Bo Nix (Auburn) +900
    Jake Fromm (Georgia) +1000
    Spencer Rattler (Oklahoma) +1000
    Kedon Slovis (USC) +1200
    Sam Ehlinger (Texas) +1200
    Sam Howell (North Carolina) +2000
    Zamir White (Georgia) +2500
    Derek Stingley Jr. (LSU) +2500
    Spencer Sanders (Oklahoma State) +2800
    Brock Purdy (Iowa State) +2800
    Kenneth Gainwell (Memphis) +2800
    Javian Hawkins (Louisville) +2800
    Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) +3300
    Ja’Marr Chase (LSU) +3300
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    I'm putting all my money on Jake Fromm, he is going to win the Heisman next year. Write it in ink boys, it's going to happen. :coolnana:
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    Fromm.....didn't he say he was declaring for the draft? Guess until it's official for him, he would still effectively be on this list.

    Just like Rattler, not sure M Jones should be that high, except he played some (not much) for Alabama, so that automatically pushes him up.
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    Fromm did declare, it was a joke because the list included him.
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    Both are on the list out of respect for their coaches.
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    I'll be back in a lil' bit. I'm going over to texags and post this. Gonna see if it'll get the same reaction as Texas finishing ahead of aggy in this year's final top 25 poll.

    I Am Calling B.S. | TexAgs
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    And UT is getting the same odds as ou for NC chances
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    Rattler at 6th just shows that the Heisman trophy is a worthless oversized paperweight. A popularity contest manipulated by biasedi, self promoting university influencers and sports reporting groupies. I don’t even know what it purports to represent anymore.

    A kid who has not even played projected higher than Sam. Just dumb!
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