2020 Presidential Election: let the jockeying commence

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ProdigalHorn, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Well Beto will certainly talk just like Obama.
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  3. Joe Fan

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    written by Henderson, who is a token something or other. She has to write this kind of stuff.
    She is wanting to wipe him off because he is a lightweight navel gazer and is not a woman or "person of color."
    Kamala and the rest will get treated better but will expose themselves. But the Thing in the office now did so and he is in office. So who knows.

    Beto is an Ivy League privileged jerk, which qualifies him for president. Look at the last half dozen. Pitch him over the wall.
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    That is the first article I've read on Beta in which the Beta's balls weren't firmly entrenched in the author's mouth. Literally the first one.

    I'm not surprised though. The Democratic nomination in 2020 will be about identity politics to many of their voters. Things like gender and racial purity will be very important to them. Adolf Hitler would be proud.
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  7. mchammer

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    Clearing the field of white men. Biden, Bernie, Beta
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    Starbucks cofounder Howard Schultz is reportedly evaluting a POTUS run. I worked in SBUX corporate office for many years and had a chance to be at many small attendance meetings with him. I strongly consider supporting him on a Democratic ticket. Can't support him as a 3rd party or independent.
  9. Joe Fan

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    OK, while that does seem to be the case, why is CNN attempting to fix this outcome?
  10. mchammer

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    According to Scott Adams, that is what they do. Always have - you just haven’t noticed it until now.
  11. Joe Fan

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    Even if so, are they doing what they are told to do? Or, are they actually trying to determine candidates themselves? And, if the latter, what is their ultimate goal? I would argue it is not financial.
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    I actually have to give respect to the Democrats if they take O'Rourke down. To push him into the spotlight despite him being a total hypocrite and loser would mean the Democratic party is hypocritical. The job isn't done yet, they can still support the fake Hispanic guy. Either way I can find a positive.
  13. Sangre Naranjada

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    Of course not, because Democrat party uber alles! Sieg Heil!
  14. mchammer

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    The latter...bending the world to their narrative. In this case, identity politics taking down the patriarchy!
  15. Joe Fan

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    But this was CNN. At least nominally not the Democrats
  16. Joe Fan

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    The upper level of CNN is the patriarchy

  17. HornHuskerDad

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    Unfortunately true, Mr. Deez. Qualifications won't matter - just appearance (and the ability to win the election).
  18. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Reminds me of 2008.
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    Wow. Beto = white privilege!
  20. Mr. Deez

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    Lol. I told you guys that this Beta fad would diminish. When he was up against Ted Cruz, of course they were treating Beta like he was the second coming of Christ. They hate Cruz almost as much as they hate Trump, and he was a threat to Cruz's political career.

    This is different. Now he's threatening the careers of people like Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris. They're not going to let some white, male cultural appropriator with a moderate record and from a ******** part of the country threaten those candidates and just waltz into the Democratic nomination. Obviously if he wins the nomination, they'll jump back on the Beta-jock, because then he'll be threatening Trump.
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  22. Joe Fan

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    Beto as VP for Harris?
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  23. Mr. Deez

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    Apparently, Kamala Harris is official running for President. I had no idea she banged Willie Brown back in the '90s.
  24. LongestHorn

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    We call that Poontronage, and disqualifies her from The Office. Or it should. But clearly, the bar has been lowered. And I don't blame Willie. In fact, if I found out he could have banged her and didn't, he would lose my vote. Willie Brown is a true Texan. Born in Mineola. Can you imagine? What a ********.
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  25. mchammer

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    I knew there was a reason I liked him.
  26. Hollandtx

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    It's not helping Beto's cause that he has gone walkabout, and is journaling every tiny detail about how bummed and sad he is.
    He sounds like a 15 year old girl on her period.
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  27. mchammer

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    You just described most liberals.
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  28. Joe Fan

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  29. Monahorns

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    Happy to see Beto sticking true to his Emo roots. More of that and he will be out of the public spotlight soon.

    I do think we are going to see a far left D candidate next year. It may even help Trump get re-elected.
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  30. Joe Fan

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    A bit of Kamala Harris history with former Calif Speaker/SF Mayor Willie Brown (the single most powerful man in Calif when I lived there) --

    " .... More questionable than the romance is the relationship's apparent effect on her finances and her career. Brown, according to contemporary news accounts, gifted his then-girlfriend two government jobs with ample salaries — while she was just getting her start as an assistant DA.

    As the San Francisco Weekly reported in 2003 -- Aside from handing her an expensive BMW, Brown appointed her to two patronage positions in state government that paid handsomely — more than $400,000 over five years. In 1994, she took a six-month leave of absence from her Alameda County job to join the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. Brown then appointed her to the California Medical Assistance Commission, where she served until 1998, attending two meetings a month for a $99,000 annual salary. (That's more than $150,000 in current dollars.)

    Even after they broke up, Brown, a San Francisco kingmaker, continued to support Harris' career, boosting her district attorney run and years later calling on Antonio Villaraigosa to stay out of the Senate race, thus clearing the field for Harris.

    Just two years into her tenure as senator, Harris now wants to reach the White House.

    The facts are messy, but most in California politics are. If she earned few hundred thousand dollars in taxpayer-funded patronage thanks to a personal relationship, that undermines some of her good-government cred. Or at least it requires her to explain how she's changed.
    * * *
    Harris doesn't talk about Brown. She says that it's not relevant. But part of her prosecutorial persona is a posture of toughness on corruption. But the Willie Brown story, with those big paychecks, gives off at least a whiff of cronyism. She's got to address the charge she was profiting personally off connections to power — at least if she wants us to believe she actually stands for the people."

    The San Francisco ghosts in Kamala Harris' past
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