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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Joe Fan, Nov 25, 2017.

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    I'm getting a very bad feeling about this team and this recruiting cycle.
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    Welcome to a fast growing club.
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    The ones who sign are the ones who really want to be here. Looking forward to seeing who that is....
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    No super studs these days want to play for a team that struggles. They want to play for teams who are winning. Fewer and fewer will want to play here if we don't fix things quickly. Its one thing for it to be a process, but the process can't afford to take too long, and there must be obvious progression through the process. 7-6 to 10-4 to 5-7 doesn't cut it with recruits and fans alike....and that is a very likely possibility this season with this coaching staff.
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    Patience, grasshopper
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    So basically you just want players who want to jump on a bandwagon rather than be hungry and want to fight for wins?
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    I believe that the majority of guys that are committed will sign on NSD1 we might pick up a few more on NSD2. But as I recall, TH said this might not be a full class back when we were high ranked. So guys looking for an opportunity to put their cleats on the field and show their talent will come.
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  9. BurntOrangeLH

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    And that is who exactly Texas wants. Jump on the boat glory seekers are not going to advance the program.
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    No, no glory seekers, but guys that have watched the games have an offer and see an opportunity to play because he is confident he can beat out the vets for the position. Not talking about walk-ons, but 4 and 5 star players that know they will impress and beat out the competition.
  11. LonghornCatholic

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    No way having a record setting embarrassing defense for multiple years is good for recruiting.
  12. BurntOrangeLH

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    So you think recruits will see no opportunities to improve the play? Playing 8 underclassmen on Defense most of the game was definitely a factor.
  13. LonghornCatholic

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    Ok, losing helps recruiting.

    My bad.
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    I used to think this BurntO, but not so sure in the current environment. Most now will pause to think about internal competition and want no part of a stable of even athletic ability classmates. Sad in a way, but check the Transfer Portal.
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    Current team recruiting rankings have;
    Norte Dame 8 (just got punked in prime time)
    Michigan 9 (absolutely embarrassed by Wisconsin)
    Florida St 13 (dismal this year and rumors of coach getting fired)
    Washington 15
    Miami17 (some horrendous outings so far)
    Stanford 22
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    Our big name brand and being THE University of Texas is good for a top 15-20 recruiting class with minimally competent recruiters—even in a bad year or few years in a row. Look at USC. It’s a long term reputation. Also the media is all over us—good and bad. Kids know we’re a big deal, even in an off year or two.
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  17. BurntOrangeLH

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    Well, in this instant gratification society, there is less continuity of purpose for sure.
    I think the transfer portal has worked well for Texas. Even losing Bru turned into a blessing on several levels.
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  18. Joe Fan

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  19. WorsterMan

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    just got a 247 pop-up that 2020 CB Ethan Pouncey has de-committed. :brickwall:
  20. bystander

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    Not good at all. We've now dropped to #8 on Rivals; one behind aggy.
  21. 22Horn

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    ...not really a surprise....it's all on ??????? a monster that keeps snow balling. Injuries a ap art of this but not all; some must be on coaches but how do coaches protect this number of players from getting injured etc. One injury begins to take it's toll in many ways and that would include the locker room.

    They all want to play for a winner! Ala will face this isue down the line when they don't stack a 5* on top of another 5*. It has happened at ND, USC, TX, FSU, OHSt, OU, Neb,Penn St, Mich others

    Don't think Tran Portals will be a plus for teams and only for grad trans and for select players.

    Coach, I'd like to make a 'conditional commitment'
  22. BurntOrangeLH

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    No, this is a special case where the younger Pouncey wanted to play with his older bother. The problem was, Jordan could not quite crack the lineup as every WR Texas recruited after him was better and Jordan never ratcheted-up his performance.

    So the younger brother's commitment is no surprise in the least since he was really only committed to playing with his older brother.

    Less histrionics, more contemplation will lead to a clearer picture.
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  23. mchammer

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    I think Jordan has a good shot playing some next year
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  24. LonghornCatholic

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    I'm surprised more haven't de-committed.

    Tough for elite players to want to come play on Orlando's record setting defense.

    The question is, will Herman stop this or hope for a miraculous turnaround?
  25. BurntOrangeLH

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    Why? He has only seen spot duty and more talented receivers are coming on board or have developed past him.
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  26. BurntOrangeLH

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    You missed this was all about playing with his brother and his brother not being able to crack the top two squads. Hence his brother's trip out the portal.
  27. Handler

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    Wrong...brother entered portal. Every team is going to have more transfers than normal now. We had 11 players transfer last year. It's the new norm. Now it is concerning that we only have 2 DB's in this class. Need to flip or pick up some transfer ourselves out of the portal that can't compete at their school. There's 54 Db's on the 2020 transfer portal already.
  28. BurntOrangeLH

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    And exactly why do you think the older brother entering the portal was not connected with the younger brother decommitting? Do you not see it?
  29. Joe Fan

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    Bijan Robinson has been in contact tOSU, plus other schools

    (The mom) said a number of schools have been in contact with Bijan, including, yes, Ohio State. She also said Alabama, LSU and USC are in contact. She couldn’t recall all the schools that are in touch with him but did mention those specific schools.

    Robinson’s mother said that the contact has been less of an attempt to try to convince Bijan to reconsider their school and more of the coaches staying in touch with him on a regular basis (which we all know is them lying in wait). So, the bottom line is Ohio State and others are indeed still recruiting Bijan.

    But how much of an effect is it having? His mother described things with Texas as “steady”. She said that they didn’t make their decision to pick Texas just because of their potential to win games. She says for them and Bijan, it was more than that. So, the fact that the season hasn’t been what was expected, she noted has had little to no effect on them.

    The sense I got is they are solid, at the moment. She did say there are schools like LSU trying to get Bijan on an official visit. She didn’t rule out the possibility of it happening but she was skeptical that it would. I just didn’t get the sense that they are really looking to reopen things up to new schools. Again, she didn’t say there is no chance they won’t take their final two official visits but she did make it sound unlikely.

    I mentioned fairly recently that there has been some negative recruiting coming from inside the building at Texas. Towards the end of our conversation, she did mention that Bijan has received some of that. She didn’t go into who said what but she did note that he’s heard rumblings and it sounded like it was coming from kids. I don’t know if that’s from current players or from recruits or even other coaches.

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