2020 Presidential Election: let the jockeying commence

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ProdigalHorn, Dec 6, 2018.

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    That's a lie.

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    If the Republican Party and Trump would have opened up the economy and schools after Spring Break 2020, Trump would be President and would have a majority in the Senate.

    Their cowardice and silence about the tyranny that happened was a buzz kill to voters.
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    Of course, NBC pitches it as part of the "Republicans pounce" narrative. Nevertheless, if they want this to work, they need to organize around messages that are tailored to the relevant state. They also need to be prepared to explain how the office they're seeking is relevant to school closures. (For example, they can tie federal funding to it.)

    Where this can really help is for state office. Putting a Republican in the California governor's mansion is a long shot but not out of the question.

    But of course, the Trump angle and fascination needs to be shaken.
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    As I understand a POTUS can not force schools to open.
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    They can't, but they can hold up federal money to schools that remain closed.
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    Imagine the **** storm had Trump or any other Republicans threatened to withhold Fed money to schools unless they opened up.
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    Need to go after the money people. I hope these 4 roll on someone.
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    We require voter id in the third world that is Oklahoma. I’m ok with voter id we just need to make official id’s more accessible.
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    How are they not accessible enough?
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  15. OUBubba

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    A. There are costs associated with them.

    B. There are some counties in Texas that don’t have a place to get ID.

    C. The Texas legislature fought efforts to keep them open one evening per week and one Saturday per week.

    Analysis: It's harder to vote in Texas than in any other state


    Well Actually, It’s Pretty Hard for Some People to Get a Photo ID So They Can Vote #ABLC

    This may be dated but I can’t imagine all of this was fixed: In Texas, for example, the cost of traveling to the nearest Department of Public Safety office, Texas’ version of the DMV, can be burdensome: Of the 254 counties in Texas, 78 do not have a permanent DPS office. In some communities along the Mexican border, the nearest DPS office is between 100 and 125 miles away. And in rural communities in other states, the DMV offices are few and far between.

    D. The list view is just for you. :)
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    I think if someone isn't a criminal or here illegally, he can get a darn ID.

    Thanks for the list. :clap:
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    OUBubba, I actually agree with you - I think this makes twice now that I've agreed with you. :)

    I firmly believe this - every citizen who is legally entitled to vote, and only those who are legally entitled to vote, should have the opportunity to vote once in the election. He should be required to verify his identity and entitlement to vote.

    You can't get on an airplane without a photo id - why shouldn't that work for voting, also?
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    It’s called transparency and chain of custody. When someone enters a voting booth and votes, the chain of custody is clear on the voter side. Of course, there is a parallel chain of custody on the vote counting side. When ballots get mailed indiscriminately to folks, there are plenty of non-transparency issues with the process where the chain of custody is lost. Like when mailmen throw away ballots. Or a paid person to assist voters picks and mails the ballots for seniors or helps fill out the ballot. This is the true fraud.
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  19. 4th_floor

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    FYI, the article from the angry black lady about photo ids is almost completely false. There is a place to get an id in every county in Texas. And it might be possible that some individuals in a large county in west Texas like Brewster county may have to drive over 100 miles to get an id every 8 years, but this is a very rare condition. If indeed this situation does exist, I would be fine with providing a mobile unit to go to these isolated spots to make ids.

    But if I remember correctly, the liberals fighting the voter id laws were unable to provide a legitimate plantiff in their case. The ones they did provide were found to not have standing, in that they would have been able to get ids with minimal effort and expense on their part.

    Since I am going off of memory, I could be mistaken.
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  20. Mr. Deez

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    Barry, the big problem with this line of argument is that we don't set policy based on the most extreme anecdotes even when we're talking about voting. We set policy according to generalities, and it's generally not very burdensome to get an ID, and virtually everybody accepts that nominal burden as a normal part of life. I don't enjoy doing it, but hell, I haven't had to actually show up at a DMV office in person in about 10 years. It's just not that big of a hardship to do less than once a decade.

    I'm sure you can find someone for whom getting an ID is burdensome, and I'm open to coming up with reasonable ways to make it even easier. However, that's not a reason to say that nobody should have to show an ID. It's a dumb argument. I'll admit that it sometimes works in court when you have a very partisan judge who is looking for a reason to strike a law down, but if we were talking about anything else, that same judge would tell you that line of argument is dumb.
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  21. Run Pincher

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    It's not near as difficult as the libs make it out to be, but when 99.9% of illegal votes go to dems, they'll create every false narrative possible and the sheep will lick it up.
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  22. OUBubba

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    Please back up 99.9%. That seems like a sketchy percentage.
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    You can get a drivers license renewed on line. The feds mail a social security card to you. There is e-verify. This is an easy one.
  24. horninchicago

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    People can figure out how to register to vote but not how to walk around with something identifying who they are. So stupid.
  25. Seattle Husker

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    It's voter suppression leveraging an unproven claim of voter fraud being a significant problem. Removing as many votes or voters as possible is a strategy to winning for one party.

    Lawyer for the Arizona GOP admits "politics is a zero sum game" while defending an attempt to invalidate whole ballots of voters who mistakenly cote out of precinct. In urban areas many precincts can be in a single voting location (eg. school gym).

  26. OUBubba

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    Arizona was just Trump being anti Native. Look at the tribal lands compared to the map.


    Play silly games (like bad mouthing Pocahontis with the code talkers under a picture of Andrew Jackson) win silly prizes (lose a whole state by 11,000 votes because of 310,000 native votes) [​IMG]
    My dad was a Republican, a lawyer, a cattleman, and a Creek Indian. He would dog cuss Andrew Jackson if it came up. It was worse if Old Charter was involved.
  27. Seattle Husker

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    GA cracking down on illegal voting. :lmao: The goal of these bills are fewer voters leaving the more predictable partisans the only ones left.

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    It’s not restricting rights. It’s improving transparency and chain of custody.
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  29. Seattle Husker

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    So significantly few voters is simply a side benefit for Republicans? Seriously, it will be a misdemeanor to hand out water to long lines of voters in Hotlanta. That's certainly being done for "transparency and chain of custody".
  30. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    That is an incredibly biased article. Here's what people do when they know the stats don't back them up..."A lot of elderly...", "A lot of farmers...", etc. Funny how Democrats are statistics majors and lean on the "statistically insignificant" phrase when talking about voter fraud but they use a whole different language set when talking about supposed issues getting id's. ID's are valid for 8 years and once you have one, the renewal process is SUPER easy. So what we are really saying is that one time in your life you have to drive to an inconvenient DMV and wait in an inconvenient line....and then you are set. I'd also be willing to bet that these places that supposedly are 120 miles from a DMV are also 120 miles from a WalMart. I'd be willing to bet that most of these folks found a method and the time to hit the Walmart occasionally. There is no time bounding on getting your ID, your going to need it in 2022, go ahead and start the process today. The people that push these claims always act as though this is a process that somehow should be "same day" rush order. I woke up this morning and decided i want to be a responsible citizen, now everything should just fall in place for me today.
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