2020 Presidential Election: let the jockeying commence

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    (1) For the sack of clarity, do you mean you gave up on the idea you were reasonable, or that you gave up on the idea that there was anyone else out there who was also reasonable and who could talk to you on your level?
    (2) What were you are "true believer" in?
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    Some more witnesses -- there are literally 100s of these people who have made declarations under oath. If you dont already know, in most states, a perjury conviction can get you 5 years

    Here Michigan voter Barry Doherty describes seeing networked voting machines
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    Here, Michigan voter Ann Rudisill describes what she saw in Detroit

  4. Joe Fan

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    Here, Michigan voter Hima Kolanagireddy discusses what she saw (fake, illegal ballots, no Trump votes seen)

  5. Joe Fan

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    Here, Michigan voter Jose Aliaga describes the 4am Biden ballot drop

  6. Joe Fan

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    Here, Michigan voter Patrick Colbeck describes the fraud he saw in Detroit

  7. Joe Fan

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    Here, Michigan voter Melissa Carone tells you about the use of Dominion Machines in Detroit

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    I'd rather these people keep their stories on the DL till they appear in court.
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    Here, Michigan poll challenger Articia Bomer describes Dems counting "spoiled ballots for Biden" and the "tampering with machines at Cobo"

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    These are all posted on youtube
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    I'd say he's hornfans version of the sport radio guy Jim Traber (oklahoma version). He's been on the radio in OKC since 1992ish. Sooners hate Traber because he's a former OSU Cowboy quarterback and baseball player. He's also kind of a douchecanoe (love that term). Cowboy (Aggies, not Aggy) fans hate him because they see him as disloyal because he doesn't buy/sell whatever is being cooked up in Stillwater as the gospel. The truth is, while he is a douchecanoe, he's not a bad sports radio guy who calls it how he sees it pissing off both sides at some point in the process.
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    I'd like to ask Mattis which country America and Americans should put first
    That is the most asinine statement by the DMC yet.
    I am sure he got advice from Obama on that.
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    You might see some people on TV (or in here) claiming Dominion Voting machines cannot be hacked or made to change votes. For example, I saw Michael Steel say it was "impossible to alter or change votes" on Dominion equipment. It's not true.
    Here is former Dominion employee Eric Coomer showing you how easy it is to change votes on Dominion machines. It's a built-in feature. Coomer is an open Antifa member. It was in one of his Antifa chats that he wrote he made sure Trump would not win the election.

    They are scrubbing Coomer right now, not just from his connection to Dominion but from all over the internet, so if you want to see him, better hurry
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    They are making the definition of who is a "globalist" pretty easy

    But I can tell you from personal experience that "globalism" is not what you are swearing allegiance to in the federal oath of office
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    Did you really mean to call your posting brother a douchecanoe? Because that's what you just did
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    BTW, I did a full site search for the term "douchecanoe" (it is a great word) and it appears poster HIC gets credit for its first usage herein.
    Congrats to him! I would hand you a celebratory cigar if you were within arm's reach

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    That dude spoke at the Michigan Board of State Canvassers. He's a State Senator. One of the members asked if he'd reported what he saw to the State AG for investigation. "No, only the campaign, but I'd be happy to report it to anyone." Well...why hasn't he reported it? If these stories are sooo convincing report them to the AG who has responsibility for investigating. Or put them in a court case for a judge to hear. The affidavits so far sounded kosher but didn't hold up to scrutiny when the defendants were able to respond, according to 4 judges so far for the Michigan case where they submitted what JoeFan thought were the most convincing affidavits.
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    Is Youtube a court of law?
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    Nah, he's saying America needs partners on this planet. Until Trump, that was literally a mainstay of our Foreign Policy for a century.
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    No, I meant that he's considered to be against each side. That's all. Traber is a douchecanoe.
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    He probably knew the AG was a political hack who wouldn't do a damn thing about it since it did not adversely affect her political interests...
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    America Last policy for Biden.
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    @Joe Fan, the problem with all those videos you posted is that they are not anonymous whistleblowers being protected by Adam Schiff. They can't be credible when they are willing to come forward and face likely backlash from the domestic terror groups in this country.
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    I am tired of videos and press conferences with stuff like this. Because it doesn't change anything. All it does is rile people up.

    Trump missed his chance to do anything in MI, true? The certified yesterday.
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    That's the intention. We'll now the endure the next 4 years of unvetted claims that have convinced a segment of our populace that the election was stolen. In the situations where these affidavits, or ones like them have been taken to court they've lost soundly. The only case that has been won was overturned by an admittedly partisan PA Supreme Court. The case? The observers wanted to stand closer to the counting.

    We've never had a perfect election, fraud should be charged if uncovered. Accusations should be taken to court and to the proper investigation authorities. Absent that...it's pure propaganda. Election officials make peanuts and are supported by a largely volunteer workforce. They don't deserve the accusations that have been hurled at them from both the left and right.
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    It matters to me. Looks like they are beginning to cooperate.
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    The only belief I had in Trump was that he was not only NOT a Liberal, but he was strong enough to stand up them. He was not intimidated and he treated them as they deserved; with contempt and with forceful rhetoric to point out the dangers of their extreme agenda. And it is extreme.

    Trump, for better or worse, was the leader (much more than a figurehead) of anti-Liberalism. I agree with anti-Liberalism and I'm a Democrat.

    Now we have Biden and the Left now wants their tribute and it's BAD for our country.
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    People should be riled up
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    Dana Nessel is the Michigan AG. Is an affidavit legally liable if not actually submitted to a court or LEO?
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