2020 Presidential Election: let the jockeying commence

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ProdigalHorn, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. horninchicago

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    Like I said, somehow these people figure out how to supposedly register to vote, but they can't secure a document to identify who they are. That's really believable. And why the F is it our problem? The few constantly burden the majority.
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  2. OUBubba

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    Enjoy. Also, completely off topic. Maybe a thread cleanser of sorts.

  3. 2003TexasGrad

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    I'm not clicking on that you Chinese spy. Ha. They aren't getting my porn search history!
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  5. Mr. Deez

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    To be fair, Trump pulled that BS all the time. "A lot of people are saying my junk is the biggest and most beautiful they've ever seen . . ."
  6. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    true enough. Captain Hyperbole was one of the all time greats when it came to vague statistical language.
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  7. OUBubba

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    Yeah, and John Barron was a great publicist. That in and of itself should have been a flashing red light.
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  8. Horn6721

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    Mr D
    For sure It would be in keeping with Trump's ego to say that
    Do you have a link?
  9. Mr. Deez

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    I made up the junk reference.
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  10. Horn6721

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    Mr D
    That is some TDS to make up something he never said and even put it in quotes
    Kinda unlike you to do that
    Do you still believe Trump said white supremists were good people?
    That was put in quotes too.
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  11. Garmel

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  12. Seattle Husker

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    It was pretty clear analogy. The literal crowd embraces the importance of being literal only when it suits their argument. When you'd point out Trump's literal words it was don't believe what he says but rather his actions.
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  13. iatrogenic

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    For instance?
  14. Mr. Deez

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    Dude, it was a joke, and I think most people here knew I wasn't suggesting that he actually used the term "junk." I make dick jokes and references here all the time.

    Nevertheless, it is comical to see a Trump supporter give me **** about not being literal.
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  15. nashhorn

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    wholeheartedly agree
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  16. lkainer

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    Time for an update on the first family of decency.

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  17. EDT

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  18. Garmel

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  19. Seattle Husker

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    Can't make this **** up. There were a few here that defended Powell. I think she's telling the court that you aren't reasonable people for believing she was telling the truth.

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  20. theiioftx

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    Reaching is embarrassing.
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  21. Mr. Deez

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    They're making it sound more ridiculous than it actually is. I read Powell's motion to dismiss. From the headline and the story, I initially assumed she was raising the Hustler magazine defense, which would have been comical. In that case, Jerry Falwell sued Hustler Magazine for running a fake liquor ad that contained a fake interview with Jerry Falwell talking about when he lost his virginity. It was obviously pretty raunchy and would have been clearly defamatory if it was intended to be taken seriously. The Supreme Court ruled that statements that were obviously parody and that no reasonable person would think were real couldn't be actionable in tort cases like defamation (or intentional infliction of emotional distress, which was the case in the Hustler magazine case).

    That isn't the defense Powell is raising. She's claiming that the exact statements Dominion says were actionable defamation aren't actionable not because she's conceding that they're all wrong and that no one would have thought they were true but because a reasonable person wouldn't view them as statements of fact but as something else such as opinion, advocacy/spin, etc., which are not actionable.

    Is her defense merited? I'd have to go back and read the complaint and find the actual comments that they're suing about, and I'm not going to go that kind of trouble for Sidney Powell. I think it's pretty clear that she was full of **** generally, regardless of whether some exact quote from her qualifies as a statement of fact or some other type of speech. Her intent was to deceive.

    Honestly, I knew it when she refused to let Ben Shapiro interview her. He would have given her favorable treatment, but he did say that he would press her for specifics and to come forward with evidence. If you're not willing to be interviewed under those circumstances (even from a political ally), you should not be believed or taken seriously.
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  22. Seattle Husker

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    A better corollary is Fox News' defense of Tucker Carlson in a defamation case in which they claimed he couldn't be taken literally because his audience expects exaggeration and bloviation. In that case and Powell's case they are admitting that no "reasonable person" should expect accuracy.

    Yes, it was obvious she was full of **** every time she opened her mouth or filed a motion. You and I could see that clear as day. The true believers in the steal ran with it as statements of fact though. They repeated it on twitter, conservative blogs and on West Mall.

    That's what makes the legal arguments so important when establishing their integrity. At least Tucker is a paid entertainer wheras Powell is may now be claiming something similar but she's a lawyer by trade and was in the midst of multiple legal cases on the subject. Accuracy in her public statements was even more important at that moment. This nobody is dumb enough to believe her statements as facts is laughable. Dominion's response should be easy enough, replete with conservative media echo chambers and twitter.
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  23. NJlonghorn

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    Here’s a link to the Complaint, which includes very specific quotes of things Powell said. Paragraphs 58 to 69 are all you need to look at to convince yourself of that, but there’s more. Amongst the things Powell said are:
    • Dominion was “created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez”
    • That she has a recording of Dominion’s CEO saying “he can change a million votes, no problem at all”
    • That Georgia’s governor and Secretary of State joined in on the scam by awarding Dominion a no-bid contract at the last minute.
    Each of these statements is clearly factual in nature, not opinion or fluff.

    This will get particularly interesting when Trump is deposed.
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  24. Mr. Deez

    Mr. Deez 10,000+ Posts

    If those are the statements at issue, she's screwed on the statement of fact defense. It's not even close.
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  25. Monahorns

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    Good thing I didn't base my opinions on Sidney Powell's comments. I looked into the data itself. She made surface level claims that were either exaggerated or lacked any specifics.

    The Venezuela thing I thought was for show or oversimplification. Those other 2 bullet points I hadn't heard and sound specific enough to get her into trouble.
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  26. OUBubba

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    Stop the steal was a simple wealth transfer that cost your party the senate and soaked trumpsters of their funds.

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  27. Garmel

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    One of those statements sounds eerily similar to this story. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/eric-coomer-dominion-trump/ I wonder if it's the same one but Dominion in their statement didn't get it quite right. Powell was an embarrassment but I don't think we should be taking anything Dominion says as fact . They've been caught in their own lies as well.
  28. OUBubba

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  29. OUBubba

    OUBubba Reluctant and Bullied Sponsor

    So, you should read back through the "IMO the Fix is in" thread and see all of the love toward Ms. Powell. Enjoy. IMO, the Fix is in
  30. Garmel

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    And? Yeah, many people were wrong about Powell but when I see posts from you or Husker spiking the ball with y'all's track record I can't help but laugh.
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