2020 Presidential Election: let the jockeying commence

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ProdigalHorn, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Current non-candidates like Hilary and Michele O will likely only come into play if it’s a brokered convention. If that happens, all bets are off.

    Hillary would have to be a masochist to put herself through another campaign.
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    Contested convention. After first vote, anyone is eligible
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    Do we even know which corrupt faction has control of that esteemed body now? Everyone knows who had it last time. But in 2020?

    Who does Bernie have to see this time? Comrade's latest new lakehouse not gonna pay for itself.

    What we really need is an O'Keefe undercover brother in there for this. If he got undercover video of the 2020 Dem backroom brokered convention stuff, I would be willing to pay to watch that.
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    If the big industrial unions still had a significant place in today’s Democratic Party (and it doesn’t look like they do) then you might even see violence on the floor of a brokered convention. That has happened before. There have also been cases of a state sending two different sets of delegates to the convention, and the fight is on over who gets seated.

    Despite all this recent incivility, we still live in a fairly sanitized era of politics.
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    If the Milwaukee Democratic convention is contested, and the sh$t hits the fan inside and/or outside the convention, the following are in charge of the police (mayor) and National Guard (governor).

    Governor—Tony Evers, a centrist who wants to cut middle class taxes.

    Mayor—Tom Barrett, a moderate, who has sought out and met with Biden in DC before.

    If you think this doesn’t matter, see 1968 and Chicago Mayor Daley.

    The Democratic tent has conflicting interest groups within its coalition, and has ever since its founding by Jefferson. For all it’s faults, the GOP (for better or for worse) seems to usually be a lot better at party discipline than the Dems.
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    PLEASE!!!! Some of us are eating lunch while we read this.
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  9. 4th_floor

    4th_floor From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta.

    Well, I guess I can start fasting again. Yuk.
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    Fake hair and fake teeth flying - that would be so perfect.
    antifia vs. union thugs
    Hillary with a raised epi pen, ready to strike
    Mayor Pete showing off some jiu-jitsu, enjoying it a little too much
    Bloomberg trying to stop 'n frisk Amy SlobberNockblur
    Bernie slinging hammer & sickle
    Booker yelling "hold me back" to everyone and no one
    Farticus doing what he do
    Better than WWE
    Dreams are made of these
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    Here is Scott Walker this morning on the effect of impeachment-palooza in the swing states

    "House Democrats are so blinded by hate and money that they ignored the early warning signs showing their highly partisan impeachment scheme would be such a loser with the voters. Sure, their base loves it, but independent voters in key swing states are turned off and Republican voters have finally woke up.

    Ironically, liberal obsession with impeachment could actually cost them a shot at winning back the Senate, protecting the House and defeating the president. While Democrats and many in the media (often indistinguishable) seem to obsess with national polls, the real clues to the outcome of the 2020 elections can be seen in the polling done in swing states and districts.

    President Donald Trump defeats every Democrat in the latest polling by Firehouse Strategies, with Optimus in the battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The president won by an average of 6 percentage points in hypothetical match-ups against all current Democratic candidates in the latest poll. It also showed that a majority of likely 2020 voters surveyed do not support impeaching and removing the president from office...."

    Dems’ obsession with Trump impeachment a turn-off in swing states


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    Go figure

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    The WAPO guys calls this Warren "taking a shot" from Mayor Pete. I guess it sort of is. But if they want to see some real shots, wait until the general.

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    I got $10 that says not a single one of these people could change his/her own tire

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    To Leftists government power is their sports and religion.
  18. Mr. Deez

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    Or drive a stick shift. But I'll bet they have at one point proclaimed their preferred pronouns.

    In all fairness, the chubby dude on the right might be able to change his tire. The rest of them definitely can't.
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  19. Joe Fan

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    I demand to henceforth to be referred to as "his majesty the mighty stick shifter"

    "It's a pronoun if I want it to be," so sayeth his majesty the mighty stick shifter. Me likey
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    They do seem to treat it like a sporting event - but closer to Roman gladiator style than the modern version - they want to see real blood shed
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    His majesty the mighty stick shifter does not approve

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  23. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    But Hey You haters, keep peddling that Trump thought he needed help against that feared political rival, Biden.:lmao:
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    Not to mention, Trump's ego would not even allow him to likely think he would have to pressure Zelensky if he actually did want him to "dig up dirt".

    Gotta love Dems. No one will listen to Trump because he's a train wreck they say. Yet, he concocted the aid withholding pressure scheme. He is unfit for Office and incompetent, yet he concocted, well, you know.
  25. Joe Fan

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    National poll by USAT
    Biden "the great uniter" at only 41% v. Trump
    Loveable Mayor Pete even worse at just 33%

    "Why waste the time going through all the stuff we're going through now?" ... "My 401(k) is doing better than it's ever done. That's the truth."
    -- Jason Mayo, truck driver who was among those surveyed.
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  26. theiioftx

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    If one of these dems win, they won’t have to change their own tire because the government will do it for them.
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  27. Joe Fan

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    Reminds me of that girl who jingled, "Obama gonna pay my gas bill"
    Now its "that gay dude gonna change my flat"

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  28. Chop

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    Reminiscent of the Clintons and their fans doing the Macarena dance when Bill won in 1992.
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  29. Mr. Deez

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    All they had to do was not be crazy, and at least so far, that's too much for them.
  30. Joe Fan

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    So many jokes for late night comedians left on the table. I turned on Jimmy Fallon for 5 seconds the other night, he told 2 Trump impeachment jumps in that time - only got mild lols. Even Himmy looked pained as he said them.

    Think of how depressing it must be for SNL writers, with so much rich comedy material that they cannot touch.
    -- the decided lack of diversity and all the old white folk - do a skit with a focus group of 100% black voters - one of them keeps saying "But Trump was right about jobs" or "Trump was right about my 401k"
    -- Biden's gaffes are the gift that keeps giving. Have his character wondering around mumbling nonsense about how he remembers fighting in the Civil War/Revolutionary War. He sniffs the hair of everyone he meets and his son is in a baby stroller that has a built-in stripper pole. Joe tries to get him to leave, but he wont
    -- Fauxcahontas is outside a cigar store, or "relaxing at home" with a White Claw
    --The gay dude keeps offering "walking around money" to black Southerners while singing broadway show tunes (comedy gold)
    -- Castro is a 4' tall child wearing Fidel fatigues, talking revolution, smoking a cigar, saying its racist not to want a Santa Ana statue outside the Alamo
    -- Amy SlobberKnocker arrives in a snowplow
    -- Bloomberg arrives in a yacht as Thurston Howell III
    -- there is another billionaire making it rain cash, wearing a nametag that reads "nameless"
    -- with the Bern, Hillary, AOC & gang in a smole-filled backroom calling the shots
    The material is there for the best SNLs in decades. I almost feel bad for those writers. Almost.
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